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Memory Lane

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I woke up in a dark void with no idea how I got there, and even though I was scared, I made my way through each door that appeared before me. I only knew that a dark figure guided me through each obstacle and made me feel safe. I didn't know that this test was to help me determine my own fate. It was the beginning of my end. This is my journey and my decision.

Mystery / Thriller
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Have you ever wondered how your life is determined? I believe in God, I do, but does He determine the ending of your life, or do you get some say in it? I understand that if I walk into oncoming traffic, then that's deciding to die, but what about the little choices I make? Do those choices matter? Or is my life already set in stone and decided for me?

I want to believe that I have some say in what happens in my life, even though my life so far has kind of sucked. I have no family, even fewer friends, and no home. I have myself, and that's all I ever needed.

My name is Skylar; I have a story to tell about what happened to me one day when I woke up in a dark place. Literally, a dark place. Only, I wasn't completely alone, and for once, I was okay with that.

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