Demons Past

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Chapter 11

The Portland Police Department was busy this morning. I headed over to Jerry LaRue’s desk.

“Hey Jerry! How are you doing today?” I asked.

“I’m mighty fine ma’am, and yourself?” he asked. I smiled at Jerry. I've told him countless times to call me Katsia but he always insists so I've stopped correcting him. He was tall with sandy blonde hair and brown eyes.He has a beautiful Cajun accent that always makes me smile and add that southern home politeness to him and he's a good looking guy. He was always calling people ma’am or sir and never said a bad word about anyone. He was a younger than most cops in the precinct, about a year younger than Shane and myself. Shane was elated that

Jerry transferred out this way. He no longer was the baby in the office.

“I’m good, thanks for asking. So, I need your help. I need you to pull up the file on an Adam Holcomb. He’s an interested party I want to talk to on a missing person’s case I’m working.” I said.

“Sure thing Katsia, but why not go to Shane?” he asked suspiciously.

I shrugged. “He wasn’t home this morning, and he isn’t working the morning shift apparently so I didn’t want to disturb him. He was having drinks with that paralegal…what was her name again?” I trailed off pretending not to remember. Jerry busted out laughing. I just looked at him “What?”

Still laughing Jerry looked at me “oh hun, if I didn’t know any better I would say you were jealous. And her name is Pam. Just so you know” He said still laughing. “Let me pull up that file for you.”

“Thanks Jerry” I said.

Ten minutes later Jerry handed me a file and with a smile he said “you know, I could always say your are going out with me for drinks as a thanks for getting that file for you. I bet that would get a reaction out of him, especially because it has to do with you.” He winked at me as he said it. I laughed “if you want to, but he’ll never believe you. I don’t flirt Jerry, you know this. I never have. I honestly don’t think I know how to be a girl, not like Pam at least.” I said softly.

Jerry’s smile faltered and he tilted my head up to look at him “Katsia, you are a wonderful person. If you think for one minute you don’t have a chance next to Pam, you are blind. Someday, when you stop letting your past haunt you, when you’re finally ready to move on you’ll find out who you are.” He said.

I looked at him and gave him a small smile “Thanks Jerry. It's weird you know, I never really let myself be noticed before, and a few days ago I was so ready to move on, so ready to let everything go, and with one little case my entire resolve gets shattered. And then one little move from Shane and I can't get him out of my head.” I said. Jerry just smiled at me "everything will work out. Trust me."

I headed out of the precinct walking over to Target and got a coffee from Starbucks. Sitting down I started looking through the file and my breath caught, excitement flowed through me as I read the next line. Charged with assault and battery to a Ms. Heather Jones when he was 17.

“Damn” she whispered to herself as she gathered everything up and walked back to the precinct. I entered into the bull pen and instantly looked for Jerry. I stopped short when I noticed him standing next to Shane. They both had their backs to me so I went unnoticed as I approached them.

"All I'm saying Shane, is you need to talk to her. You didn't see her this morning..."

Jerry's voice trailed off as I cleared my throat. They both turned and looked at me.

“Hey Jerry" I said, ice creeping into my voice. "Here’s that file back, I need you to do something else for me now, if you don't mind. Can you pull up the address of a Ms. Heather Jones? She might have had her name changed, so look through marital records for me too, please.” I said. As I was just about to turn and leave I stopped and looked up at Jerry.

Trying my best to flirt "are you still up for drinks tonight." My flirting must have failed miserably because he just chucked.

"If I thought it was a genuine offer darlin' I would take you up on it in a heartbeat but, atlas, I think it's a misplaced offer." He said as he walked away.

“Hey Kat” Shane said.

“Hey” I said “how was your date with Pam?” I was trying to keep the contempt out of my voice because I had no right to be this bitchy to him, but hey, I can always say it’s getting close to that special time when women get bitchy about things they shouldn’t.

“It was fine” he said and left it at that.

“So who is this person you are looking up? Someone of interest on the case you’re working?” he said trying to change the subject.

“Yes, she was the victim of an assault and battery case 11 years ago. The records are sealed because the culprit was a juvenile. I don’t have the pull or the authority to get a judge to unseal them, so I will go talk to her and see if I can get information on him that way. I want to be prepared with as much information as I can before I confront him.” I said.

I turned to walk away and Shane grabbed my arm “Kat” he sighed.

“Don’t Shane” I said angrily as I jerked my arm free “just don’t. You have work today and John only said you were to help me when off duty. I will call and keep you in the loop with where I go and what I find out. When I actually go and talk to Adam Holcomb I will let you know the address of where I am going. If I need any help I will call you.” I said my anger still simmering.

He grabbed my arm again and pulled me into the hall “And what if you find yourself in a situation where you can’t call me, huh? What if this guy is doing all that you think and you find yourself in a situation you can’t get out of? What then?” he said his anger starting to rise. “I care about you Kat, and the way you reacted to Pam, you care about me a hell of a lot more than you realized. I have waited patiently for you to come around and see me as I see you. Watching your reaction with Pam made me think that you're finally realizing how you feel. It would destroy me if something happened to you” he said.

“Shane” I sighed my anger seeping away “this isn’t the time or place to have this conversation. We are getting quite the audience and I would rather not do this right now.” I said quietly.

“If not now, when? You can’t avoid this forever Kat” he said.

I just looked at him then “soon. Don’t worry so much, you’ll ruin that handsome face all the ladies like so much” I said jokingly “I’ll keep you updated, promise.” I flashed him my own smile and turned to walk back into the precinct when his hand reached out and grabbed me. He turned me and pulled me to him. Before I could register what was happening I felt his mouth crush against mine. I resisted for a second before my body relaxed into the kiss. That was all the needed before his tongue plunged into my mouth and I was lost in a sea of passion. He pulled away and I looked at him dazed.

He just smiled, pleased with what he saw. "I'll see you later kat" he said as he turned and walked into the bull pen.

Jerry came out in the hall with a wide grin on his face. Amusement danced behind his eyes as he was just about to say something.

“Don’t say anything Jerry” I muttered under my breath, taking the address I walked out of the precinct. Jerry’s distinct laughter followed me down the hall.

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