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Spy until I die

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Chapter One - The Call

Chapter One - The Call

Your friend looks at you shocked due to you hesitating, “Come on Adonis, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity
for you, plus you know you need the money” he says as you both laugh “I’m not sure bro, what if, what if they want me to like kill someone. Ricky I can’t do this” you walk away when Ricky pulls you on the shoulder to look at him “come on man, I’ve known you since you were fourteen, when we first me at the agency I was the only one that liked you!” You give him a puzzled look. “I-sorry. Anyway, you NEED to do this Donnie. It’s the best thing coming your way you can’t just turn around and say nope.” You sigh and nod lightly as he smirks “soo, is that a yes I see? Is that a I will Ricky and I’m very lucky to have you as my friend I feel coming as well?!” You laugh, “I will Ricky and I’m very lucky to have you as a friend” you both handshake and turn to a hug “really, thanks ricky ” I gotcha brutha, just make sure to holler me when you rich aight, give this number a call to talk about the assignment” He says whilst pulling away from the hug and handing you a light beige credit - sized card with a phone number on.

One hour later

You went back to your apartment (you like to call it yours as it gives you a sense of home but you share it with Ricky and five of his friends) you go up to your room looking at the card wondering whether to make the call. You go down to the living room to one of the guys sitting on a small torn- apart brown leather sofa in a ripped white t-shirt and purple shorts on an iPhone 4 as it’s the only phone in the house. “ hey brotha I need the phone for a second” you say whilst walking in the shit pile the 7 of you call home. “Go ahead” he gives you the phone and walks towards the kitchen. You start to panic as you press the numbers in the phone, wondering if they’ll pick up. You put the phone to your ear and walk up the raggedy brown carpet stairs to your room. “Oh fuck. I should have done this, shouldnn’tt have done this” you say in a sing-song voice. “FUC-.” You were about to square up at the wall since you hit your shoulder on it; when the phone stops ringing and your heart moves to your throat. “H-hello?” You say as you try to deepen your voice to reassure yourself. A sly sharp voice came to the phone. “Evening Mr. Adonis Smith, your friend Riccardo ‘Ricky’ Rogers told me you’d call and I’m so glad he’s right” his voice softened at the end of his sentence. “Enough blabbering. I need you to complete and assignment for me, I’m sure you’re fully aware of what you need to do and when you need to do it by, correct?
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