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her parents died and she was dumped in an orphanage by her relatives. she is adopted by a woman she knows nothing about and this woman has a very dark secret

Mystery / Horror
Dï Rå
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the alarm clock struck 6:00 a.m. in mehliyah's room. she hated weekdays, waking up by 6:00 a.m. to prepare for school . while she wakes up grumbling about waking up too early , her mum bathe her siblings, makes breakfast and serves .
The day meliyah's parents and siblings died was just like every normal day . As usual , breakfast, dad leaves for work ,Mum drop them in school and also leaves for work, she brings them back from school, meliyah Rushes off to her friends house after lunch. that evening her mum was preparing dinner and her dad was helping out with the kids assignment, there was an explosion from the kitchen and before anyone knew what was happening the house was on fire .
Mehliyah was surprised that no one had called her to come home for dinner at about 8:30 p.m. she left her friend's house and when she got home she saw firefighters trying to put off the fire in her house . she became scared looking around but there was no sign of her parents or siblings, she summoned courage and ask a firefighter about the whereabouts of her parents and in response he told her they found six burnt bodies the response that followed didn't go well with her.
when I woke up I found myself in a strange environment I perceived a familiar smell; hospital antiseptics. I couldn't recall anything, I saw my aunt sitting beside my bed with a smile on her face, after I was discharged she told me everything it was then I realised that I didn't have a family anymore, none of my relatives agreed to take care of me so I was taken to an orphanage.
when we go to the orphanage the next day the owner of The Orphanage; mother superior welcomed us cheerfully. she showed her and my aunt my Bunk, dining room, the common room, school chapel, and other equipment and facilities. my aunt signed all the necessary documents and when she was leaving she gave me three new novels, a new set of painting materials, a knitting kit, a calligraphy set, a diary, and a locket with a key . she left after advising me to be strong concentrate and of course stay out of trouble .
it's been 9 months and no one has visited me. the orphanage wasn't as easy as I thought, every child in the orphanage had a daily routine mind we are to wake up by 4:00 a.m., sweep and mop the common room, attend morning prayers,bathe, dress up for school, go to the dining room for breakfast, attend morning assembly, then learning begins, lunch in the dining room, school closes for the day, afternoon preparatory class,siesta time, games, Evening Preparatory class,dinner, and lights out. I made new friends in The Orphanage, Kyra was my best friend she has been in the orphanage for about four and a half years and no one has visited her.
I was having my third lesson that morning when I saw a lady walking into the orphanage alongside mother superior, the next day mother superior called me into her office and surprisingly that same lady was there, usually if mother superior calls any child into her office it's either to scold or punish his child because of an offence or bad behaviour. I later learnt the lady's name was Miss Becky Williams and I was informed that she was going to adopt me. at first I received the news with mixed feelings, I was happy because I was leaving the orphanage and sad on the other hand cause I was going to miss my friends they were like a second family to me and also the person taking me out of the orphanage was not related to me, then I Began to doubt if this woman really wanted to adopt me and give me a good home every orphan dreamt of. I thought maybe she wanted to abuse me physically the most domestically or sexually. I left to pack my things for the journey, ahead my friend especially Kyra we're sad she was so worried about me leaving with Miss Becky, the next day I was off to an unknown destination.
* * * *
hi guys this is the first book I'm writing on inkitt so I need your support please don't forget to vote comment and share .
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