The Blue Gate institution

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Delilah Villin is a young girl who has been sent to a boarding school but this boarding school is specially equipped to care for the mentally unstable, but once she gets there one boy in particular catches her attention. Timothee Magnus has been under the Blue Gate institution’s care for a long time since he was a child. The beginning two months of every year is when the school accepts new patients, so he goes with the escort to pick up the new students to look for the right person, the person who could give him hope the person who hasn’t gone mad, to give him prospect. And once he finally meets them he found more than just prospect. Warning this story is a very dark story of manipulation and abuse and also love. With that please remember that this is a work of fiction and ideas that came to me in my brain, if any thing in this book resembles your life, that is 100% just a coincidence. This story contains themes such as sexual abuse, manipulation, obsession, self harm, etc. So if any of these make you uncomfortable please feel free to click off. With all of that being said enjoy, also I know none of the things that happen in this book are right but it’s 100% fiction but sometimes in life things like this happen so if anything like this is happening to you get help. Alright please enjoy.

Mystery / Romance
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 Art

Chapter one

Delilah Villin

She opened her eyes to the light that her window shined in bright and hopeful, she smiled and sat up, her
“On time. As always.” She mumbled to her self, and stuffed her phone back under her pillow and stood up, for a brief moment her world went dark mind spinning then it stopped she took a few steps to the bathroom and switched the lights on, to ready herself for the eventful day planned.

After a timed seventeen minutes she was dressed and clean. She had taken a shower brushed her teeth pulled on her clothes and did her hair up in a bun, in that short time.

She skipped out the bathroom to her phone and saw on the timer she still had one minute till her bathroom time was up, she had odd hobbies such as quickening her daily routines and timing herself even though she knew even if she tried she’d never be late to anything.

So with one minute and thirty-eight seconds left on the timer she attempted to make her bed, she had a twin sized bed pushed up against the wall with two pillows and four blankets, also a few dolls she had sewed in her free time, she pulled the sheet straight and folded the blankets when the timer went off she smiled at her accomplishment and walked over to the unbearable ringing of her phone.
With a happy sigh she finished cleaning up her room and putting any last minute things into her small duffle bag and book bag, then headed down stairs.

Her step-father, which her Mother is yet to marry, is standing behind the kitchen island with a phone in his hand which was close to his ear, he laughed into the phone and stirred the scrambled eggs that Delilah had just noticed. She walked past the kitchen and to the living room where she would leave her bags. By the time she walked back to the kitchen her step-father Marcus was then off the call and back into his own world of food.
She stood on the opposite side of the island and greeted
“good morning Father.” In her head she heard the venom in her voice but in reality, she said it kindly and with a beaming smile.
He turned and gave her a smile that looked kind but the intentions behind it were clear.
“Good morning, Denny.” He said back with the same smile, he knew just how much she hated the nickname but he did it for a reaction, to give her a look at who he really was.
But as her mother instructed she kept her face calm and held a neutral face.
And decided breakfast was not a necessity.

She walked to the living room the and picked up the bags that were awaiting her, the picked up the first bag and the one she has packed with her personal items, and plucked her phone from the front pocket and sent her mother a message asking her if she would make it home before she left, and as usual no reply.
She tossed the phone on the couch and plopped down next to it, with a sigh she put a pillow over her face and groaned into it.

“What’s wrong?” Her step brother Thomas said as he plopped on the couch beside her.
“Nothing.” She said trying to ignore him, to make it known that his presence was a nuisance to her.

“Well Father said to bring you this” he offered a plate with eggs toast and strawberries, she looked at him and gave him an odd face and thought maybe just maybe he felt guilty for being so hard on her, but in all honesty she knew it was just because he didn’t feel like getting an ear full from her mother.

But she accepted the plate anyway and started to eat, Thomas left the room and she heard him and her Step-Father discussing something of no importance so she tuned out of the conversation and finished the meal Marcus had prepared for her.

Once she made it into the train after a long hour wait, she took her seat and checked her phone once more to see if her mother would actually care, but she didn’t. No reply.
She knew being a nurse was hard and time consuming, but she also knew how looking at the face of the person you almost killed is harder.

She listened to the hum of the train against the tracks, and the sounds of chatter around her.
Her eyes started shutting, and soon she dozed off in a dreamless sleep.

Delilah opened her eyes to see another pair of brown ones looking into hers, she sucked in a sharp breath still stuck half way in sleep.
“Hi” she heard a boy in front of her
She took a few blinks and rubbed the sleep from her eyes “hi?” She said back as she looked over to her left and made sure her bags were secure against the window and her side.
She looked back over at the boy and saw he was still looking at her.
“I’m Wybie!” He says his jet black curls falling down his face.
“Oh,” she said and takes a minute to realize he needs a response .
“I’m Delilah” she said putting her hand across the table, he smiled and interlocked his hand in hers and shook it lightly.
“So” he started dragging out the O longer than needed “where are you headed?” His curiosity spilling into his voice
“Why should I tell you?” She asked him
Not trusting his immediate kindness
“Because I have no one to tell.” He said with a shrug as he motioned around the area showing no one here knows him.
“So are you going to tell me?”

“Fine, I’m going to a boarding school.” She replied to him with a huff
“Oh my gosh, I’m going to one too!” He said happy he wasn’t the only one going somewhere horrid
“What’s the name of the one your going too?” This time it was Delilah asking the question
“Blue Gate institution” he took a pause to think of the rest “grade 8 to graduation.”
He said and her jaw dropped that was the same one she was going to.
“Actually I’m going to the same one.” She Replied with a shy smile. He smiled back with excitement dancing in his chocolate eyes.

