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The journey of death

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Soren's life is in danger because of his family and the game he plays with them, especially his mother. But what's in his mothers mind when she finds a girl he needs to marry? Will he marry her and burie his feelings for the guy he loves? But the catch is, he loves both of them. Two lovers, one choice. Read to find out

Mystery / Thriller
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Meet characters:

Domhnall family

Main character: Soren, 18, male

Mirabelle: 2, Soren’s daughter

4 sisters:

The second child: Azure, 27, female

The fourth child: Raven, 23, female

The fifth sister: Aurora, 20, female

The sixth sister: Arabella, 20, female

4 brothers:

Soren twin: Silas, 18, male

Elder child: Keir, 29, male

The third child: Sorin, 25, male

Mother: Thana, 48, female

Father: Perseus, 48, male

Lucchese family

Father: Kian, 45, Azura’s husband
Mother: Azura, 42, Thana’s younger sister

Lycus: 21, Azura and Kian’s son, male

Nyx: 23, Azura and Kian’s daughter, female

Torres family

Father: Zuko, 51, Elysia’s husband

Mother: Elysia, 52, Thana’s older sister

Esmeray: 30, Elysia and Zuko’s daughter, female

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