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Blue's mysterious mother has just died and it's just her and her father left both dealing with the grief of her passed mother. Blue's mother left them letters vaguely explaining things. Blue is desperate to find out what happened to her mother and who she was...... Blue moves with her dad and starts at a new school while trying to figure out what happened to her mother and dealing with the pain of her passing. While at this school she meets a boy just as mysterious as she is, quiet and reserved. See what happens next as she figures out what happened to her mother and what happens with her and this mysterious boy. Please don't try and copy my stuff. I have no rights to the pictures they're all from Google/Pinterest. Sexual content Fighting ect Unedited

Mystery / Romance
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Authors note:

This book is unedited if there is spelling errors or grammatical errors, please do tell me so I can rectify it.

You ever just sit and wonder what would have happened in your life, to yourself if certain things never happened or if you weren’t friends with certain people or you had a different family if circumstances that happened to you to your life have different outcomes to the ones that have happened.

I think about that a lot, like how growing up my mum always made sure I learned how to properly defend my self, learn how to use weapons and how to hide in the shadows, how to be discreet.

She basically taught me how to be an assassin but she always made sure I had a life outside of all that, made sure I still kept my empathy, my love and caring nature, she taught when to turn my emotions off and when to be free and be me.

She always told me all this was to keep me safe and ready for the world out there.

She was a very secretive woman, she had a secret past no one new about not even dad well not until we lost her, she passed away not long ago about three months ago, she was such a strong woman nothing could break her but at the ripe ol age of 56 she died, we don’t know how or why but the police say it was accident, wrong place wrong time but now knowing who mum was she was there by no accident and I’m going to find out exactly what happened to her.

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