You Are Mine

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Confronting The Past

8 months later

“We call to the stand, Dylan Black.” The prosecutor firmly calls my name. I take a deep breath. Shea stands up and helps me get up because I am so heavily pregnant that I can’t get up on my own. He gives me a quick kiss and tells me everything will be fine.

I walk to the booth that I am suppose to sit in to testify.

“Please state your full name.”

I clear my throat. “Dylan Kitanemuk Black”

“Ms. Black. In your own words, please tell us the events that transpired between you and the defendants.”

I nod my head and I start to tell my story. As I recall everything, it takes a lot of energy not to cry. I do tear up when I remember some of the worst moments but I make it through them. I don’t look at Kelly or Lewis. I will surely break down if I see them.

After almost 30 minutes of me talking, I take a deep breath and prepare for their lawyer to ask me questions. The prosecutor prepped me on some of the questions he will ask.

The defense lawyers asked me question after question. They did everything they could to try to make it seem like I was in a consensual relationship with Lewis. But with every question they had, I had an answer that showed I didn’t consent to anything he nor Kelly did to me.

I was on the stand for about 2 hours but it felt like forever. I had my sexual relationships put on blast, I had dead parents brought up and I had my sanity questioned because I was in therapy. But I didnt let any of the questions get to me. The lawyer even tried to say that Lewis was the biological father to my unborn baby. When he said that, I could see Shea’s temperature rise. I knew he was close to losing it.

The prosecutor knew they were going to question the paternity to try to prove that I was willing with Lewis, so she suggested we get a paternity test before the trial. I agreed immediately, but Shea was furious. He said he didn’t have any doubts that the baby was his. I assured him that this wasn’t because I wasn’t sure but it was to help with the trial. After some heavy convincing from me, he agreed.

The prosecutor had all the evidence to prove that they both hurt me, but they still tried to get on the stand and say that it was what I wanted.

When the whole thing was over, the jury had to go deliberate. Shea and I decided to get something to eat because I was starving, like always. We decided just to get sandwiches from the shop across the street.

I could feel the tension rolling off of Shea. I knew he was worried that they might be acquitted. To be honest, so was I. I was terrified actually.

After one hour, the prosecutor text Shea and said that we were needed back in the courtroom.

We walked back in and I could feel the tension from everyone. My heart was beating so hard. Shea was holding my hand tightly.

The jury floor person spoke and said the words that made me sob out.

Guilty on all charges.

As they were taking Kelly and Lewis away, I finally looked over at them and I locked eyes with Lewis and I wish that I didn’t. He had so much hatred in his eyes. He narrowed his eyes at me.

“This isn’t over Dylan! You are mine! Don’t ever forget that!” He was struggling with the guards. I felt the bile rise in my throat. I felt dizzy.

He just kept repeating over and over. “You are mine.”

Shea grabbed me and started to guide me out of the building. I can’t breathe. I need to sit down. I felt like the walls were closing in on me. I could see the black spots dancing around in my vision.

“Dylan. Shush baby. It’s going to be ok. It’s over. It’s over. Take deep breaths for me. Come on. You can do it.” His voice is soothing. I slowly started to take deep breaths and calm down.

After taking several deeps breaths, everything started to clear.

“That’s it baby. That’s it.” I focused on Shea’s calm voice.

“I’m ok.” I whispered.

He let out a breath. “Here, have some water. Small sips.” He put a bottle up to my lips. The coolness from the water helped ease my dry throat.

“Let’s go home baby.”

I suddenly felt wetness in my pants. I furrowed my brows. Did I just pee myself because of my panic attack.

I looked down and Shea looked down with me. “What’s wrong?”

“Uhm, my pants are wet.” My cheeks burned with embarrassment.

“Ok, I have some shorts in the trunk you can change into so you won’t be uncomfortable. Wait here and I’ll grab them. You can change in the bathroom.” He kisses my forehead and quickly walks to the car.

I jump when I feel a hand on my shoulder. “Sorry for scaring you.” Omar chuckles out.

“It’s ok. I’m still a little jumpy.” My cheeks redden a bit.

“That’s understandable. Continuing therapy should help with that. I just wanted to say that you did an amazing job in there.” Omar smiles brightly at me.

“Thank you for everything Omar. You’ve been a great friend.” I smile back at him.

“No need to thank me. Shea is my best friend and you have made him very happy.”

Just as he is about to say more, I feel more water gush in my pants and I feel a sharp pain in my abdomen and makes me bed over.

“Dylan, are you ok?” Omar asks with worry.

“I don’t know.” I groan out.

“Just hold on. Here comes Shea.”

I can hear Shea’s feet pound on the pavement. “Here are the shorts. Let’s get you changed.”

I nod my head and he helps me stand up. We get into the bathroom and he helps me pull off my underwear and pants.

His brows furrow. “Did you pee more?”

“I think so. I felt more....” My voice trails off and I bend over again and groan out in pain.

“Baby what’s wrong?” He starts to rub my back.

“I think I’m in labor. I think that was my water that broke.” I gasp out. Of course I would go into labor right now in a fuckin courthouse.

“Shit! Ok. Let’s get these shorts on you and we will head to the hospital.” He squats down and helps me put my legs in the shorts.

“Did you bring my hospital bag and the diaper bag?” I ask as he is pulling up the shorts.

He smiles sheepishly. “Uhm. Yes?”

“Shea!” I whine and throw my head back. What am I going to do with this man?

“I’ll ask Omar to run to the house and grab them and the carseat.” He pulls out his phone a texts quickly.

“Ok. Let’s go. Can you walk?”

“Of course I can walk. I’m in labor not paralyzed.” I say sarcastically.

“Well excuse me.” He fakes hurt. I laugh at his playfulness. I’m glad he can lighten my mood.

We walk out to the car and I have to stop a few times because of the painful contractions.

We finally get into the car and he races to the hospital. Luckily it’s not far from the courthouse. I yell at Shea a few times because of his speeding. I can tell he is panicking a bit.

We walk into the hospital and Shea talks to the receptionist and they bring out a wheelchair for me. They lead us to the labor and delivery floor and I am a bundle of nerves.

They have me change into a hospital gown because I don’t have my bag with the gown I wanted to wear when I delivered. I glare at Shea and he gulps. Good, he should be scared.

After I get undressed, they hook me to the monitors and the nurse checks to see how far I am dilated. I am at 4cm. I sigh, this is going to be a long night.

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