Demons Past

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Chapter 9

The next day went by in a blur. I spent most of them at the gym to clear my head. What was I going to do about Shane? Do I have more feelings for him than friendship? I mean, hell he is hot, we already know almost everything about each other, so why am I reluctant to take the next step. I thought about it some more as I finished up my second mile, a dull pain started in my leg. While I was changing my phone buzzed. I looked at it and it was from Shane.

I dialed his number and held the phone to my ear as I buttoned my pants “hey Kat! I have those background checks for you. Can you swing by the station and grab it?” he asked.

“Sure! Just let me finish up getting dressed and I’ll be there” I said.

“No worries. See you soon” he said and hung up.

I quickly finished getting dressed and ran the towel over my hair one final time. That is the good thing about short hair, you don’t have to spend a long time drying it. I gathered up all my gym stuff and headed out. I walked into the police station and headed straight for Shane’s desk and stopped short. A petite little blonde was sitting on his desk laughing with him. I watched the woman as she shamelessly flirted with him. I’ve seen girls flirt with him before, so why did this site bother me? I closed the distance to his desk and cleared my throat. The blonde stopped laughing and they both looked at me “Kat this is Pam. She is a paralegal at Johnson and Wyatt law firm. She just stopped in for some documents on a case.”

Pam stood up and gave me a quick once over before extending her hand “it’s nice to meet you Kat. I’m Pam Wyatt” she said. I looked down at her hand and took it “it’s Katsia to you Ms. Wyatt” I said a little harsher than intended. I dropped her hand and turned my gaze to Shane. He had a questioning look in his eyes but wisely didn’t say anything. I looked away from his gaze

“You said the background checks I asked for were done?” I said without meeting his eyes “right here Kat” he said, his voice guarded “Pam and I were going to get a drink after my shifts over, want to join?” he asked?

I looked at Pam and saw her face smile smugly and then I saw her face fall when he invited me. I couldn't help but smile as I looked back at Shane “no thanks Shane, given the look on her face I don’t think Ms. Wyatt would like that too much. So no, you go have fun and I’ll see you when you get home” I said coolly and walked away.

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