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Found You

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Avery Green married a older man and get pregnant.Meet the son of the husband. His mad and plan to get rid of her.Is he going to get rid of her or fall in love to the wife of his father?And He will discover the secret of Avery.How he going to accept it. Is he going to fight for his happiness over his very much love father.?

Mystery / Romance
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Found You

Found You is my first attemp to write a story..although lots of story in my mind everyday.So I decided why not? But first and foremost I'm really sorry if my wording are not so very good and well not so organized but i will try my best.

This story about the girl name Avery Green who happen married to a rich and famous Tycoon Paul..a 50 years old man..Yes you read it right..And something happen to her that she got pregnant not knowing,whose the father. And met the son of her husband. What will they discover later that makes them shock .And how to forgive each others. So you will be excited and get to know them well.

Life is full of surprises!!

Chapter 1: Surprise

"Are you okey honey"? His coming today.He just called from airport he will come here straight.I told him,I have a surprise for him.And hopefully he will fine for this honey.His holding my hands while we are standing in the veranda.I just smile and hold his hand tight.His very kind and a loving husband.Thats why I marry him when he ask me three months ago.

"Come on..cheer up it will fine honey" Paul said to me and hug me.

"Yes honey,I m fined and smile and hug him back..but deep inside of me I'm scared .I dont know what will happen."

Paul let go and said"I'll go downstair and check if the dinner is ready when he arrive.Just refresh yourelf you look pale honey.I want you to look pretty in front of him okey.And pinch my cheeks."

I look his back till he close the door. Slowly walk to bed and sit down.I'm very nervous but I have nothing to worry like Paul said awhile ago.Everything will be fine. I get up and look myself in the mirror.I'm Avery Green,Twenty-three years old.Married and pregnant.Yes I am pregnant.And only Paul and me knows it for now.I touch my belly and feel it.I love my baby no matter what.No matter what people will say about me and Paul.


Yes!I'm coming and open the door.Nana Mai is standing in the door.and with a worry face.Yes Nana.

"The head master, ask me to tell you that his nearly home.You can go down if your ready". Nana Mai said with hesitant smile in her face.Maybe she worried too what will happen .

"Okey Nana.Thank you!

When Nana go down.I look myself again Andover sigh.This is it.Its now or later hhehehe! A sound come out in my mouth.

Meanwhile downstair.

"Hey dad! I'm home.I miss you old man.How are you dad while Im away for four months.Looks like your looking happy and kicking.And what that smile dad."Leon ask and hug his dad.His been away for four months .And where only him knows to travel here and there.Its either business or pleasure.He look worried when he see his dad.Looks like something bothering him.
His can sense something nit right when his dad look so serious.What make him serious scared him.The things make him serious when his asking him when his going to give him a grand child or when his getting married.But this time his not asking it so he bit worried what his dad want this time.

"Come on dad".whatd bothering you or you got something for me.You told me in the phone you got a surprise for me.Did you buy me new business to manage or did you find another woman to introduce to me.I look at him but still his so quiet and keep looking to me. And suddenly I heard someone coming in my back..so I look around and what I see is a very beautiful woman coming towards us and smiling to us ..or maybe with me or dad.I dont know her at all.God where she came from and why shes here in the house.

She keep walking and give a smile to them.But deep inside she feel nervous.Leon is looking straight to her with amusement and she can tell in his face that his surprised .She come to Paul side and he grab and hold her hands.

"Son , this is Avery Green.My wife and my surprise to you."Paul introduce her to Leon.That his so proud that his having a wife.

"What your wife!!! he say it loud.He is so shock.Its like a bomb his dad dropping of.His so shock and dont know what to say.Just look his dad face and the girl he introduce.My God shes so young compared to my dad.In the back of his mind lots of question to ask but nothing come up.
"Dad when do happen you got married..I just left three months ago and your ...."Oh God! I cant believed it".He just furious.
"Son,come down okey".his smiling and tap his shoulder.
"Its happen so quick and I dont want to lost this girl".smiling with Avery.
"But dad..I'm not against that you want another woman in your life after mum."
"I'm just stating the facts why you need to do it without me and you never told me before about here."and he look the woman Avery in the eyes.But she refuse to look him back.
"Deep inside his mad but cant let it show to his dad.He love and respect his dad so much.But this woman in front of him.He wanted to squeeze her."

Avery so nervous the way Leon look at her.Its looks like his going to kill her on the spot.But of course he cant do that in front of his father.She's shaking and sweating too.She need to sit down."Paul ,Leon...maybe we can talk this over the dinner.Nana Maia is calling us.The dinner is ready hon".shes trying to divert the ambience .She doesnt wants the father and son have arguments because of her.
"Yes hon!lets go Leon".Dinner is served and I dont want to spoil our dinner".

They went to the table and eat their dinner.No one want to speak just all pretending everything is fine.No one want to speak or say a word again.Just all pretending nothing happen.Until they finished dinner.

"I'll go to bed now,we talk this again tomorrow"Paul said with serious look and "You honey you should go to rest too and I dont want you to be tired.You know you need to take care of yourself okey".with a concern look and voice the way he say it.
"Yes honey!I'm coming with you".she dont want to stay with Leon.She's not yet ready to fight him if his going to ask her everything.Its better to stay away from him for awhile.

"Leon is so mad knowing his dad have a new wife .A young new wife. He cant stop thinking why his dad need to marry that woman so sudden. He wants to hit his dad for making a ridiculous decision.But he respect his dad so much. But that woman, where she from and how my dad ebd up with her? The question that comes in his mind one after one. He needs to know about that woman now".

"Avery is also worried for what happen.She knows that Leon is very mad for what happen.. mad at her for marrying his dad.She cant sleep well either..so she decided to go down and go to the kitchen and maybe drink a glass of milk.

