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Write-Up & Winner of the 2nd Challenge

Dear all,

Here is my short write-up of the second Itsy-Bitsy Writing challenge. Unfortunately, this one was marked by the notification problems on Inkitt, and I hope we won’t encounter any more technical difficulties during the December challenge. Nonetheless, thank you to everyone who participated and voted!

In this challenge, you had to write an opening sentence - not just any sentence, but one for William Shakespeare ‘Romeo & Juliet’. Phew, quite tricky considering that there is no other author in the world who has impacted modern literary history as Shakespeare. What’s more, we’re talking about the greatest love story of all time, which prologue can hardly be surpassed.

And yet, you accepted the challenge and did a fabulous job. Most of you, myself included, had a classic approach that beautifully brought out the setting, the mood, the feud between Montagues and Capulets.

In addition to the winner, Olivia Williams, I would also like to mention the entry by Timidon Nodimit, who transformed the opening sentence into a modern version with a trailer park setting. Fantastic, and further proof of how Shakespeare’s texts influence our modern understanding. Bravo!

But let’s get to the winning entry: what I liked most about Olivia’s text was the simplicity of the sentence and, at the same time, the mood she brought forth. We have the city of Verona immersed in a dark atmosphere; we have a prediction of a disaster and the mention of turmoil between two clans. All in all, a first sentence that engages the readers and motivates them to find out more. Well done, and once again, congratulations Olivia Williams!

I hope you all have a lovely November.
And hopefully, I’ll see you at the next challenge going online on Wednesday, December 1st.

Be safe and take care!

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