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Black Rose

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Farhad Harris, A Billionaire with a dark past falls in love with Daria, A girl who knows how to mend broken hearts and break bones when needed. With time running out, will she be able to protect Farhad's heart and show him the light?

Mystery / Fantasy
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Chapter 1 - Paths Cross

The room is pitch black with no sound when the door opens and three figures wearing black hooded cloaks and black masks enter one of them was holding a scroll in his hand.

There was still no sound in the room other than the footsteps of hooded figures. Then door on the other side of the room open and two more hooded figures entered with a man who was tied with ropes and a black cloth on his face. They dragged him towards the wooden plank and forced him to bend down on his knees. One of the hooded figures who brought the man in room moved further to take a sword kept on the side of plank while other one held him in place.

The figure with the scroll finally started speaking, his voice void of any human emotions.

John Williams,

“You are brought here for the charges of kidnapping, raping and murdering 30 women and young children. You are also charged for killing 3 of your servants whose bodies were found in the chemical factories owned by you. Is there any thing you want to say?” The figure stopped speaking and there was once again complete silence which would send shivers down the spine of any normal person.

The man was hit in his face and he grunted in response and since he knew he was going to die anyway he just said; “Please keep my daughter safe, don't tell her anything about my crimes.” He was met with a cold laugh from who was supposedly the leader of the group who then said;" Your daughter will be protected by us until she is 18 and she will never know about your reality from any one us", then signaled the figure with sword to proceed and with one swift move, the man’s head was lying on the ground and pool of blood forming around his headless body.

Farhad was standing on the balcony of his simple but luxurious villa when he saw two girls walking down the street, as the villa was right along the street, he could easily see their faces they both were laughing at something when one of them looked up, just for second, but he could see how beautiful her eyes were. She had Hazel colored eyes and slight wheatish complexion, which was rare in the town they were living. He also noticed the little dimple on the left side of her cheek. He noticed that she wasn't wearing any makeup but her skin was flawless with a little tint of red. The girl along with her was also very beautiful, she had green eyes and flawless white skin but what drew his attention was that she looked very familiar, as if he has known her or perhaps someone who looked like her. He shook his head and was about to go inside when a guy came running towards them and snatched their handbags and but before he could run, the hazel eyed girl hold his hand and pulled him back, he could hear faint sound of them talking. "What do you think are you doing, kid?" he smiled because they were almost same age. "Daria! I didn't see it was you, I am sorry, please don't tell dad about this, I won't do this again I promise", the boy began pleading and she looked at him with raised brows "Let me know the details, I will handle it, go help your dad at shop and make sure I don't find you in trouble again!", she warned. They stood there for few minutes while the boy told them everything and Farhad stood there watching everything, amused. As the boy left, the other girl looked up at him, he could see she was shocked but he was used to it so he wrinkled his brows and went inside. Daria looked at her bestfriend who was still looking at the empty balcony, "Leila! lets go" Leila looked at her and mumbled "Farhad Harris."



"It's been three days since I saw her, I have never felt anything like this for any girl before, but I just can't get her out of my mind. She was so beautiful, with no makeup on her face, large hazel eyes and long black hair not to mention her pretty smile. It's not like I haven't seen more beautiful girls before but there was something different about her. Oh and how she just pulled a grown up man back like it was nothing. He had called her by her name, Daria, how unique that is."

"I wonder wonder who the other girl was, she looked very familiar, but I don't think I have met her before. Strange."

"I just wish I can see her again, which is quite possible because this town is quite small but would she talk to me, she didn't even bother to look at me for more than a few seconds."

"God, I need to stop smiling like an idiot."

He touched his while having a little smile on his face and closed his diary. He had a habit of writing things in his diary about things he couldn't share things with anyone else and this was the first time he was writing about something that made him happy

In a large rectangle room many hooded figures were standing with their hands folded at the back while 3 of them were standing in front of a rectangle table (which was the only furniture in the room) and their Alpha standing on the other side. “Alpha” one of them spoke, "These are 2 people who were recently acquitted by courts on the basis of lack of evidence but according to our sources, they have bribed the police to destroy evidence". The Alpha nodded, signaling to continue. The figure then pushed forward a picture of a man. " This is James Taylor, Age 36, Model by profession, charged with case of rape by his colleague who also claimed that he has sexually assaulted many women and has accidently killed one of his victims." The figure paused for a second then pushed forward another picture of a middle aged woman. " This is Emma Diaz, owner of Diaz builders and developers, Charged with 10 million dollars fraud. There are reports that she might be involved in child labor but it is yet to be confirmed". The figured then pushed forward another picture. "This is Farhad Harris, age 25, apparently owns 6 hotels in different cities but team 6 confirmed that he is involved in illegal production of weapons and drugs which are then supplied to the underworld and the workers that work under his illegal trade are lured from poor countries with a promise of good pay and other benefits to the family but then they are enslaved and forced to work without any benefit or even money in return and he is also suspected to be involved in human trafficking and sex slavery, we have reports that he working on something big which might have something to do with international security" The leader nodded and started giving orders; "BR3, 10 partners, Target: James Taylor. BR6, 6 partners, Target: Emma Diaz. Rest of the members and beta BR11, you will be working with me on Farhad Harris." Alpha issued few more orders and dismissed the meeting.

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