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Spy until I die

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Chapter Two - The Assignment

Chapter Two - The Assignment

You zone out the window as the man speaks, you stare at the streets watching people getting beat up, remembering you were once in both of those positions.
a quiet voice goes to your head reminding you that yiu were on possibly the most important call of your life.
“Adonis? Adonis Smith?” The voice grew louder. “Yes Mr. Uh- wait who even are you?” That is not important, Adonis” as his voice started to increase in volume they decrease as he realised he was yelling for anyone to hear. “I’m sorry About that Adonis, so are you familiar with the assignment?” He asked sneakily
You stutter. “Well- I know it’s an assignment- yeah that’s about it.” The man in the phone inhales sharply “Well Mr. Riccardo should have told you. Anyway, your mission is to kidnap someone. I do not know the name as that is for you to find out, You must find the presidents daughter and bring her to an address, dead or alive it’s your choice. I will send you the address. This must be done by the 6th of September.” Only 7 days away you thought to yourself biting your lip. “A-And how much we talkin bout for prize money?” You ask nervously. “ One million if dead, 500,000 if alive. Are we clear Mr.Smith?” Clear as day Mr No name” you sit down on a springy mattress on the floor with brown and grey stains on. “brilliant. good evening Adonis” the mysterious man hangs up the phone. “Bye Mr. No name” you say under you breath. You fall back on your mattress. “fuck am I gonna do” you breathe in deeply and lean on your side thinking about the assignment.
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