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Dreams are my reality

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A high school boy named Yoshiro Yumeji who always dreams, one day he gets a nightmare where he meets a girl that will change his life forever.

Mystery / Other
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Chapter 1

Dreams are my reality. I chose what I want in them, I can be anybody I want, be wherever I want. This is the reality I chose to be in, the one that makes me happy. I love this place so much I could stay forever, this is my heaven. Mr. Yoshiro Yumeji WAKE UP, I hear a big bang on my desk and I spring up in my chair and just like that I’m back in hell. The whole class starts laughing, this is no time for sleeping, said Mr. Shuichi. There are exams in three months. You need to be focused, yes sensei. I never really cared for school that much, just always felt like I was forced to be here, always just scraping by with my grades, always just ended up day dreaming in every class I go to, at least I get to see cute girls everyday but not like any of them will ever look my way. I slowly get through this class before I know it the bell rings and it’s time for lunch. I get out of the class as quickly as possible, then I had for the halls but not long after that I hear my name, HEY YUMEJI, I hear my best friend Konno Hitoshi and right behind him my childhood friend Fujimori Kotone, your as loud as ever, well of course who wouldn’t be it’s lunch time the best time of the day said Konno, pretty sure sleeping is the best time of the day speaking of which how long until then, well there’s still 3 hours of school left said Fujimori, we’ll thats 3 more hours I can sleep on those uncomfortable desks. Geez Yumeji you can’t really be sleeping in every class, what are you going to do when you have to study for exams? said Fujimori, easy you’re just going to help me study, oh count me in too said Konno. No, I’m not doing this again. Last time I helped you guys study. I had to do all the work and my grades suffered because I got no studying done said Fujimori. I guess I’ll just have to seduce her with my amazing charm said Konno, hey why don’t you help us with the exam and I’ll make it worth your wild. Drop dead before I beat your ass again like last time said Fujimori. Oh ya let’s go then 1 on 1 I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve this time around, i’m not losing again said Konno. Let’s just go eat. I’m tired of you guys talking and I don’t want to clean Konno’s blood up again. We all head up to the rooftop, which is usually a hangout spot. I knew Fujimori since forever we did everything together as kids, she has long brown hair with green eyes she pretty popular with all the girls, she’s really short but a big temper which makes all the guys scared of her, rumour has it she knocked out three guys at once that called her Santa’s little helper. Konno, knew him since the start of high school. He is kind of a lady’s man but always gets turned down on every girl he hits on but he always tries again which I have a lot of respect for. He has short blonde hair with blue eyes. Hey Yumeji, how’s things at home said Fujimori. You know the same old my father. My father is too drunk every night to even look at me when I get home and I haven’t seen my mother since I was seven. The lazy drunk bastard does nothing then just drink and makes my life miserable. I hate that bastard. Come on Yumeji you don’t mean that, he couldn’t always be like that. Maybe your mother just hurt him a lot said Fujimori. What hurt him for 9 years, he needs to grow up and move on just like I did. I can’t stand him anymore, I can’t wait to move out so i don’t have to see his stuipd face again. Ya me and Yumeji are going to move out after highschool and live together where no adult can tell us what to do and live like real men said Kanno. Who said I’m moving in with you, and aren’t your parents rich why you want to move out you have your whole life set there. I don’t want to live my parents life. I want to make my own life and make my own decisions, and anyways nothing good from money anyways said Kanno. How can you say that money makes everything amazing, I can do anything I want and live how I want. That’s a kind of deam i want to come true. Ya sounds like an amazing life. I hope I can find a rich husband where I can get whatever I want while I stay home watching the kids, said Fujimori. Maybe if you turn into a real girl maybe guys will actually date you said Kanno. Watch it or I’ll turn you into a pretzel said Fujimori. Hey Yumeji, what kind of life do you dream of said Kanno. He said it so serious, never seen him like that before, like this means alot to him what my answer is. I never thought about it that much even for a person like me who always dreams. Well I want to have a life I’m proud of, one where I live as a God where I don’t have to worry about anything in life and one where I can prove my parents wrong. HAHAHA, Kanno starts laughing like it’s the funnest thing he has ever heard. What’s so funny. It’s nothing really, you are just so naive about life for someone that always talks about it, maybe keep your reality a dream or maybe one day it will just control you one day, said Kanno. Whatever, I don’t have time to argue with you, class is about to start. What was that all about, what the hell is he even talking about? It’s going to control me, he’s just an idiot like me and always will be. Maybe that’s why we get along