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Cursed be he that taketh reward to slay an innocent person-Deuteronomy 27:25 One covenant. One spirit. Five families. One community. One savior. A tragic accident in a city unlocks secrets of the past that changed the lives of the occupants forever. Especially that of Nadia Brown. Born a pastor's daughter, her life had always been under the eye of people since she could remember. She was the prim, perfect child. The one used in comparison to other 'rebellious' kids. Until the day she died. Now she,just like the others, had to face demons that had hid in the city and conquer them. Literally. Spiritual/fantasy/mystery/paranormal

Mystery / Fantasy
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Author's Note

Hi guys. This is a slow-burn book, please bear with me. It’s also a Christian novel with fantasy and mystery. I know normally in Christian novels there will be no swear words but there is in this one. Not all characters in the book are Christians and not all are careful with their words, I’m trying to write realistic characters so don’t expect everybody to be saints.

There will be no mature sex scenes though but expect violence and traumatic topics to be discussed here. Remember I’m trying to be as realistic as possible.

I don’t mind constructive criticisms, please don’t be rude to me or any of the readers. If you have something to pass across, you can be respectful as you do so.

Thanks for giving my book a chance, hope you can stay till the very end.


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