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The Royalties Disturbance

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A lonely and devastated girl is sent on a mission to find out what happened to her deceased partner. As it wasn't an ordinary case. Throughout Ava's journey, she faces obstacles as well as new faces and places in her life. As the number of twists and turns she faces are threatening and chilling....

Mystery / Thriller
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Chapter 1

Without a warning, it started to drizzle- small, cool drops falling pitter-patter, turning the golden sand of the beach into light coffee-coloured sludge. Soon the rain gathered strength. A flash of light split the evening sky and zigzagged its way to Earth. Lightning bolts struck trees with their majestic but terrifying power sending wisps of smoke into the air. I stood worried sick. Pacing around the room the many eerie and extravagant thoughts of the horrific scene played over and over again in my head.

My... name is Eva. I lived a happy life you could say until something changed me... for good and struck me like never before

Yesterday, September 2nd. My jovial birthday came around and little did I know it was going to be the last time I saw him. Dexter and I were together for more than a year yet it felt like a lifelong happily ever after. We met under such circumstances which took place on a gruesome and mischievous day. We made the most of it and ended up in a gleeful and merry relationship but before I knew it, my life flashed before my eyes and the only thing I cared about, was taken away from me in a blink of an eye.

Never in my life, and never in a million years, anyone would’ve expected it to ever happen. Yet, life should go on. Thus, the night felt like a fever dream accepting the truth would be a harder and gruelling point for me. Police sirens, the ear-splitting noise of cars and metal clanking together making the whole aghast path shake struck me like never before. It was too late to save him, and when possibilities rose, laying before me was an uncanny and blood-curling body.

I felt sick to my stomach. Millions of thoughts filled my head unable to answer them all at once. I wanted to scream for help but no words came out of my mouth, I wanted to cry, but no tears came out of my eyes. Many emotions filled me but none of them expressed how I felt towards the event that took place. I chose denial. I chose hope. If there was a god somewhere I hoped and prayed that the unbelievable corpse didn’t belong.

Yet, there is laid. The unthinkable truth.


Sighing, in agony and despondent feels, I trudged across the hallway which seemed for hours until I reached. My hand trembling in trepidation I answered the call. It took me a while to take in. Tears rolled down my cheeks the unthinkable came true. I ran towards the stairs grabbed my coat and took off to my car. Frantically pushing on the pedal, I drove faster than in a blink of an eye. Anger coursed through my veins yet, I felt a wild grief building inside of me. A mist descended upon my mind. I felt as if I was walking in a blizzard of nerves and confusion. My teeth gnashed each other inside my cheeks.

“How could someone do this?” I thought to myself, over and over again.

I reached the station when the generic and sterile scent of the area wafted in the air. I was drenched in sweat. Taking a deep breath, I walked right into the room which was filled with pain and monstrosity. The doctor stood behind the counter and asked weakly

“Is this the body?”

He leisurely opened the ruddy blanket which laid the corpse of a familiar face but missing parts. My eyes widened in the disturbance.


Eyes poked out, the dried blood surrounded the corpse. His candied scent still lingered with him. But it was too much. Too much for me.

“I... can’t do this...” I muttered softly

Before running into the distance. The heavy distinctive wind thrashed onto my face as I rushed out of the station. Minutes passed as I found myself on the rustic wooden bench thinking the unthinkable, once again. I sat silently on the hand-carved bench, buried into my cryptic thoughts wondering when the trauma would end. My insides curled up and shrivelled. Hopelessness washed over me. Coldness settled upon, me like a fog. My sadness broke out as an uncontrollable sob which racked my body. A haunted expression came upon my face, this felt like the end, I thought deeply.

Scurrying through my coat I looked up when I suddenly heard a deep voice across. The head of the secret police company, Mr Stephen.

“Agent Lopez,” He said.

Wiping the tears off my face, he went on.

“This wasn’t a normal accident or murder. And although this might be hard for you, I don’t think we could forget about such a tragic and startling case. The house where the corpse lied, was searched numerous times, till we found fingerprints and signs that there were other people present at the time of the accident. Hours passed until we came upon fingerprints but, it wasn’t traced to a human. But we do know there was someone else there. This investigation will be taken to further notice. By your help and...”

Before I could give my opinion on the situation a tall man with deep, bold chocolate-brown stepped out from the shadows. He had lustrous black hair with a side parting that stood covering his forehead. One deep look sent flutters to my stomach and made me smile in awe.

“You will be needing my help as well.” He said daringly.

I staggered in my speech before I was able to answer.

“Who... who are you?”

When it became clear to me. Finding out this investigation could lead me to the criminal that killed happiness.

“Septemeber 5th, 7:00 am the case will begin, hopefully, that will give you some time to prepare yourself, agent Lopez. Good Day.”

He gave a remarking smirk and left alongside the brunette.

I shook my head in incomprehension. If this is how I will get justice for Dexter, so be it.

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