The Interrogation

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Simon Wells, a Chief Deputy at a small town in the US. One day he gets a phone call and finds out that there has been a murder. He sets out to find the culprit but who knew the first person to give a statement would be the one who would be interrogated and the one who would...

Mystery / Thriller
Mohsin Adeeb
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Phone Call

1:30 p.m.

Simon Wells lights another cigarette and stares blankly on the ceiling, his arms crossed like a man who has no interest in earthly matters. He inhales his first puff of smoke deeply and exhales in the same manner.
Life's good...
Deputy Chief Wells was born and raised in the small town of Unalaska, Alaska. The majority of his life was spent right here in this small town where he knew almost every one's face and everyone knew his face.
As the nature of living in a small town, he very often than not had to take care of phone calls like noisy neighbors, missing puppies, and explaining to people over the age of seventy why thirty-cent expired coupons are expired and cannot be cashed in. Even so, he preferred this lifestyle over major issues that are most common in major cities like New York.
When he was young, he went to New York to pursue a police career where he, after completing the course, was assigned to him his duties and remained in the Patrol Division for five years. He rose through the ranks and became an investigator in the Criminal Investigation Unit for the next nine years.
In all of the fourteen years he had been in New York, he had seen all sorts of cases, from petty thievery to murder and all other kinds of horrific happenstances. Still, he served his country well and after fourteen long years, he finally asked to either be transferred to his hometown or resign from the police force. He was getting sick of the city life and just wanted peace. They accepted his transfer request and he has since been Deputy Cheif in the town of Unalaska, Alaska for another good solid ten years.
Peace was what he wanted and he finally got it. Finally, back in his hometown, he was content with dealing with old ladies and missing animals. It was a small town and since he had been working hard for over a decade, this suited him well. He thought he saw everything this job had to offer and dealt with all of them in a decent manner. Nothing could surprise him anymore.
He was wrong.
As he was going to smoke his second puff, the telephone on the desk rang to life, buzzing his peaceful thoughts away like an alarm clock that wakes people up from their peaceful slumber on Sundays.
"The crud- what is it now? Better not be those damn vegans wanting to do something about a barbeque next to their house." He says under his breath, half expecting this to be the case. He picks up the phone and puts it in his ear and responds "Unalaska Police Department, what seems to be the issue?"
The voice he heard was not what he expected. It sounded like a young girl crying hysterically, mumbling under her words. "Officer! My-my-my parents! T-t-t-their dead! Dead!" Simon felt a knot in his stomach as he heard that sentence.
"Maam, calm down. Calm down and talk to me. What happened?" He says in a reassuring tone. She sniffs and responds, her voice still shaky and unstable. "I just came back to my house for the holidays from college and when I rang the doorbell, no one answered..." She stops and begins crying again but a moment later, she continues. "So I just used the spare house key that my parents gave me. I opened the door and- and they were on the ground!" She starts wailing again uncontrollably.
Simon then tries to calm her down again and asks her address to which she obliges. After telling her that he's coming immediately, he puts the phone down and then calls on the radio for any on-duty officers to head to this address while explaining the situation.
When the officers had been promptly given the instructions, he wears his coat and heads out of the office to his patrol car.

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