You Are Mine

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On The Run


As I wait for Dylan in this waiting room at her new therapists office, I can’t help but daydream about the past months we have had together. I am deeply in love with her and I am falling harder every day. She is the kindest and thoughtful person I have ever met.

She always takes my feelings and thoughts into consideration when he does things or makes decisions. I know she didn’t want to come talk to a therapist, but after I gave her my thoughts on why she should come, she agreed.

I have been very worried about her. Every single night she has nightmares about the time she was kidnapped. She doesn’t go into detail because I know she is terrified but sometimes I stay awake to make sure she ok and she starts to talk in her dreams. Some of the things she says is terrifying and my heart breaks for her because of what she went through. I am some what glad that she doesn’t remember what happened to her. I know that if she did, she would in even worse shape than she is now.

After an hour of me daydreaming about her, she comes out with a smile on her face and her beautiful green eyes are shining bright. I knew this would be good for her. I’m glad that Omar recommend this for her.

We leave and decide to get take out and eat in for the night. She is very paranoid and feels that someone is always watching her. I try to do my best to ease her, so we stay in a lot. I don’t mind at all. It gives me a chance to relax and just spend time with my girl.

I pull into my driveway and I open the door for her and we both get the bags of food. I always get extra food so she can eat some as left overs when I am at work.

When we walk in the front door, I see a figure standing in the living room. I instantly pull my gun out. I feel Dylan stiffen. I know she is terrified.

I yell out. “Don’t move.” and I flick on the lights.

I immediately let out a breath of relief. It’s just Mel. Then I internally groan. Why is she here? She refuses to sign the divorce papers. Maybe she brought them to sign is person. Fingers crossed.

“What are you doing here?” I break the silence.

“I want to come home Shea.” I almost laugh out loud. Does she think that she can just come and go as she pleases? Did she think I would take her back after she cheated on my for a full year? She must be crazy.

I chuckle a bit. “This isn’t your home Mel. How did you get in here?” I need to know. If she can easily get in then what’s stopping the person that is after Dylan?

“The spare key was pretty easy to find.” She shrugs. ″Can we talk in private please?” She glares Dylan. What the fuck?

“I have nothing to say to you. Everything I needed to say was in the divorce papers. If you could them that would be great.” I grab Dylan’s hand and I pull her closer. I need her to know that I don’t want this woman here and that Dylan is the only one for me.

She looks down and sees our hangs interlocked and she glares. “This is your new girlfriend?” She sneers. I internally chuckle. She didn’t think that I would ever get with someone else.

“What I do is none of your business. You need to leave or I will call the cops.” My voice slightly rises. I squeeze Dylan’s hand. I need to keep my cool. I can’t let her get any fuel to use in the divorce.

I can see her eyes start to water. I internally roll my eyes. She always knew when to start the water works. “Shea please. I made a mistake and I’m so sorry. I was just so lonely because you were always gone at work. You never paid any attention to me. It was so boring being in this house alone all the time. I won’t do anything like that ever again. We can go to counseling. We can make this work. I love you so much.”

I take a deep breath and let go of Dylan’s hand. I need to be right in front of this woman so I can make things clear. I know her game. She use to cry whenever she didn’t get what she wanted and I always gave in. She knows that I hate to see women cry.

I clear my throat. “I’m only going to say this once, so listen closely.” I say as slow as possible.I need to her understand that this is over. I can feel Dylan walk quietly behind us. I wanted her to hear what I had to say. Maybe she has to use the bathroom. She should be back shortly.

I pause so that I know that she is listening to me. She nods a little so I continue. “There will never be as us again. You ruined that when you cheated on me. If I wouldn’t have caught you, you would have kept doing it.”

She starts to cry even more and goes and sits on the couch. I cringe a little. I just bought those.

“Shea please. Just talk to me. Let me explain everything and if you still feel the same way, I will sign the papers tomorrow and you’ll never see me again.” She is pleading with me.

I weigh my options. I guess if I just sit and listen it will finally mean that she will sign the papers. I move over to the couch and sit as far away from her as possible. I look down the hallway. Where is Dylan? She should be done with the bathroom by now.

