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The Missing Necklace & The Pearmont principal

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Many people think a friend is just a friend who either betrays you or helps you in life, but you’re wrong. In this story you’ll discover the truth of having a friend. James rollers and J. used to be best pals, until one day and forever broke the golden friendship of theirs. It all started with just a tiny problem that turned into a huge catastrophe. And from now and on he wants the revenge from his old friend, James.

Mystery / Adventure
Rojina Zalzar
Age Rating:


Have you ever had nightmares of fighting against your friend? Have you forgotten your oldest friend from childhood? Well I like to tell you a mystery story. It is about someone’s life. Some events are made up but some are inspired by a true story. This is rather a fictional one with pieces and parts of a real story.

In this tremendous yet cruel world, many people think a friend is only needed when you are in a huge problem or for your own good, but I prefer that you shouldn’t think like that. I even experienced it myself too. In this story, it will explain the very important details of someone’s life in this fictional book that is inspired by a true friendship, but the deeper meaning of my story is actually the importance of having a friend.

A friend is like a part of your life cycle. Either you trust it well or you don’t.
Having a best friend or pal is the same as well. Sometimes jealousy can get in the way of friendship of someone and split them apart. No wonder there is even a riddle about it. That riddle was:

What worth more than gold and diamond, yet it is hard to find?
And the answer is friendship…

Some say soul or many other things such as true love but, in most cases, I think friendship fits more better.
I prefer you to read this book if you don’t know the real meaning of a friend…
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