My Step-Father

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Finley Danielle Clarke had a harsh upbringing. She has been resented by her mother since her birth. That resentment turned into verbal and emotional abuse throughout her life. Fast forward a few years later, she has evolved into an optimistic and confident young woman who owns her own business and has friends that respect her. Then one day she received an email inviting her to her mother's wedding, three years after the murder of her Father. After the wedding, when she returned to her normal life, nothing is the same, because her past came back with her. Join me in unraveling the paradox and uncertainty of Finley Clarke and Her Step-Father Happy Reading❣ This book is dedicated to: Marlenemayer43 Sour393 Crystal676 EqualineKlusmann Thanks for the encouragement💞

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Chapter 1 Home Coming

I hated coming back here. This town held so many bad memories for me. I promised myself that I'd never return after the scene that occurred from my last visit.

But here I am, driving through this fucking rain, to attend a wedding of the woman who hated me. How can a person blame their child, their flesh, and their blood for the shape that their body got after childbirth? My mother, that's who...

Fast forward a few years later and she always informs me about her body structure with the same speech, "before I had you, I had an hourglass figure, guys use to fall all over me. After I had you, your father left me, and that's all your fault."

That always makes me stare at her in amazement, to see the level she would go to with her lies because I knew that she was the one who had left us many times throughout the years, and my father always took her back.

Pulling into the hotel's parking lot, I grabbed my bag, and yes, I said bag, because I was leaving as soon as this farce of a wedding was in the Reception stage. I didn't want to be here.

How many fucking times was she gonna get married anyway, what number was he? Five? Or maybe Six?

This victim must be loaded because he rented out rooms for all of their guests at the most expensive hotel in town. I've never met him, nor do I know his name. She must have him wrapped around her finger. Poor soul, he's in for a rude awakening.

This rain was pouring. That must be a warning from God for the guy. Poor soul. Opening the door I got out and handed the keys to the valet.

As he entered my car I said to him, "Can you leave the keys with the front desk please?"

"Not a problem ma'am." He responded.

"Thank you, just let them know that it's for Finley Clarke," placing the bag over my head, I made a quick dash for the entrance. Stomping the water from my person, I then proceeded towards the lobby, giving the concierge my name and I got a key card, he gave me his memorized welcome speech. Thanking him and I left for the lift.

As I approached the lift, the door was about to close, but the occupant saw me just in time and held the door for me. I thanked him and he nodded his welcome. With my bag resting at my feet, I stole a glance at him.

He was tall, extremely tall, with a slimly built body.

An older gentleman, with graying sideburns. His blue cuffs were rolled up a little way past his wrist and he held a folder in his right hand.

Fucking hell, he looks so appetizing. And he was my type too. Closing my eyes, I mumbled a quick word of prayer, "Lord, I want this man to slowly and deeply fuck out my guts as he bite my nipples," unexpectedly, I heard the clearing of his throat.

When I opened my eyes, the man was glancing at me with a risen eyebrow, "Do I pass?" he challenged me with his French accent.

The dinging of the lift saved me from answering...

Giggling shamelessly, I power walked out of there. I placed all thoughts of the guy at the back of my memory as I wandered down the hotel aisle to my room. Then my smile dropped as I stood there gaping at the door or should I say the door's numbers. She was unbelievable and so fucking childish. The room's glorious number was six six six.

Jesus, she was unbelievable. I needed a motherfucking drink.

Furthermore, I needed a drink and a quick swim in the pool. I didn't care that the rain was falling. Rain and water are an excellent pair. This tension needed to leave.

Swiping the card, I then pushed open the door, and stepped inside. Moving forward to the bed, I opened the travel bag, and emptied its contents then grabbed my bathing suit. Dumping my wet clothes in the nearby hamper, I hopped into the swimsuit, wrapped a robe around my body, got my slides, and made my way to the pool.

The area was deserted when I got there, looked like everybody despised the rain. Such a shame. But doesn't swimming also make a person wet?
Shaking my head with wonder, I marveled at the way some people were always afraid of a little rain. Making a spontaneous decision, I decided to skinny dip. No one was here, so why not!

Discarding my clothing, I found a dry area near a shelf and left it there. Gradually, I sauntered to the edge of the pool, counted to ten, then jumped in. Rubbing my eyes as I surfaced, I scanned the area more thoroughly then threaded to the far end of the pool. I did a few additional laps until the tension left my sore muscles. The motion brought me to the steps of the pool.

