Illusions of Perspective

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What happens if you pass through a black hole? Will you be taken back to the past, will you be taken to an unknown part of the universe or will you be shot across to a different universe itself? Here is a story of an old man and a young lad that will make you question everything we know about everything.

Mystery / Scifi
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A man from the future?

Steve, a young lad, was one of the youngest people working at NASA. His brilliance accelerated his journey through his career and he very quickly surpassed the people of his age. People who outperform their peers generally are hated on and are isolated. Such was not the case with Steve, he was a people's person and everyone liked him. He never looked down on any of his peers and stayed in touch with all. He was not only academically brilliant but also a very wise man.

Bill Anderson was one of the best Administrators NASA had ever had. He had been working at the organisation for a long time and was always the best at his position. So when it was the time for electing the administrator, Bill was the most obvious choice for everyone.

Bill was a very dedicated person. Being busy always, he would not interact much with the other staff unless necessary. It did not mean he was not a friendly person and did not come to parties, but he neither was an extremely social person. It always felt like he was working on some mission and his mind never waivered from it.

Steve sat on a bench in the campus having a quick meal before heading to the office.

"That looks delcious", Steve heard someone say. He turned around and saw Bill looking at Steve with a smile.

"Mr. Anderson..", Steve got up alarmed trying to sound normal by quickly gulping his morsel. "I am sorry i did not see you coming.."

"Ofcourse you didn't, you don't have eyes at the back of your head.", said Bill as he took a spot next to Steve.

"You want some of this?", Steve offered some of his food to Bill. Bill smiled and took a bite.

"Delicious", said Bill as he licked his fingers after having eaten a bite.

"Glad you liked it, please have some more".

"Sure.. Thanks.. Would really miss all this when i go back", said Bill.

A word went around that Bill was taking retirement, although it was not official. But this remark of Bill confirmed his retirement.

"Well its not exotic food, you can always have it made", said Steve.

"I am not from around here..", replied Bill.

"Ohh.. so you mean you were born and brought up somewhere else?"



"A place beyond your imagination..", said Bill

"I dont think any habitable place on this planet is beyond my imagination.", said Steve laughing nervously.

"Yes, i know that.", replied Bill.

"Then why did you say it is beyond my imagination?", asked Steve in a confused voice.

"You yourself answered that question.", said Steve with a quirky smile.

"So are you implying that you are not from Earth."
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