I look at Mel and wait for her to start talking. “Ok, So in high school when were together, I didn’t think we would last but when we finally graduated, my mom sat me down and told me that I need to marry you so I would be taken care of. You know me. I don’t want to work. I don’t know how to do anything besides shop and spend money.” She pauses and takes a deep breath. I nod my head letting her know that I do know that about her.

“When you left for the Army, I was happy because you were able to provide for me and I didn’t need to do anything, but I was sad because I was alone. I did cheat on you then too. It was off and on but when you came home I stayed faithful to you.” She lets out a small sob. My pride stings a little bit. I was over seas and she was here spreading her legs for whoever while I paid for everything. Damn her.

I continue to look at her and just listen to her. “When you went to the academy I was very happy because I knew you were going to be home more and of course the money would be good as well. After a while you started to work a lot again and then when I brought up wanting a baby, you shut me down right away. I was heartbroken. I was your wife but you didn’t want to have a baby with me. Then when you became a detective, I was left alone all the time again. Derek started showing interest in me when I saw him at the bar one night and the affair started quickly after. I’m really sorry Shea. I know we had a lot of problems in the past. I just want us to start fresh and move forward. I know we aren’t in love with each other but we can be if we just take the time to try. What do you say?” She quickly wipes her tears. If I had any feelings left for this woman I would have jumped right back in with her.

“Well first off, I always knew in the back of my mind that you were cheating on me, I honestly didn’t care. You were right, we only got married because our parents basically forced us to. I wasn’t in love with you ever. I also knew you always just wanted to for the money. I never tried to force you to work or anything because I figured you would get bored enough that you would eventually want to work but instead you had affairs.” I pause and take a few breaths.

“The main reason I didn’t want to have a baby was because I was married to you. I knew you wouldn’t take care of the baby and I would be doing all the work. I also wasn’t 100% sure that if we did have a baby, that it would be mine. I’m not mad about the affairs, I’m not mad at all. I don’t want to work anything out with you because I am in love someone else. I want to marry her and I want to have children with her.” I take a deep breath. She is crying. I have a feeling she is only crying because she wont have anyone to take care of her.

“Where are you staying now?” I ask.

“With my parents. They said I need to either get back with you or get a job so I can move out soon.” She says quietly.

I sigh and pinch the bridge of my nose. “Look, I will give you some money every month for a year to help you get on your feet. I know that I am partially to blame for you not ever working. I will only do this if you give me your word that you will sign the divorce papers and don’t try to get back with me ever again. It’s not going to happen.”

She lets out a breath of relief and nods. “Ok Shea. I will sign them. Thank you. I didn’t deserve you. I hope she makes you happy.” She smiles and stands up.

I stand up and walk her to the door so she can leave. “I will tell my lawyer to add the new agreement in the divorce. You will get the new papers tomorrow. Bye.” I open the door for her and she smiles and walks out.

I close the door and let out a breath. I am glad I decided to sit down and talk to her. I walk to the back room and go into the guest room where Dylan’s clothes are. I don’t know why I haven’t moved her clothes to my room yet. I’ll have her move them tonight. I want her live here permanently. I look around the room and she isn’t in here. Hmm. Maybe she is in our room?

I open our bedroom door and she isn’t in here either. I start to panic. I look in the bathroom. I check every room in the house and she isn’t here. I go back into the guest room and open the drawers. Some of her clothes are gone. My eyes widen. She left? Why would she leave?

I go back into my room and grab my phone that I threw on my bed and I sit on the bed so ican call her. Just as im about to call her I glance over and I see a note.

’I’ll always love you Shea. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me. I’ll pay you back every cent. Good luck with her. I hope you can be happy.

Love always,


What the fuck? She thinks I’m getting back with her? She must have left and not came back to hear the conversation. I call her phone and hear it ringing from the other room. Shit! she must have left it.

I read the note again. She must have taken the debit card. I can track her movements when she uses it. I’m so glad I added her to my account. I quickly call Omar and let him know what’s going on. He sounds a little pissed but he calmed down after I explained the whole situation. After I got off the phone with him, I check my account. She hasn’t used the card yet. I set it so I can a notification when she does use the card. I hope she does soon so I can find her.

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