Demons Past

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Chapter 14

When the world came back into focus my head throbbed. I found myself tied up with a belt to a chair in the basement. I moved my wrist testing the bonds, how do I get out of this. I slowed my breathing and closed my eyes centering myself. I thought about the way I was tied up and smiled. Cassandra must have done it, because I don’t think Adam would have been this sloppy. I took a deep breath and relaxed my shoulder trying to cushion the blow of landing on my shoulder. I bit back a yelp and worked on shimming my body up the chair pulling my hands up with me. After I was free of the chair I sat up and maneuvered my body to place my hands in front of me. I proceeded to use my mouth to undo the belt. Once I was free I stood up and tested my shoulder. It was sore but not broken or out of place. I reached for my gun and found it missing. I mentally cursed myself for not having a spare gun. I climbed the basement steps and tested the door to my surprise it opened. I slowly opened the door and peered into the kitchen. Cassie was doing the dishes with her back turned, the gun was left carelessly on the counter. I crept out the rest of the way and as quietly as possible I walked into the kitchen just as I was about to clear the kitchen the floor creaked under me. Cassie let out a startled yell and lunged at me. I braced myself for the blow. Once she was on top of me I flipped her off of me and got to my feet. She got up and charged again. This time I was prepared and I moved just out of the way and she hit her head on the counter and went down with a thud. I started to make my way to the front door when two strong hands wrapped around me, dragging me back. I fought and I screamed but I couldn’t break his hold. He dragged me outside and slammed me into the grass. He sat on top of me and wrapped his hands around my throat. I kicked, clawed and bucked but I couldn’t dislodge him. I felt my vision start narrowing. I could see the black creeping from the corner of my eyes threatening to surround me. Just as everything was about to go black air slammed back into my lungs and I turned over coughing. I looked up and saw Shane wrestling with Adam. He had knocked him off of me. I struggled to put them in focus while I waited for my vision to clear, I turned and looked at the farm house. A figure was standing there, when the world came into focus I saw Cassandra standing there pointing a gun at the two men fighting. I shouted and grabbed my own gun. Shots rang out simultaneously. Once the ringing in my ears stopped I looked around. Shane reached for Adam as he fell towards the ground. I looked over at

the figure standing in the doorway. I scrambled over just in time to catch her from falling. I put

pressure over her wound. “You're going to be ok Cassie. You're going to be ok. I did not just find you only to lose you all over again. Hold on Cass, please hold on” I cried as I desperately looked at Shane who was already on the phone. Cassie reached her hand up and touched my face. I looked down at her tears falling from my eyes. I watched her lips move like she was trying to

say something so I leaned down closer to hear her.

“Is my Adam going to be ok? Did I save him from that man?” she asked as blood fell from her lips.

“I’m sorry Cassie, Adam was shot” I said feeling the sob welling up inside me.

“I loved him you know” she said as she coughed blood one more time.

“Cassie! Cassie! Don’t go, please don’t go. I just got you back! You can’t leave me now, not like this” I held her close and sobbed. I don’t know how long I stayed rocking her and crying but I saw the paramedics take her from me as Shane’s strong arms lifted me up and held me.

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