so well. I head to class with the same bullshit as always. I don’t really remember much about the class, well it’s math, not like I’m actually going to use that in life after school. I head to my last class of the day where I have Kanno in. He sits right beside me. Class starts and I’m feeling more tired than usual so I beat my head down and soon after I start to close my eyes. Hey… hey… I know you can hear me. Why don’t you answer me? What kind of dream is this? I try to speak out but I can’t, what this. Hey talk to me, I know you’re not dead yet. I start to see more of what’s happening I see a person but can make what it looks like but what i see is a girl, looks like my age, Long black hair with brown eyes, But has bruises everywhere on her body with one eye fully close and a broken arm that looks so real i don’t know if this a dream or not any more. I said WAKE UP. the person kicked her as hard as they could. THe girl on the floor starts screaming on the floor in pain, so much that I could feel chills throw my whole body, i want to help but my body won’t move. Then she looks at me with tears in her eyes. Why me, why does it have to be me, why couldnt be you, the girl said, then with one more kick in the face I spring up in my chair screaming in fear. Mr. Yoshiro, are you alright? Sensei said. Yes sorry for disturbing the class. What the hell was that Yumeji Said Kanno. I don’t know I just had a really weird dream, but this was more than a weird dream. What was that just now I never had a dream like that before, was that even a dream, it felt too real to be a dream just what was that. Who just was that girl I never saw her in my life, so why is she in my dreams? After that I sat there and listened to the class because I was too scared to fall asleep again and have a chance to have that dream again. Before I knew it class was over and I was able to go home. Hey so Yumeji what was that all about, said Kanno. I don’t really know, just a really bad nightmare. I see maybe you just saw Fujimori in the dream, that would make any dream a nightmare HAHAHA said Kanno. OW screamed Kanno. I heard that idiot, said Fujimori. It was a joke, did you really have to hit me that hard Fujimori. I only hit you with ten percent of my power. I’m kinda scared of what her power is at hundred percent. So Yumeji, you guys doing anything now, said Fujimori. I’m pretty tired, but I think I’m just going home. Well I’m coming with you, said Fujimori. So me and Fujimori started walking home together. So why are you even walking with me today Fujimori don’t you have better things like hanging out with your friends? I could but we haven’t walked home in so long and I wanted to ask you something. Have you had any weird dreams lately? Why is Fujimori asking such a weird question, it’s not like her. No, not really you know the same old dreams. I don’t want to tell her yet about the dream I had today at school. I see, maybe you’ll remember soon, said Fujimori. Remember what. It’s nothing Yumeji, look we’re home now, I’ll see you tomorrow bye. Just like that she was gone. What was that all about? Did she somehow know about the dream I just had? She is acting weird, everyone has today. It’s probably nothing, luckily we’re neighbours, So I head home, where I see my drunk father passed out on the floor like always. Guess I’m making dinner again like always, and stuck having to make food for my dead beat father as well, so bullshit. Why do I have to live like this. Why couldn’t I have a normal childhood like everyone else, I hate this so much I could scream, my life is the worst. After that I left my dad’s part of the food inside the fridge for when he wakes up. I go upstairs in my room, but no matter how much I want to forget about the dream I can’t, it’s just stuck in my head. What was that dream anyways, and who even was that girl and why could I see her face so well and what did she mean when she said it should have been me. I’m thinking about this too much. Maybe I should just get some sleep, it’s getting late. So I head to bed hoping I get a good dream this time. Yumeji… Yumeji… HEY YUMEJI. Leave me alone dad, your food is in the fridge. Geez Yumeji you’re the same as always. I open my eyes and I see the girl from my dream, but this time she looked normal, she had no bruises, she looked beautiful. Why are you here again? Where are your bruises from last time and how do you know my name and how how… sh you talk too much Yumeji. We don’t have a lot of time together, they will be here soon. Who’s going to be here soon. No time for that, all you need to know is your dreams are more than dreams. They are what make me live, so Yumjei please keep on dreaming, because when you stop dreaming I won’t exist anymore so please keep dreaming, you’re my only hope. They’re here, it’s time for you to go. She pushed me and next thing I knew I was falling. Wait, at least tell me your name. It’s Shino, and with that she waved goodbye to me and I’m still falling, but while I’m falling I see my whole town. Now I’m starting to fall and I see my house and I’m about to crash in. Right before I hit the roof, I woke up in a Panic. What the hell was all of that, wait what time is it. Oh shit I overslept, I’m going to be late for school. So I get ready and rush as quickly as I can out of the house. It looks like that won’t be the last time I see Shino, It looks like my whole world is about to change but is it for the better or for the worst.

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