So What I Love A Cop (Cop Loving me Book 2)

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From out of nowhere I hear a gunshot. I jump slightly but turn to look at Roy and I look in shock as I see him falling down to the ground. Before I can even do or say anything. I feel a burning sensation above my ear and I fall down to the ground. As I'm lying there, I feel hot liquid running my face and into my ear. There's also this loud ringing sound in my ear. I look up into the sky and see the stars blurring from my vision and everything is turning white. What was once white, is now turning black... Sequel to cop loving me? Code 10-0

Mystery / Romance
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Chapter 1


Hellos. This is the sequel to Cop Loving Me? Code10-0. It would be best to read that first because it's going to be confusing if you read this story first.

Chapter 1

Leaning against the doorframe with folded arms. I'm looking at the hunk in front of me struggling to zip his bag. I roll my eyes and shake my head. I sigh and unfold my arms and approach him.

"It aint gonna zip closed cos you've packed your stuff wrong." I'm standing next to him and he turns to glare at me.

"I've got it. It's almost there." he turns his attention back to the bag and continues to struggle with the bag. I roll my eyes and decide to leave him be.

I clear my throat, "I'ma go into the kitchen and fix up your snacks for the road."

He mumbles something and I almost stop to ask him what he said but decide against it

I leave the room and mumble to myself, "You'd swear he's got his ass on his shoulders."

I enter the kitchen and fix up Wayne's snacks for the road. Once I'm done I decide to fix myself some coffee. I put on the kettle and start preparing my drink. While I'm waiting for the water to finishing boiling. I start thinking about stuff.

Wayne and I have been a couple for 18 months now and unfortunately I can't say we're going strong.

After much arguing and debating I finally agreed to move in with Wayne after a year of us being a couple. Things haven't been easy though and sometimes I wonder if I should've waited.

Both our work schedules has been hectic and we've living past each other these past few weeks. My supervisor somehow felt that I could start working four weeks on and four weeks off, much to dismay of myself and Wayne. I do get a couple of days off in that month but it still sucks. I always feel like I'm wrung drier than my laundry after a shift.

Let's not forget about Wayne's schedule. You'd think him being a detective would mean fewer hours. Not likely when your job is to fight the never-ending war on drugs. Well my man is good at his job but has been very frustrated recently.

Well let me also not forget the up and coming trail of his mother and Charles. Who had both plotted to try and kill me? It was getting a lot of attention in town and everyone was talking about it. I can even go by day to day business without someone asking me about it. I'm just a witness what will I know.

Speaking about being a witness. After sometime Jayden's trial is coming up and I have to take the stand there as well. What's also got people so pissed off in this town is that they wanna trial him as an adult. What the hell? It was an accident. Well not according to the District Attorney. He feels that Jayden shooting his dad Brycen was premeditated. What makes things worse? Brycen is backing the DA's statement. Those two sons of a bitches, should be careful. People in this town aint happy.

Jayden was only eleven at the time. He's thirteen now but he's too young to be trialled as an adult. I hear the kettle go off and sigh heavily. Life's been depressing me. I go to the kettle and pour the water into my Mug. Once I'm done, I stir and hear Wayne come in.

I turn to look at him and he starts talking, "Licia I can't wait for this trip. Damn we've got so much planned. Matt says there's..." I tune him out as he's been talking 'bout it non-stop. Now don't get me wrong. I'm happy he's going, he deserves it but it just goes on and on.

I notice he has another bag and suspiciously moves in a way for me to not see it. He turns his back to me and I narrow my eyes. I take a sip of my coffee and then realise he's watching me with narrowed eyes as well.

I swallow my coffee, "What?"

He folds his arms, "I asked, if you had any plans this weekend? Weren't you listening to me?"

I decided to ignore the last question, "no I don't have plans for this weekend."

"You sho?"

I rolled my eyes, "yeah I'm sho."

His raises a brow, "I don't wanna hear something..." I roll my eyes and start walking out the kitchen. Like I even have the energy to get myself into trouble. "Hey Alicia where you going? I'm talking to you." here we go again.

I walk to the living room and hear his heavy footsteps following. I go and take a seat on the couch and as I want to put my mug down on the table. He snatches it out my hand and bangs it on the table.

I glare at him and start yelling, "what the hell did you do that for?"

He then gets into my face and starts talking. "You know why. Now tell me what's going on. You've been walking around here angry. You've been ignoring me. When I wanna get intimate you brush me off. What's going on Alicia? Are you angry about me going on this trip with Byron and Matt?"

