Demons Past

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Chapter 6

I spent most of the day gathering information from the parents. They all had similar lives as well as looks. They would have fit together perfectly at schools. But what’s the connection? Why are there no bodies? Are they victims of trafficking? If so, how do you spot them and take them without anyone noticing? They all disappeared after being in public places. I sighed “I have to be missing something” I said to myself.

I arrived at the Max station and sat down. I was starting to get a headache. I looked at my watch and realized I forgot to eat. I stood up and went to the vending machine to get a small snack to hold me over when I stopped. You know that feeling you get when you want to slap your forehead because you missed something so obvious? Well I have that feeling now. I jogged over to the man coming out of the restroom.

“Sir?” I said.

The janitor turned and looked at me smiling “yes?”

“I was just wondering what company you work for” I asked politely.

“I work for Thompson and Son’s Janitorial service” he said his smile faltering “what is this concerning?” he asked.

“I’m a Private Investigator and I’m doing an investigation on some missing persons. They’ve all seemed to disappear in public places, like the mall, at a station and I know janitorial employees are usually very aware of their surroundings and most people overlook them. So I thought I would ask the eyes and ears of public places if they’ve seen anything or anyone suspicious hanging around” I said with a smile.

He looked at me for a moment thinking “well, this is a Max stop so there are always questionable people hanging around. But my company and one other company frequent the malls and other public areas” he said.

I smiled. Most of the girls were last seen or their last known locations was the local mall.

“Do you happen to know what the name of the other company is?” I asked.

“Scott’s Cleaning Service” he said then looked at his watch and frowned “can I help you with anything else? I have to get going, I’m on a schedule.”

“No, you’ve helped quite a bit. Thank you for your time and have a good rest of the day” I said and headed back to the platform.

I dialed Shane’s cell “hello?” he said.

“Hey Shane! It’s Kat. I was wondering if you wanted to grab dinner after your shift. You’re done at 6 pm right? I have loads to tell you” I said excitedly.

“Sounds good Kat, I’ll see you in an hour. I’m feeling like Chinese, does that sound good to you?” He asked.

“Sound delicious, I forgot to eat today so I’m game for anything. I’ll head over to the restaurant and order us take out” I said “What I have to tell you probably would be better behind closed doors.”

“You always forget to take care of yourself when you get invested in a case Kat, and you wonder why I worry” He said in an exasperated voice.

I started to say something, but before I could find the words he said “I’ll see you when I get home” he said and hung up.

“Bye” I said into the phone as it went dead. I put my phone into my pocket and sighed.

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