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7 Billion smiles, and yours is my favourite

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This story is about a man who is looking for his truelove and his favourite smile

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7 Billion smiles, and yours is my favourite

I've been searching all year. Over 7 Billion people in the world I have tested to try find my favourite smile but they aren't the right ones.

I've been reashearching about who has the best smile and it came up with over 7 Billion people in the world have the best smile. So I had to make a plan, I started a business for testing how white your teeth our like a dentist but cheaper for adults.

It began with only me working then I went to some of my friends to help. By the end of the week we ended up testing 300 people and none of them were my favourite smile. Like the first ten were to small and the second ten were to big and the last of them were to yellow.

It began another week by week and I still haven't had my favourite smile yet. That's why I started wondering if these people were even alive. It took me weeks to find out that they were all dead. So u had to close down my business for good.

One year later my feelings felt like they were getting crushed my 7 Billion people who were dead and they hated be for doing this but I had to find that person I will fill in love with for there smile. It took me a couple months but then I thought why don't I just travel around the world and see if I can find the person I need right now.

Days by days week by week still no sight of my true love. I started thinking that there was no one for me and my favourite smile was gone. I started getting depression until this beautiful lady knocked on my door with chocolates and beer and asked me to be her valentines and I said yes so I found my favourite smile and favourite person so don't give up and keep trying. 😃😜

THE END.... 🤔

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