I shook my head, "No I'm not upset."

"Then what the hell is going on with you?" he yelled.

I push him off me and get up, "what's the hell is wrong with me? What the hell is wrong with you? You mention all things I'm doing but what about you? You're doing the same thing."

He got and spoke, "no I'm not."

I glare at him, "I beg to differ Wayne."

He folds his arms again, "don't even start with me. I was talking to you in the kitchen but I saw you zoning out."

I shake my head and try to walk past him. He grabs me by the arm, "stop walking away from me when I'm talking to you. You know I don't like that."

"We all have things we don't like so get over it. Now let go of my arm or else." I tell him but he doesn't let go.

"Or else What Alicia? You gonna kick my ass or what?" he asks.

"No then that means your ass is gonna hurt and you can't go on your trip. I want you going on that trip so that I can have some peace. Maybe when you come back, I won't even be here." He wasn't expecting that and let go of my arm.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" he yells.

"Go figure." I reply.

I started walking to the bedroom and once I was in I started undressing to take a shower. I then heard his heavy footsteps and him coming into the room.

I turn to look at him and the dark look on his face actually scared me. Without saying a word he pulls me to him and starts kissing me. He pushes me to the bed and continues kissing me.

He moves his kisses to my neck and starts talking in between his kisses. "If you're thinking of leaving of me... you've got another thing coming... we've been through too much." He starts pulling my shorts down and I hear his jeans' zip. "If you're talking about taking a break? You and I, don't, do breaks. Ever!" He spreads my legs and the next thing I know. "I love you too much." I then feel him penetrating me causing me to gasp out loudly. His thrusting deepens and I find myself only with thoughts of pleasure.

I'm lying on my side with my hand over his chest listening to his breathing. I think to myself. What the hell were we going over? The whole argument didn't even make sense. However I do realise that I need to apologise to him.

I sigh heavily and I feel him shift. I look and smile weakly at him, "I'm sorry about earlier. I've been under a lot of stress. The trials, the job, people in town and I've also been stressing about you as well."

He kisses my temple and frowns, "I've noticed. You're keeping it to yourself and it aint good Licia. You need to talk about it. You know you can talk to me. That's why I'm here."

"I know but you've also got a lot on your plate and that's why I you need to go on this trip. Things are gonna be circus when you come back. I know how you get when there's too much attention you. You close off. I just felt that a bit of space would be good."

He slapped my ass, "not with you. We've been living these past few weeks past each other. I missed you even though you live here now. We see so little of each other and I'm actually feeling guilty about this trip.

I roll my eyes and sit up, "no you go. I'll be fine. We can do something when you come back. Okay?"

He nodded and then we heard hooting outside. Shit the guys are here. We quickly get dressed and neaten ourselves. I can be glad it's still morning so my dishevelled appearance won't be suspicious.

I walked out with him and gave him a kiss.

"Take care Love. When I come back I want you in one piece. Okay? I love you." he said and I nodded.

"I love you too and don't worry. I will be. But you're the one who should be careful. I also want you back in one piece. I've got something planned." I say and wink at him. He was about to say something when the car hooted again and we kissed goodbye. I greet Byron and Matt and I see smirks on their faces. I glare at them but Wayne gets in and wave bye to me.

I wave back and they hoot again when they drive off. I sigh and look at my car. The gift Beau got me was a VW GTI. A white one. I actually liked it but I've noticed Wayne's been driving it a lot. I just shake my head and head on back inside.

I'm now sitting at Timmy's in the back. This seat has grown on me. I was waiting for Roy to come take a seat. I got up and gave him hug. Sally came and we ordered two beers. She came back and both Roy and I took a long sip of our beers.

I put my beer down and saw Roy was looking at me.

"What's wrong?" he asks.

I shake my head, "nothing."

He rolls his eyes at me, "Licia we've been friends since we were only knee high. I know you very well so stop fooling yourself and tell me what's wrong."

I sigh heavily, "I don't really wanna talk about and anyway not here."

He nodded, "okay but let me say this. I've noticed your demeanour. I've also seen certain habits reappearing. Habits that aint good. Habits I've last seen in..."

I interrupted him, "will you just get to the point already."

"You're depressed and what I would hate to see, is another episode of 2010." He said carefully while also carefully watching me.