Wybie was a very cute boy, he had jet black curly chin length hair, light brown eyes which had resembled that of a deer, he had a darker complexion, and mouth full of braces, he was tall more specifically 5’9 which is tall for a fifteen year old, and he wore a bucket hat that was emerald green and a black hoodie the had “Badass” written on the front in white and had light wash jeans on.

Delilah watched as his hair rolled over his eyes and he slumped further back into the chair his snoring getting more apparent.

She opened her bag and pulled out her sketch book and started at the top of his head. She traced a rough sketch of his face, and then she started with his hair, eventually once she had finished all the outlines, she started shading. When she looked back up at him he was staring at her with a smile
“What?” She asks him curious to why he was smiling
“Because you drew me!” He says his smiling widening closer to his ears.
She looked down at the book and turned it towards him “is it good?” She questions
“Oh my god, this is so good! How did you learn to draw like that?!” He exclaims with wide eyes
She shrugged and pulled the book back from his hands, “My aunt taught me how to draw.” She replied, and folded the book closed, putting it away safely in her hand bag.
The rest of the was filled with useless conversations of things that were meaningless, things that would be forgotten in about a week.

Wybie and Delilah stepped off the train, and began their search for the schools escort.
After a long walk around the train station they found a group, so Delilah walked up to the group and asked if they were with the Blue Gate, the escort confirmed that they were, after they introduced themselves to the escort, she checked her list and told them to follow her.

As they were walking Delilah realized how glum the other students looked, most of them tired a few with puffy eyes from apparently crying, but Delilah on the other hand was very excited unlike the other students she was upbeat and happy to be away from familiar faces.
It was freeing, to be away from people who didn’t understand her, and only saw her as a broken person, or someone who needed saving.

They made it out of the train station pretty quickly, and into a white bus with a blue stripe down the center, on the side was the schools logo in blue and gold.
All the students got put into their seats and Delilah noticed that there was a few students that were just here for the ride and not because they were new. But one boy in particular had caught her eyes, he looked very stranger was standing by a seat talking to someone, but for some reason he watched everyone that came in and observed everyone, he had red hair and grey eyes, he was tall and slim but you could see he was still toned underneath his uniform,
but what had really caught her attention was the ring on his left hand middle finger, it was the same one her best friend, Sofia had always worn it was a gold ring with blue rubies in the shape of a human heart.
Though she decided that it was just a coincidence.

“I hope we get a room together.” Wybie mumbled next to her looking around the room like everyone else here was a freak.
“Me too, but I’m pretty sure they separate boys and girls.” She replied to him with a unhappy look.

Delilah watched out the window as the homes and buildings turned into acres and acres of trees and wildlife.
“This place must be pretty far out.” Delilah commented to Wybie
“Yea, that’s kinda creepy if you think about it.” He said with a shrug
“Because what if they kill the students and just pretend they are studying till it’s time for graduation and then pretend they didn’t know the kid was gone and rule it off as if they ran away”
Wybie said with wide eyes and serious face thinking as if it was a real.

Delilah just laughed letting him believe what he wanted.

When she laughed it caught lots of people’s attention, the rest of the bus was quite and gloomy, and here she was laughing while being drove to practically a jail, and that’s what really caught Timothée’s attention, he turned in his seat to look back at the girl, with brown hair and deep brown eyes, as she laughed at the kid next to her, with a small smile they had continued their conversation.

He thought to himself of what a great idea this would be, of how much hope she is giving him, he got giddy and excited to meet her, all his time of going with the staff to get the new students finally paid off.
He held his hands together slightly shaking, he twisted the ring on his finger multiple times, looking at the blue rubies, counting them to get his heart to clam down at the thought of a future outside of the eyes of doctors.
He saw an entire future, and he almost smiled but didn’t knowing who was sitting next to him.

Timothée walked out of the bus first along with the rest of the students that had decided to tag along, he walked though the entrance and got pulled aside by one the the security guards that would wait for students and check and make sure they had no knives or weapons, the man patted Timothée down and continued to check the rest of the students, Timothee walked up the extravagant stairs and wondered why make a place so beautiful, hold so much pain?

Once he had settled back down on his bed he pulled his pillow over his face and kept it there until he heard his roommate Oliver walk in grumbling and muttering curses towards the teachers for making him do extra chores.

Timotheé sighed and walked to the men’s shared bathroom across from his room once he got there he found a shower stall that was the cleanest but before actually taking a shower he grabbed his towel from his locker on the other side of the bathroom and put it on the towel hook inside the shower stall.

Soon later he was clean and in the cafeteria for dinner.
All the students made it to the cafeteria, before being aloud to go in and eat everyone was pat down, all girl and boys rooms were separated, so they all came into the cafeteria from two separate entrances, there was a few students that got sent to detention, for carrying weapons, but it was all normal.
Their was a load of suicidal kids and ones with anger issues, and when they had the chance to put violence into everyday activities they did.

*I hope this first chapter did not disappoint anyone, I would love to hear any and all kinds of criticism, even the mean ones because I am here to work from my mistakes and make it better.
Please tell me if any of this is hard to read and doesn’t make any sense.
I should update in about two weeks, so please don’t get mad, because I am a very busy person and this is something I myself enjoy.
Love And best regards Ausia E*

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