As I got out of the water, I spread out at the edge, with my feet in the water, letting the rain hit my body.

"Shit!" I exclaimed as I lifted onto my elbows. "I forgot to bring the damn wine." Letting out a sigh of frustration I layed back down. That wine was to warm me up after my swim. Looks like I'd have to find another way to warm my body up.

Opening my legs, I unhurriedly dipped a finger into my mouth to help lubricate my pussy, then I spread my pussy lips with the other hand applying light pressure to my clit. I immediately felt a jolt in the pit of my stomach. It made me arch my back and whimper. My pussy was thirsty for attention. It's been so long since a cock had pleased my pussy. My dildo and vibrators have been my source of comfort for way too long.

Bending both knees, I opened my legs wider and gently inserted my middle finger.

Closing my eyes as I moved the finger in an upward motion, whilst I played with my clit. Before long, I was quivering as I squirted all over the edge of the pool.

Unexpectedly I heard someone say, "Oh no, we can't leave that mess there now can we? Let me help you clean that up."

Lifting my head, I noticed that it was the Frenchman from the hotel's elevator. "Frenchy?" I asked drowsily.

"Oui, belle?" (Yes beautiful? ) he cooed.

"What are you doing? I hadn't noticed when you came into this area," I inquired.

"That's because you were very busy Belle. Now what I am going to do right now, is clean up that spill," as he glanced to the ground where I layed and back up to me.

"Come to the edge, open your legs, hold on to your ankles, and let me work," he instructed.

I moved into a slumberous state.

As I lowered myself to the edge, he moved closer, and held on to my outer thighs, kissing my inner thighs, just before he buried his face into my pussy.

Opening his mouth, he latched on to my cookie as he began licking and slurping up my squirt.

"Raise your legs above your head and hold your calves," he urged.

Just before he continued, he slapped my pussy a few times, then spread my lips, gently biting my clit, making me scream out.

Why the fuck was I being so comfortable with this guy? My hips began to move on their own as I thrust into his mouth.

Letting go of my calves, I opened my legs, grabbed his hair with both hands, and fucked his mouth. He groaned as he paid lip service to my swollen pussy.

The vibration was too intense for me, "I'm cumming Frenchy," I cried out.

"Tiens-le pour moi bébé, tu as si bon goût," he employed. (Hold it for me, baby, you taste so good)

"Please," I begged him.

With passion in his eyes, he looked at me with my juices coating his lips, then he ordered, "Come to my kitten."

I did as he ordered. Leaning onto the wall, I then rested my elbows on the edge of the pool, awaiting further instructions from him.

"You're such a beautiful and willing submissive kitten," he murmured to me as he leaned onto my body. Dipping his head, he bit onto my nipples with slight pressure.

Cupping my ass in his large hands, he then wrapped my legs around his hips. With delicacy, he glided his cock into me. When did his pants come off, fuck! I needed to be sharper. But not today, nope not today.

He pulled me nearer to him, teasing my pussy with his lovemaking and whispering the most erotic things into my ear, sending chills down my backbone.

"Turn around," he requested. As I did, he took my hair in his hands and made a knot with it on top of my head.

Gently, he ran his fingers from my ear, down to my ass, where he spread my butt cheeks and slid back into my pussy. His touch set me on fire, causing me to convulse as I came.

Pushing my body forward, he began driving into my pussy, at full speed. I arched my back, welcoming his every thrust.

Hoisting one of my legs out of the water, he continued pumping his cock into me then bit my ear and neck. Bending closer onto my body he whispered, "Je jouis bébé." (I'm cumming baby")

When he came, he made the most erotic sound I had ever heard in my life, causing me to cum again.

We moved our tryst to my room, where he worshipped my body. Around dawn, he woke me up to hot kisses between my legs making me cum again and again. He licked me clean then left.

The next few hours were spent with me doing my hair and make-up for my mother's wedding. I arrived at the church just as the Pastor said, "Speak now or forever hold your peace."

Everyone turned around and stared at me. Including the bride and groom.

"You'd find no resistance from me Pastor. I'm just here for the show. Carry on," I encouraged.

I opened my purse in search of my glasses. I needed to see this shit in HD. Putting them on, I looked down the aisle, just in time to see my mother resumed her position with a scowl on her face.

Her groom, on the other hand, stared at me and smiled in a very desirable manner. That's when recognition struck me. I'd know that fucking smile anywhere. That little fucker.

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