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Twenty-year-old Hailey is a girl full of quietness and wonder. Everyone want's to know who the new girl in the neighborhood is. Why she isn't very talkative. But nobody knows her dark past of being manipulated and being taken advantage of. All rights are reserved: Melissa McClain

Mystery / Drama
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Chapter 1

"Grab that table for me #12," Molly says through the radio walkie-talkie. I stand up off the bar counter, brushing my apron off. Walking from around the counter, heading toward the table with a hint of nervousness building up inside of me.

Stopping in front of the table I take a pen from my apron and my pad out. "Welcome to Wedlock, Best Food In Town," I say enthusiastically.

They all stop talking greeting me all with smiles and nods, sitting at the table there were about six of them. Two couples and their kids. Must've been family, or close neighbors.

"What can I start you all off with to drink?" I say pushing the tip of my pen down to write it down on the pad neatly.

Starting from the right I went in a circle, she was a middle-aged woman nearly about 30 early 40's maybe.

She had the type of hair that you would enjoy touching all day and fixing up in the mirror.

Pretty curls that were bounceable went down her back. Not a wrinkle on her skin insight. And had her nails perfectly manicured.

"I'll take an ice tea and some lemons on the side." She says. I nod writing it down. Taking my eyes off of her I move onto the man beside her.

"And you sir?" He looks up at me, pointing his finger at the picture of the daily special cocktails we had. "I'll take that." He says.

"Would you like it dry or on the rocks?" I say. "Surprise me," he said with a smile.

His curly gray hairs under his polo hat come from under it. His face makes me think he's forty or at least a couple of years old.

No mustache enquired.

Nodding I write it down, I look back at the woman for the little girl in the far back of the booth clutching a crayon for dear life. "She'll have a fruit punch".

Her mother says.

I nod jotting it down.

I turn my attention to the next person, a middle-aged man as well looked about sixty. Same curled hair as the other man but with more gray and white.

His wrinkles came in and boy did they show.

"I'll do the Ice tea as well."

I nod again writing it, before I could finish the lady scolds me interrupting me before I could get the sentence out.

"And for yo-". "A beer from the tap and make it a chocolate milk for her-". She says jabbing her finger at the little girl.

The man looks at the woman furiously and apologizes to me for her behavior, "It's alright " I say stuffing my pen in my apron pocket. The man talks smoothly into the lady's ear which seems to soothe her.

"Your drinks will be out shortly," I say slightly smiling, turning on my heel I walk back to my station.

The bar.

Cleaning the top counter off with a rag. I stick the token onto the line which lets the other waiters know theirs a table ready for drinks.

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