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Golden's Battle

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The moon was red, it was raining heavily, the winds were blowing really fast, leaves were flying, some trees were giving up, but besides that their was a battle going on. Every soldier was fighting. A lots of blood was shed. The queen was pregnant, so she was taken to the safest secret place in a village due to king's order. The queen was praying for her husband's safety. But then the queen screamed loudly gaining the attention of villagers. She said "C-Call the women, I-I think that the baby is c-coming out!" Many female villagers rushed inside because the royal doctors were in the battlefield. They said "Your highness, you need to push ,ok ?" The queen groaned and screamed in pain. Many tears left her eyes. Her mind was filled with thoughts. Her husband is out there fighting and here she is giving birth. This baby is the future of this kingdom. She is has to be strong. The queen gave final push and then finally collapsed on the bed she was laying on. Then all of sudden a baby's loud cry was heard. All the villagers were really happy and were crying due to happiness. The women said "Your highness, i-it's a girl!" The queen sat down with the help of some villagers. She took her baby in her arms. She looked at the baby and saw that her eyes were golden. She was shocked but then smiled and said "Golden". The loud thundering was heard as if agreeing to the name.

Mystery / Adventure
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Chapter 1

“Mom, I am going out, okay?” A seventeen years old girl with silver hairs as well as two beautiful blue colored eyes said to her mom. Her mom looked up from cooking and asked “Where are you going Saph?” Her mom asked her daughter Sapphire. Saph said “Mom, my friends called me to hang out, so I was heading to Kat’s house.” “Okay sweetie, you can go but remember to return till 8, kay?” “Mom, I am not a baby, okay?” Saph said as she pecked her mom on her cheeks and left the house, while shouting “I LOVE YOU MOM!“. Her mom watched her going and smiled to herself and shook her head while muttering “This cute little brat.”

Saph’s pov

“Hey girls!” I shouted as soon as I entered her friend, Alyssa’s house. The house was not too small neither too big. It gave home types of vibes.

“Oh my god! Well isn’t she my favorite child.” Alyssa’s dad said while hugging me and ruffling my hairs.

“Seriously dad, I thought I was your daughter.” Alyssa said while coming down the stairs with Katherina, Mark and Melissa.

“Oh hush! You may be his daughter but Mr. Cupcake loves me more. Right?” I asked looking at him who was trying to glare at me but had amusement in his eyes.

If you are wondering why am I calling him Mr. Cupcake, then let me tell you that he is a baker. He baked the most delicious cupcakes in the whole world. And he is really cute. He once said that he wants to be that dad who scares her daughter’s boyfriend. He may look a bit scary when serious but he just wants to have fun.

“I told you to stop calling me that, didn’t I?” Mr. Cupcake asked. “Hehehe, sorry. By the way where is Mrs. Beauty?”

If you are wondering who is she then let me tell you she is Alyssa’s mom, who is in her forties but still somehow manages to look like a twenty years old.

“Oh, mum is out for grocery shopping.” Alyssa said while practically dragging me upstairs.

“I have legs for some reason you know.″ I said while rolling my eyes.” She ignored me and dragged me upstairs with the rest following us.

As soon as we reached inside the room, she locked the door and screamed. “AHH! ICAN’T BELIEVE YOU ARE GOING TO TURN EIGHTEEN IN JUST TWO WEEKS! WE HAVE TO PARTY ON YOUR BITHDAY!” I covered my ears to stop myself from getting deaf. “We all can hear you, you don’t need to shout you know?” Katherine said while covering her ears. “Oh! Hehehe sorry!” Alyssa said while rubbing the back of her neck, a habit oh hers when she gets embarrassed.

“But she is right though, we all need to celebrate, your birthday is coming Saph.” Mark said. “But guys, I don’t want to go to party, you know I want to go to a museum and them camping. It would be really fun, please?” “Nope, it’s really boring.” Melissa said.

“Please.” “Nope”

“Pretty please with a cherry on top.” I said while showing her my cute eyes.

“Urgh! Damn you and your cute little face. FINE!”

“Yaaay! You know that you all are the best.” I said while smiling cutely.

But little did I knew that this trip was going to change my life forever.


Hey there everyone! So this is my first story. I know that first few chapters would be a bit boring, but I promise you all won’t regret it. Thanks! Take care of yourself.💜💜 I PURPLE YOU!

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