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Emily a normal girl was leading her life peacefully but one day her life took a drastic change which disturbed her life.

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Chapter 1

Looks like the rain is also giving company to Emily to shed tears. The splattering of rain drops was heard as fast as the poor girl's heart beat.

Emily hated the rainy season. First of all rain. Every depressing thing that happened in her life was because of the rain or during rain. Sudenly a loud thunder was heard which made her flich.

Yeah, she was very afraid of thunnders from childhood. She would think just like how the thunder destroyed her father it would even destroy the remaining happiest things if her life which can be comared to the muddy small pond formed by the glistening clear water from the clouds.

The pond of her happiness was very small covered with restrictions by her mother. The small pond contained mixture of a creative mind with a amazing rhyming words forming poems. Her dream is 10 become a poet, but her mother wouldn't allow her.

Everytime her Small and dream pond would get splashed, destroyed and shattered by by a heavy foot of pressure, demands and restrictions.

It would take a very long time for that pond to again fill up with hope.

But it would eventually fill up with the memories of her with her father and mother. His words always echoed in her mind, "Always be your own self, You are perfect."

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