Demons Past

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Chapter 13

I hung up the phone and got onto my bike and headed out towards North Plains. Fifteen minutes later I found myself idling in front of an older farm house. The house didn’t look in that bad of shape and the yard was perfectly mowed. There were no toys littering the front yard and no cars in the driveway. It all seemed very eerie. Katsia checked her phone to see if Shane got back to her, no such luck. How long should she wait?

Should she even wait? I mean, it’s just questions….right? she was talking to herself when she decided she’d knock on the door. Driving her bike up to the house she cut the engine and walked to the front door. There wasn’t a doorbell so she knocked.

No answer, so she knocked again.

Finally the door cracked open and a tall petite woman opened the door. Katsia paled as she looked at the other woman.

“Can I help you?” The woman said nervously.

“Cassie?” she asked quietly as she continued to stare at the woman.

Now it was the other woman’s turn to pale “I…I…I don’t know anyone by that name. My name is Margret and I would kindly ask that you please leave” she said hurriedly.

Katsia took a few deep breaths and she forced her business mask into place. This didn’t make sense. She could swear this was Cassie. She would recognize her sister anywhere. After Shane made it onto the force she had her sister’s photo put through a program where it aged her. And now she was staring directly at a face so similar to what the program showed it was eerie. How could she not know? And why was she so nervous?

“Whatever you’re selling I’m not interested” her voice broke Katsia’s train of thought.

“Please” Katsia said “I’m sorry to have distressed you Ca…I mean Margaret” I said hurriedly before she could shut the door. “I’m a private investigator and I am looking for a Mr. Adam Holcomb” I said “Is he here?”

“No he is not here at the moment” she said. “Then maybe you could answer a few questions for me Margret? I have some questions concerning some missing person. I’m looking into the disappearance of Janet Mathews and Cassandra Winters” I said cautiously watching her face.

If it was possible to get any paler this lady did. Besides the fact that I was probably talking to my long lost sister, she knew something. I could feel it and see it in her face. If only I can get inside somehow, maybe get her outside? Damn…I should have waited for Shane. He could have taken her in for questioning. What to do, what to do. “I’m sorry but you’ll have to leave now please. Come back later when Adam is home” she said rushed and tried to shut the door.

“Margaret wait, please don’t shut the door” I tried to say but it was too late. She slammed the door in my face. I sighed and walked around the house taking in everything, trying to find something that would incriminate or make it so Shane could bring her in for questioning. I felt more than heard someone come up behind me. I turned and was face to face with a man. He was a bigger man, built like he worked hard but not over muscular. He had long blonde hair and cold green eyes. Shane always told me I should be more aware of my surroundings, perhaps I should have listened to him. I had no time to react before the world went black.

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