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Spy until I die

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You had a fucked up life. Father shot and mother suicidal. Thrown around foster care for four years. Taken out by your grandmother who was to die later whilst you were in her custody. You lived on the streets most of your life when a friend’s friend hooks you up with an assignment. You’re not sure but need the money…

Mystery / Romance
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Description and prologue


Name: Adonis Smith
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Nationality: African American

You had a fucked up life; your dad was shot when you were seven, your mother committed suicide due to the loss of your father.You were tossed around in foster care for about 4 years until your grandmother found you and took care of you in a mansion. She died when you were fourteen and you were on the run from the adoption agency’s and lived on the streets. You tried and tried again to get a job but never had the ‘qualifications’ as you couldn’t go to school after fourteen. Your grandmother promised you the money when you got older but it was taken by will to the bank. You lived on the streets until you were seventeen. You sold drugs on the streets to buy food and water and slept in a field about twenty minutes away to make sure no-ne reported you to child safety. As you grew older you fell into a poor group of people who got money the same why you did, selling drugs and pickpocketing. You’ve stayed with these people ever since you met them. The once that they own isn’t as bad as you would think. It’s an apartment on the 3rd floor with 2 small windows in the living room and bathroom. Most of the furniture and wallpaper were wrecked but it’s something you don’t notice when you’ve lived there for almost 4 years. You kept selling drugs for a while until one of your friends hooks you up with an unknown number looking for workers. You don’t know what to expect but need the money desperately.
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