The forest

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It’s about this girl named nori and things start to happen to her and want to understand what is happening to her and she is determined to find out why all of this is happening to her.

Mystery / Fantasy
Trinity Bordeaux
Age Rating:

Chapter one beginning

Tick…tick… the clock went off to start a new day. A girl named nori got up but didn’t really want to, but has to or her mother would be mad and send her to school without breakfast, nori go’s to her closet and takes out a white sweater with little tiny flower details. Then she takes out a black skirt that going nori’s knees. After nori gets dress she goes to the bathroom and wash’s her face but notices that something is wrong with her ears. They were pointed, a loon of horror plastered on her face.
She usually has her hair up but she can’t anymore, she can’t let others see her like this or ever one is going to make fun of her.
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