You Are Mine

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You Need To Leave


As I ride down the elevator from Dylan’s apartment, I take deep breaths. I have never felt this way about someone before. I didn’t even feel this way with my wife. I just can’t help the feelings that I feel with Dylan. When I first saw her in the hospital, I thought she was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Her hair was as black as night, her skin a caramel brown, the pinkest lips and the most mesmerizing green eyes. She was severely hurt but she was still so beautiful. I wanted to kill the person who hurt her right then and there. Just thinking of the state she was in, makes my temper rise.

She had no memory of anything. Not her name, her family, or anything that happened to her. I was able to get some details of her injuries when she came in and my heart broke for her. She had a major concussion, major bone breaks and signs of sexual assault. I am disgusted with whoever did this to her. I should put a bullet between his eyes when I find him.

I have been coming to see her everyday since I met her. I want to help her recover and be there for her so she isn’t alone. Spending time with her is amazing. Not only is she beautiful, but she has the most beautiful heart. She is very kind but has some sass to her and a smart mouth. Just thinking of her pretty mouth makes the blood rush right to my cock. I have thought about her in every way possible.

I feel so guilty to be thinking of someone else who isn’t my wife. Things with her haven’t been good for the past year. We have become distant. We have been married for 9 years. The first 4 years were great but then things just started declining. When I became a detective and started working way more things started to get way worse. She was my high school sweetheart. It made sense to marry her after we graduated. She didn’t want to go to college and I enlisted in the Army. I served for 4years. She was my rock the whole time. She kept me going.

I snap out of my thoughts as I pull into my drive way. I look in my rear view mirror and see a car parked across the street that doesn’t belong to anyone on this block. I look at it for a minute and can see that no one is inside it. I sigh. I’m just paranoid.

I get out of my cruiser and head inside. I unlock the front door and step inside. When I lift my head up, I freeze at the scene in front of me.

On the couch, I can see my wife on top of a man. She is in just her pajama pants and bra. They are so caught up in each other, they haven’t realized I am here.

I scoff and clear my throat. This gets their attention. I can see my wife scrambling off him and looking for her shirt. The man jumps up and puts his shirt on.

I stand there with my arms crossed over my chest. I am as calm as I can be. I knew something was going on with her. It all makes sense now. The staying up late in the living room, she was probably on the phone with him. The going out every weekend. She was probably out with him. The distance and no type of sexual contact. She’s been fucking him this whole time. I scoff again.

After they are dressed, they just stand there. The man, who I now recognize as the fucking grocery store manager, looks like he is going to pass out.

“How long?” My voice is calm. I should have seen the signs of this shit.

She gulps but doesn’t say anything. My temper slightly rises. I don’t like to repeat myself. “How long Mel?” My voice slightly rises.

“A year.” Her voice is quiet.

“Just him?” I point towards the coward. He looks like he is going to piss himself. I almost laugh out loud.

She scoffs. “Of course.” And then rolls her eyes.

I internally roll mine too. She acts like it’s an outrageous question.

“Well you can pack your shit and get out.” I turn towards Derek, I believe his name is, “and you can get the hell out.”

He all but runs out of my house. I look at Mel and her mouth is wide open. Did she think he would say something to me? I laugh internally.

“Where am I suppose to go Shea?” She slightly raises her voice at me.

I laugh bitterly. “You should have thought of that before you cheated. Go with that guy.” I stick my thumb out and point towards the door where Derek hightailed out of.

“Shea please. Don’t do this.” She begs me.

I do laugh out loud this time. “You did this Mel. Not me. Grab your shit and get out. He might be waiting for you.” I shake my head.

“I can’t go with him. He still lives with his parents.” I can hear her voice crack.

I laugh loudly. I bend over and clutch my stomach with how hard I’m laughing. She cheated on my with someone who lives with their parents?

“Stop laughing. This isn’t funny. Let’s talk about this and work this out.” She yells at me. I straighten up.

“There is nothing to talk about. Get out.” I lower my voice so she knows I’m serious.

Her bottom lips trembles. She turns around and goes to our room. I can hear the closet door open so she must be getting her suitcase. Good. I hope it’s the big one so she can take as much as she can.

I walk to my kitchen and grab a beer. This is not something I want to be dealing with right now. I have more important things to deal with. Dylan is the most important thing right now. I smile slightly just thinking about what she was wearing tonight. She looks so fuckin sexy wearing my clothes. I can only imagine what she’d look like with nothing but my T-shirt on.

Damn. I need to focus. She said she remembers being kidnapped. How am I suppose to find out who did it when I can’t even find any information on her. The only thing I found was the apartment in her name. Nothing else. No phone number, birthday, place of employment, nothing. It’s pissing me off. I might have to contact one of my buddies that can do some illegal digging.

I’m glad she called me tonight. She sounded a little scared on the phone. I knew I had to go over there and assure her that I would keep her safe. I also just needed to see her. I wonder if she thinks about me as often as I think about her. Now I don’t feel guilty for having these thoughts about her.

I snap out of my deep thoughts about Dylan when I hear Mel walking down the hall with her suitcase behind her.

I stand up and walk into the living room so I can make sure she leaves. I don’t say anything to her. I don’t need to.

Her eyes are wet like she has been crying. Why would she though? Because she got caught?

“Shea please don’t do this. I love you.” She chokes out. I roll my eyes.

“Goodbye Mel. Call my desk phone and leave a message when you figure out where you’ll be staying so I can serve you with the divorce papers.” My tone is cold. I don’t feel anything. No heartbreak, no sadness, nothing.

She sobs. “Divorce? I made a mistake! We can work through this. Please!” She is full in crying now.

I laugh again. She is fucking hilarious. “Goodbye.” I walk to the door and open it.

She is crying hard and walks out of the door. I can see the same car still parked outside across the street. So he did wait for her. I close the door and lock it.

I walk to my room and change take off my clothes and get into bed with just my boxers on. I have a lot of stuff to handle tomorrow. I mentally make a list. I need to assign a few officers to sit outside Dylan’s building, talk to Jones about Dylan’s kidnapping, change the locks, burn the fucking couch, probably burn the bed, contact a lawyer and hire someone to pack the rest of her shit. I groan out loud.

I turn over and close my eyes. My thoughts drift to Dylan and I fall asleep thinking of her beautiful face.

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