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one more chance

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"wake up honey, there is a intruder in the house and nyx is in her room. get up now." my girlfriend whisper. i shot up out of my sleep to see that i'm alone in my room. it's been two months since my girlfriend and daughter were hospitalized. there were shot by a intruder on june 25,2017.

Mystery / Romance
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Chapter 1

“wake up honey, there is a intruder in the house and nyx is in her room. get up now.” my girlfriend whisper. i shot up out of my sleep to see that i’m alone in our room. it’s been two months since my girlfriend and daughter were hospitalized. i miss them so much to the point where i started to hallucinate. i gone to countless phycologist and i take my pill and i feel better or at least i hope. “let me get ready for school i guess.” i whispered to myself. i rolled out of bed and got in the shower and went to the kitchen to go and try to eat something. i made a some toast and started at if for 5 mins and throw it away its been like this for a few weeks. i went to walk into nyx’s room, when i walked in it was black and blue cause them were her favorite color. i walked over to her bed and picked up her favorite bear and started to cry. i laid there thinking about nyx’s and her mom till i said “fuck school i’m gonna go visit them.” i got up and went to go change in some sweats and a white tee and that’s when i heard a knock at the door. “you can’t stay in the house forever joce.” my best friend yelled from outside . i walked to the door and found nell with me and nyx and ke’aira favorite snacks. “lets go visit them shall we?” nell said with a sympathetic smile. we got to the hospital 10 mins later. “we’re here to see nyx and taylor smith.” i say to the lady at the desk. “nyx smith is in room 205 and taylor is in room 305.” the lady said with a smile while handing us a visitor wristband. we went to go see nyx as soon as i reached the door i took a breathe before i opened it, and what i say before me broke my down. it was my little girl lying on the bed lifeless and it scared me. i walked up to her i moved her long black curls out her face i looked at her eyes, i wish i could see those green and blue orbs one more time. i remember how her eyes lit up as we went to the park and when both her mommys take her to go get ice cream. i miss her so much. “hey mommys baby, i miss you so much nyx there isn’t a day where i don’t. but happy early birthday tomorrow you will be 6 and mommy will be 20 next week.” i said while i warmed up her muscles. “im warming them up so you won’t be a sore when you wake up baby.” i said while i finished up. “i’ll leave you two alone for awhile.“nell said. i hummed in response. i started to sing nyx her favorite song(haylies commet by billi

I haven’t slept since Sunday

Midnight for me is 3 a.m. for you

But my sleepless nights are better
With you than nights could ever be alone, ooh-ooh-ooh

as i came to a ending i here four words that will change my life forever.

“mommy is that you”

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