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The Past

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A story about young lady who lost her grandmother who was more like a mother to her. She was burned alive inside her house by community members alongside with her son who was Yenzokuhle's uncle ,she again tell us how that affected her siblings because of that accident .To her it made her strong even though it's hard but she is strong young lady.

Mystery / Thriller
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The Past

It was one of those night ,the moon was too bright and the weather was chilly.There was so much noise outside but I couldn't make it out what there were saying since their voices were sound too far from my house.I just thought it was one of those days community members taking law its own hands for criminals in our community so I decided to go and sleep since it was way past my bedtime.This mob is coming towards my house "burn the witches ,bulal umthakathi" they are carrying burning sticks I can't make out of everything.

Finally the rumours of my grandmother being a witch they made it true.Is it now a sin to grow old ,do we have a limitations of growth now by public.Some of these people my grandmother helped them ,some my grandmother raised them.Everyone here knows how we struggled to meet ends.My grandmother is suffering in alzheimer,why can't they understand that ?

"Yenze get out this house now ",that was my uncle's voice oh God bless this soul ."What about you uncle and grandma?",I asked the question as he appeared in my room."Mshana (niece" don't worry about me just get out now use the back window to escape I will give you the kids when you outside" he said as he was pushing me through the window.
"Take the kids Yenze run away ,here is the bag of important documents and a cellphone to call the number you will find there ,I can't leave mama alone ,the police are in their way ,hid some where safe and look out if we survived or not ".the only thing I could do was to nod with tears gushing.I know some will be asking why couldn't we get out all of us and run away we only have one door which was front getting out was going to risk all of us .The loud bang made us stop on our tracks as our house was going on flames did they just boom our house with petrol boom.

The only thing we could do was to pray for firefighters to arrive on time ,the screams of my grandmother still haunts me even today yes it has been over ten years but still I get nightmares ,my siblings never heal from that traumatic disaster but hopefully they can live their lives in full,I'm scared they might retaliate ,I always pray for them to let go of anger and let God give out his punishment.Yes we are the survivor of that night I have my NGO where I help elderly after losing my grandmother I was a mess but today I'm proud to say I have grow out of that mess ,all thanks to my uncle's friend.

"Wow viewers what a sad story we heard today I hope everyone today learner that not everything is witch craft ,thank you for coming in Yenze"that was Anolitha the TV presenter of My Past My Future.

Duduzile Motsepa
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