"So the kitten is drinking milk in here".Leon said it to Avery when he see her in the kitchen.He cant sleep so he decided have a glass of alcohol but what he see in the kitchen is the woman of his dad."

"Mocking and looking her now .Makes Avery feel afraid and scared to face him so early.She knows that he will do anything to hurt her or maybe to kill her".But she needs to be nice to him.Anyway his Paul son.
"Ah Leon can we talked about it tomorrow. I'm going up now." She try to be nice to him because she can smell the alcohol in his breath.

"Running away woman." He grab her hands to pull her back. "You cant get away with me and I'll make sure you will regret that you married my dad." He greeted his teeth and push her in the wall. "If you think that you can fool my dad.Keep this in your mind that you cant fool me. I will make sure you will leave in this house soon."

"Let me go Leon! You have no right to tell me that .I'm your father's wife now,so basically Im your step mom." Avery trying to be brave but deep inside she is really scared of Leon.He looks like a beast ready to attack her anytime."

"Hhahahah! In your dreams woman.I have one mother ,and thats my dad wife." He makes her cranky the moment she said step mom..like something is cringy and annoying."

"His mad but in the same time.He cant stop looking to the face of this woman.The small round face..pointed nose..the eyes that can melt his heart.But of course he will not admit that.And the smell of her,remind him of someone." So he let go her but warned her.
"Don't you ever say it again that your my step mom." "Next time you say it. You will nit be happy." He leave her in the kitchen and went back to his bedroom.He cant sleep so he went to the window and look in the darkness outside.Thinking someone that he cant forget that woman he meet four months ."

"They were eating breakfast together. No one is making a conversation. And Paul notice the two in his front that very quiet.But he knows they are trying to watch each other movements.It cant pass on him that have a very good in observing people.Especially these two that very important to him." So he will make a move before its too late and his secret will reveal." Paul talked to them.
" Leon, can you accompany Avery today. She's going shopping today and I can't go with her."

"Two eyes look to Paul with both panic and hesitant." In Leon mind ." "What my father doing ? "Is he out of mind,going with this woman is the last thing I'm going to do." "But of course he cant say no, he respect his father so much." "Yes dad! It's fine with me."

"Avery looks at Paul but he just smile at her." "She cant understand why Paul wanted his son to go with her.
"Paul,I can go alone you know.I dont want to bother your son.Maybe he have something do to ? Dont want to disturb him." Avery try to convince Paul.Because she doesn't want Leon go with her." "She's not ready for another arguments for a moments with him.And what she going to do,Leon dont know yet with her pregnancy."

"It's ok with me." Looking at her with a sharp eyes." And he saw that she nod and smile.
"Leon heart jump out with that smile." But didnt say anything.

After eating breakfast.Paul decided to go in his office.He need to settle somethings.

Leon and Avery ride in his car.While driving no one dare to speaks or say something.Been so quiet inside the car.He try to look at her but she's looking outside.She's avoiding him. She doesnt want to begin the talking to him either.Wishing they reach the store soon.And lucky she can see it already. He park the car and got out.Avery also got out in the car.

"She's looking at him and say," You can leave me here now.I can managed to go shopping you know." "Beside I dont want you to accompany me."

"He greeted his teeth and grab Avery hands. No one dare to boss me around even you woman." "My father asked this so you better obey him. " he walk going to the store while holding her hands.

Avery was so shock with his action. He follow him and need to be fast because his holding her hands and dragging her. Lucky she wear a sandal so its not hard for her to walk fast.He doesnt know her current situation so he doesn't care if she walk fast.

Everyone in the store bow and greeted them with respect.They should be ,his the son if the owner of this mall and the successor of the multi-millions company. His Leon White the only son of President Paul White of the White Company. And this mall is one of there property. He possesed and authority and superior. But you can see in there eyes the curiousity. Whose the lucky woman young master Leon holding hands.Of course people cant see that Leon almost hurting her the way he hold her hands.In the eyes of the people his a true gentleman. But in Avery his a beast ready to bite her anytime if there is a chance.
He bring her in the lady section and tell the sales lady incharge to assist her."Get everything want she wants." And walk towards the sofa intended for the VIP.

The saleslady is so shock.This is the first time the young master Leon White come with a woman.She must be special to him. And they look perfect together a handsome man and a beautiful .Its a perfect like match each other.And she look the woman.She have a beautiful pair of legs..and fair skin..a face that every girls will dream on,the eyes.In total she's a stunner and like a model.
She give everything what she wants.But a little bit curious shes getting some dresses for pregnancy. Is she pregnant?

"Thank you miss ."I got all I need." she give a smile to the saleslady. And she see Leon standing and coming to her.

"Lets go." And he gets the bag that she holding and hold her hands again. "Where do you want to go next?" Its like a normal question to him.And he didnt notice Avery face look so amazed because his looking around.

In Avery mind."What happen to him awhile ago his mad and now he looks like a devoted partner. " " I want to go in a restaurant. I'm hungry and want to eat ." And she walk towards the Grill restaurant.She love seafoods especially fish and lobster and crab. And there food here is so nice .She try it here before.

She order her favorite foods and also him.They eat and no one talk until they finished eating.

"So maybe this time you want to go home."Paul asked?.

"Avery look at him."Yes ." with a short reply.

They walked together going to the car. Leon put the bags inside the car while Avery watching him to move. His very musculine and strong man.After he puts all the bag he look at her.Didnt say anything open the side of car on him and get in. Avery in a hurry to get in too.

"Thank you." Avery try to break the silence.

"He just only look at her and drive ."

Avery thinking his back again for being cold and arrogant.

***hoping you enjoyed the first chapter readers***

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