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This story is about an adolescent and something terrible, monstrous but in the same sweet and real gentleman a story that’s not one gonna believe.

Mystery / Romance
Naomi Gianoli
Age Rating:

1Where am I ?

Anna is a adolescent that’s no one believes in because when she was little she was the telly everyone that she shaw monster.

She said that she saw just one of them and she wasn’t afraid at all at this time.

They monster where big and strong is mum brought her in a therapist, and it therapist couldn’t see the problem she sent her home with something that can’t help her because it’s words people does.

She didn’t see the monsters no more.

Anna became 18 years old and wanted to go out with his friends, they were going in a abandoned cinema to see if they could see the movies there.

They enter the cinema and found a room with movies of all types, they choose a horror movie old of 23 years, it seems really scary and wired.

Anna wasn’t very comfortable she don’t really like scary movies and when she wanted to say stop the movie was already on.

It was just weird never first time the back round song was familiar to her.

She wanted to understand where did she heard this song it’s not very scary this song was like calling here.

But suddenly it stops they were all frustrated they wanted more.

She wasn’t feeling very well she tell them that she wanted to take approval of air and she is gone outside for a moment.

Outside she saw a full moon and heard something or someone.

She follow the voice who is calling her, The voice whispered “come to me I need you where are you I’m waiting for you”.

She follow the voice it seems a eternity, she found A tree with a huge black hole she was like hypnotise and enter this hole.

She were in a black place it was very warm and cold in the same time she wipers “ Were am I ?”

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