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She's Dumb


I am brushing my long black hair. Sometimes I don’t know why I have kept it this long. It’s a hassle to brush and to style it. I have been contemplating cutting it, but something in the back of my mind tells me not to. I finish brushing my hair and and get dressed as best I can with a full leg cast and an arm cast. I put on a Shea’s sweater and shorts. The shorts are too big for me, but I can’t complain. These were gifts from Shea. I smile just thinking about everything he has done for me.

I hear knocking on my door just as I am grabbing my bag. I look at my clock, he is right on time like always. He is taking me back to the hospital to get my casts removed and my leg and arm x-rayed to see if I still need the casts. I hope I don’t. It is such a hassle with them on and Shea can only help me so much.

He has still been coming over everyday for the past two weeks. After I told him about the memory of me being kidnapped, a cop car has been outside of my building all the time. I feel a small sense of security knowing that someone is out there.

I still haven’t gotten any memory of what happened to me or anything from before I was in the hospital but I have been having the same dream of running through the forest and someone chasing me. Every time I have them, I wake up sweating and crying. I am starting to think that it’s not a nightmare but a memory of what happened to me. I try to block it out because it is too frightening to think it is real.

I open the door and Shea is standing there looking sexy as hell. He has his normal suit and tie on. He smiles brightly at me and holds his arm out so he can help me walk to the elevator and to his car.

As we pull up to the hospital, I start to slightly panic but I don’t know why. My palms start to sweat and I feel nauseous. Shea must notice that something is wrong because he puts his hand on my shoulder and asks me what’s wrong. I assure him that I am fine and its just nerves about getting my casts off. He doesn’t look like he believes me but he lets it go anyway.

We walk into the building and talk to the receptionist and they tell us to take a seat and we will be called back shortly. I sit down and bounce my leg. I am super anxious and I don’t know why. Shea grabs my hand to calm my nerves. He has been making subtle gestures like this for the past two weeks. It makes my heart race and I always blush. He seems to like it because he keeps doing them. When I am alone, I think back to our conversations and his small gestures and they all imply that he likes me as more than just a “victim”. I always shake off the thought that he has feelings for me because he is married. I will not be the other woman and I doubt that he is the type of guy to cheat on his wife. He is always respectful and it makes my heart flutter with how sweet he can be. His wife is so lucky.

I hear my name and I snap out of my daydream about this hunk that’s currently holding my hand. I look up and see that Dr Lewis is who called my name. I smile at him but my smile falls when I see that he is glaring at mine and Shea’s hands that are still linked together.

Shea must notice his expression as well because he clears his throat and that seems to snap the dr out of his glare. He smiles but I can see that it is a fake smile.

“Follow me Dylan. Let’s get that cast off and get you in the X-ray room.” Dr Lewis turns around and starts walking down a hall. I grab Shea’s arm and we follow the dr.

We sit in the room and the Dr asks me normal questions about my pain level and if I have gotten my memories back. I slightly look at Shea and I can see him subtly shake his head. He doesn’t want me to tell the Dr that I remember being kidnapped. I tell the Dr no and his eyes brighten and he tells me that it will take more time. He uses a saw to cut both casts off. I am so glad that I can feel air on my leg and arm but I am disgusted by the smell and how small they both look. The Dr tells me that it’s normal. He must have noticed my expression. He grabs a wheelchair and tries to push me out of the room to the X-ray room but Shea insists on pushing me and we head to get my X-rays.

After I get my X-rays done, we are waiting in a small room so the dr can come in and tell me if I still need the casts of if I can leave them off. The door swings open and the dr walks in with a smile on his face.

“Well Dylan, I mean Ms. Black. Your X-rays look good. Both arm and leg have healed great and you don’t need the casts anymore. I do recommend physical therapy for both to get your muscle tone back up and if you start to feel any pain, stop what you are doing and rest.

I nod and smile brightly at the Dr. I am so glad that I don’t have to have those damn things on me anymore. I look at Shea and he is smiling as well. I blush and look away from him. I feel the butterflies in my stomach. I look at the Dr and he is glaring at me. He notices that I am looking at him and he looks away. Why is he glaring at me? I shift back just a little bit to try to move away from him. Shea notices my discomfort immediately and takes a step closer to me. I can feel his warmth. It is very comforting.

