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Wake up.

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Being trapped in a recurring dream, You try to find out ways to solve the mystery in the dream,hoping for it to fade away eventually. Will you be able to? ~ A/n:-Please note that this is my first time writing a short story with a horror/Thriller genre. Hopefully, I'll improve:)

Mystery / Thriller
Poison Ivy
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1.The origin.

Why am I here?

I looked around,finding some scenes quite familiar yet so different.Standing here at the ground floor of the building where I lived for maximum amount of my childhood.

I wanted to explore around but I couldn't move.It almost felt as if my feet were glued on to the ground.

Something feels different.

There is no one around.Some annoying kids always play together during this hour.The guy who wants to hide from his family also comes downstairs to smoke outside.Yet,it's too quiet.After taking a look around,I noticed that that there was no one around.

I don't recollect coming here in a long time.How did I end up here?

Screams.All I could hear were screams.I tried to cover my ear until I realized that someone was trying to say something.

"Pease help!"

It sounds like a child's voice.

"Let me go!"

Two kids.I looked around,trying to find the distressed voice.Just when I thought that I could find them,I woke up.


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