Again with 2010. I slowly lean forward and whisper, "gotcha! Thanks Roy for bringing that up." I lean back again and sigh heavily, "let's not go there. I'm sho everyone wants to forget about that."

"Oh hell no just look her walking in like that. Barfly in the making." I hear someone say. Roy and I look around to see who she was talking bout.

I notice it's Elise and I see Roy's hold on his glass tightens.

We then hear someone else say, "It's a good thing Roy left her. Cos that Elise aint nothing but trash."

I look at Roy and he starts speaking, "don't worry. That's definitely something I agree with. Do you maybe think we can finish our beers and leave?" I nod but he speaks again, "you walked here?" I nod again. "I'll give you a lift but let's just go on a bit of a drive."

We finish our beers and get up to leave. I see everybody is looking at us and this catches the attention of Elise. She has her arm around a guy and then decides to touch the guy's chest. Roy just shakes his head and we say bye to everyone.

Roy and I were now driving on a road that always gave me the creeps. I decided to talk to him cos he's been a bit quiet.

I clear my throat, "so. I can assume the break-up still bothers you?"

He frowns while looking at the road but speaks, "sort of."

"Sort of?" I ask.

"Yeah sort of. It sorts of bother me that she's actually showing her true colours now. You and I both know she wasn't like that, when me and her went out." He explains.

"Yeah she's really showing them colours. It still gotta hurt though?"

He sighs, "yeah sort of. So are you ready? Whose trial is first?"

"Change the subject to a more depressing one now, will we. Well Jayden's trial is first and I' aint happy 'bout that." I answer and I see his hands tighten on the steering wheel.

"That Brycen is a real son a bitch. It's understandable if Jayden was an adult and was always giving him problems. But Jayden is a kid and he was never there for that kid."

"Yeah I say the same thing. But Brycen is gonna get what's coming to him." I say and look ahead. I noticed we were taking a curve and out of nowhere. We see a car ahead of us. It was so quick and sudden that Roy had to swerve his truck out of the way.

Unfortunately for us he lost control of the truck and we hit a tree. The impact was so hard that I was almost thrown through the window. It's a damn good thing I had on my seatbelt. I was leaning against my seat and taking deep breaths. My heart was beating fast and I felt my pulse in my ear. I looked at Roy and saw he was fine.

He did however hit his steering wheel hard, "fuck! Fuck! You okay Licia?"

I carefully nod my head and speak breathlessly, "I'm fine. My arm just hurts a little but I'm good and you?"

He nods, "I'm good. Let's get out and call 911. Oh shit that car."

We get out of the truck and run to the other car. As I'm running I realise I have a bit of pain in my back but I brush it off. I hope no one got hurt in that car. It actually looks familiar and I frown when we near it.

The lights were off and it looks like it didn't get any damage. Roy must've made way in time. As we near I start getting a bad feeling. It seems like Roy does too and looks at me. He calls out to the driver but we get no answer.

"I'm gonna open the door." He opens the door and I look in horror at what I'm seeing.

"Susannah?" I call her but she doesn't answer.

Roy touches her and just as he touches her head moves but I then feel an icy chill down my spine when I see what's happened.

There's blood on her face and her eyes are wide open. I look at up her face and see a bullet hole right between her eyes. Roy touches for a pulse.

"Susannah? Susannah? Licia call 911." Roy yells. He moves away from the door and puts his hands on his head.

I take my phone out and start dialling 911.

"911. What is your emergency?" a woman's voice answers. Sounds familiar too, whatever.

"Hi Uhm... there's been a woman a shot dead in her car..." I start explaining and from out of nowhere I hear a gunshot. I jump slightly but turn to look at Roy and I look in shock as I see him falling down to the ground.

Before I can even do or say anything. I feel a burning sensation above my ear and I fall down to the ground. As I'm lying there, I feel hot liquid running my face and into my ear. There's also this loud ringing sound in my ear.

I look up into the sky and see the stars blurring from my vision and everything is turning white.

What was once white, is now turning black...


Oh No!

Hey everybody didn't expect that did you? Well here's the first Chapter and I hope you had enjoyed this chapter. It's definitely a taste of what's to come.

I'm gonna need a bit of help cos I don't know under what category this story should come. So for now I'm putting it under Romance until I'm certain of what category it belongs in.

Just to remind again this is the sequel to Cop Loving Me? Code 10-0. It will be to read that first before reading this story.

So please let me know your thoughts. It's much appreciated.



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