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Sweet Kisses


The door swings open to my hospital room as I am about to pull my shirt over my head. I let out a small squeak and quickly pull my shirt on. My breaths are harsh. My eyes widen when I see it’s Dr Lewis just standing there staring with dark eyes. I gulp and take a step back. Shea should be here any moment. He just went to pull his car to the front.

The Dr snaps out of his trance and smiles at me. “Good morning Ms. Black. Going home today?” He questions.

I furrow my brows slightly. Why wouldn’t he know if I’ve been discharged?

I clear my throat. “Yes.” I state simply. I continue to gather my bag and throw away the trash from my breakfast this morning.

“Back to the apartment?” He cocks his head to the side a bit.

“Sure.” I try not to give away that I am panicking inside. Why is he here? Why do I get a gut wrenching feeling when he is around.

“That’s great. Have a good day.” He smiles and then winks and walks out. I can feel the bile in my throat.

I hear a small commotion outside of my room but I don’t check. I don’t want to see anything I’m not suppose to. My door swings open and Shea comes looking very pissed off.

“What’s going on?” I ask him. Was the commotion outside due to him?

“Nothing baby. Are you ready?” He brushes my question off and gives me a sweet kiss.

I nod my head and reach for my bag but Shea quickly grabs it and winks at me. My core clenches. He is too damn sexy. I want to jump his bones.

We make our way out of the room and through the hospital so we can go to his place. From the corner of my eye, I see something move around the corner. I double take and realize that it’s Dr Lewis. He is looking at his clipboard but I can see him looking up and me every so often. My stomach twists. I do not like the feeling that he gives me. I grip Shea’s hand tighter and turn away and we walk out and get into his car.

We are riding silently listening to the radio when he turns the volume down a bit.

“When we get to the house, I’ll show you have all the security systems work. I’ll also give you the combination to the gun safe. Some time this week, I’d like to take you to the shooting range and teach you to handle a gun. Just a precaution.”

My eyes widen a bit but then I nod my head. I should know how to shoot. I realize that he can’t always be with me because of his job. I have to learn to protect myself.

“Also, please make yourself at home. Don’t be afraid to get comfortable. And if at any moment you feel uncomfortable, let me know and I’ll do everything I can to change that. Ok?” He smiles brightly at me.

I feel the butterflies in my stomach. This man is so good to me. I am so lucky. I grab his hand and squeeze it gently and smile brightly back at him.

We pull into his driveway and I look out at his house. It’s a cute home. The grass is well kept and the bushes are perfectly trimmed. I can tell he takes his time to keep the yard nice.

He opens the car door for me and grabs my bag and we head to the door. When he opens the door, I can automatically smell his scent all over the house. I look around and it has a nice homey fill to it. It’s not decorated with flowers or anything feminine. It has a lot black and browns and tans to brighten the place a bit.

I continue to look around for any sign that his soon to be ex lived here but I don’t see one.

“I did all the decorating. She wasn’t interested in anything that had to do with the house.” He answers my silent questions like he was reading my mind.

I look in the living room and notice there isn’t a couch. I point to the empty space. “No couch?”

“I ordered a new one and a new bed. Should be here tomorrow.” He shrugs. I’m sure it has something to do with his ex but I don’t bother asking. I don’t want to know.

“Let me give you a tour.” He takes my hand and takes me around the house. It’s a nice 3 bedroom, 2 bath with an office and a den. The kitchen is amazing. I can’t wait to cook and bake in it. He leads me to the guest room and tell me this is where I will stay. He doesn’t want me to feel uncomfortable by assuming I’d want to sleep in his bed. I am grateful he is respecting me and not trying to rush things.

Or he could be disgusted by the fact that you have assaulted. My subconscious taunts me. I quickly brush the thought away. No! He isn’t like that. If it bothered him, he wouldn’t have tried to pursue a relationship with me.

I sit on the bed and he sits next to me. He is holding my hand and gently drawing circles with his thumb.

“Can I kiss you?” He whispers.

Instead of answering, I lean over and crash my lips against his. My kiss is hot and demanding. I feel my most temperature rising. I feel his hand all over my body. I feel like I am on fire.

He starts to kiss down my jaw and makes his way to my neck. I can feel him softly nipping my skin and I let out a small moan. I haven’t ever felt this turned on.

I put my hands under his shirt and I can feel his rock hard abs. I moan again because his body feels so good.

He breaks the kiss and we are both breathing hard.

“Let’s slow down ok?” He places a gentle kiss on my lips.

I feel my heart drop to my stomach. “Do you not want me?” I feel my eyes glisten with tears. This rejection hurts.

He quickly cups my cheek and look directly in my eyes. “Of course I do baby. You are the sexiest woman I have ever seen. Feel how hard you made me just from kissing.” He grabs my hand and puts it on top of his rock hard cock. I gasp a little. It feels huge.

He chuckles a bit. “I want you so bad. But I want to take this slow with you. I don’t want to rush this between us. And you are still recovering.” He kisses me sweetly again.

He breaks the kiss and I lean my head against his chest. I can hear his heartbeat. It is fast and wild. I’m glad to hear that his heart goes crazy just like mine.

“Let’s take a nap.” He leans over and pulls my shoes off and then his shoes next. He pulls back the blanket and we get under them. He pulls me close to him and I breathe in his addicting scent. I didn’t feel tired but now that I am cuddled kn his warmth, I feel my eyes grow heavy and I welcome the darkness.

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