“Well you are good to go. Have a good day Dylan.” The Dr says and gets up and walks out without waiting for a response from me. I furrow my brows. What the hell was that about?

“Is it just me or was that weird?” Shea asks breaking through my thoughts.

“It’s not you. I was just thinking that.” I breath out. I am glad that I don’t need to come back here anymore.

“Let’s go. We can grab some food and go back to your place.” He grabs my hand and helps me to my feet. My leg wobbles a bit, not use to the weight on it. Shea helps me all the way to the car.

We get back to my place and we are eating and talking and just having a good time. He doesn’t ask questions about me because he knows that I don’t remember shit about my life. He answers all my questions that I have. I was surprised when he told me that he served in the military. I wasn’t shocked when he told me that he is Irish. I can see the red in his hair and he has spoken Gaelic to me before.

We finish eating and we are sitting on my couch, he glances at his watch and I know that’s a sign that he has to be leaving soon. My shoulders slump a little bit. I don’t want him to leave.

I look up at him and he is staring directly at me. His eyes are moving from my eyes to my lips. My heart quickens and my stomach clenches.

“Can I kiss you?” He whispers.

I inhale sharply and nod my head. He leans in and gently presses his lips to mine. His lips are soft. He shifts closer to me and wraps his arm around my waist and pulls me in closer to deepen the kiss. I am following his lead. He gently nips at my bottom lip asking for entry. I gasp and he plunges his hot tongue in my mouth. The once sweet and gentle kiss becomes hot and demanding.

After a moment of our tongues being intertwined, a warning bell goes off in my head and I pull away harshly and push him back.

“I’m sorry! We shouldn’t have done that!” I gasp out. I can’t believe I kissed a married man. Omg. I’m going to hell.

He chuckles. “Why shouldn’t we have?” He tries to scoot closer to me.

I shove him away feeling my anger rise. I didn’t think he would be like this. “Because you are married Shea!” My voice slightly rises.

His brows lift. “No, I’m not Dylan.” He has an amused expression on his face.

My mouth drops to the floor. “What the hell does that mean? You lied the whole time?”

He chuckles again. “No I didn’t lie. Technically I am married but we are getting a divorce.”

“Oh bullshit. All married guys that cheat on their wife say they are getting a divorce.” I try to call his bullshit. He can’t fool me. I am not going to be naive.

He pinches the bridge of his nose. A tell that he has when he is irritated. “I filed for a divorce two weeks ago.”

I stiffen. “Why? If you don’t mind me asking.”

He sighs. “After I left your place that one night you called about remembering you were kidnapped, I walked in and she was with another guy. I guess she didn’t think I would be home anytime soon. Usually when I leave in the middle of the night, I don’t go back home until the next evening. She told me that she was having an affair for a year. She left and I filed for a divorce the next day.” He doesn’t sound hurt or anything, just slightly irritated.

“Shea I’m so sorry that happened to you.” I put my hand over his to comfort him like he does for me.

“It’s fine. Deep down I knew something was going on. I just didn’t take enough time to look at the signs. Our marriage has been over for a while. We only married out of necessity, not love.” He frowns a little bit. He says he is fine but I know deep down he is hurt a little bit.

“If it makes you feel better, I think she is an idiot. You are an amazing guy. Any girl would be lucky to have you.” I smile at him. I mean every word I said.

“Even you?” His voice drops and it’s husky. It sends shivers down my spine.

I blush. “Especially me.”

“Go on a date with me.” He doesn’t ask. He commands. I clench my thighs together. When he commands me like that, I instantly get wet.

“Ok.” I whisper. He leans in and gives me another hot kiss. I almost moan out loud.

He pulls away and sighs. “I have to go back to the office. I’ll call you when I get off work.”

I nod my head. He kisses me gently again and gets up and leaves.

I sigh. Is it wrong that I am going out with him two weeks after he filed for divorce? Is it wrong that I don’t feel bad for her at all? She is the dumb one who cheated on him. I really hope she traded up but I doubt is because he is an amazing guy.

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