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The Possession

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A distorted memory.

Mystery / Horror
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The Begining

He remained motionless in the small chamber when they informed him of her death. Amilia and Tom were not certainly a happy couple. Although, Amilia always used to say, "No one is perfect, Tom. No one." in all their arguments. Now, Tom stood near her cold body and found a contradiction to Amilia's statement. She was perfect and always will be but it was too late for Tom to contradict her, hold her closely and whisper in her ears, "You are more than perfect to me.". This certain epiphany engulfed Tom in an overwhelming sadness.

" Are you okay?" a voice penetrated through his repentance. It was the nurse who had been taking care of Amilia since she arrived at the ER.

Nurse Sylvia was in her late fifties with a tall and stout physique. The wrinkles on her face indicated nothing but experience.

Tom nodded.

This question, however, dragged Tom into the dark past when Amilia used to ask Tom the same question after a fight. Though Tom nodded every time, he was never OKAY.

Tom always considered himself a skeptic. No matter how much he wanted to avoid that, he couldn't. He always reminded himself to look at the bright side instead he used to get bombarded with the worst possibilities. Every time he questioned Amilia's fidelity, Amilia used to come up with an alibi that proved Tom wrong.

'Alibis? Alibis are more than often, another form of deception, a medium for being dishonest efficiently'. Tom thought. According to him, alibis were the most effective manipulative agents that strengthened relationships based on falsehood, while completely forcing one to discard his intuitive senses.

Amilia constantly blamed Tom's skepticism to be responsible for all the hardships in their relationship. It was indeed the truth and Tom was aware of it. Nights after nights, years after years, they fought because Tom couldn't trust her. The only explanation Tom could give was that he loved her, with all his heart and the overpossesiveness was just the manifestation of love.

He often used to question himself whether he was being selfish, but then Tom justified himself by the fact that humans are born selfish, and it was completely justifiable to protect what's his, even if it came at the expense of taking away one's freedom. Now in the cold chamber of the hospital he realized that he has lost the only possession he had; Amilia.

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