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The only thing she could be

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Broken or not

Ally would be here in ten minuets. Enough time to ditch the house and leave.

My little sister followed me to the door saying bye Tessa luv u but I ignored her no reason to really listen to a little girl right. I slid out of the house without a good bye to my mom. Checked my nails one more time just to make sure. I was right they were perfect. In my beautiful pink dress and heels no one would see. I opened ally’s car door didn’t bother to say hello and looked out the window. She handed me a coffee and said “what’s wrong with you” “nothin” you see that’s the thing with people if your quiet somethings wrong if your loud your anoying there’s no winning. We pulled up to emicas house. Of course we had to honk a couple times. She was always late. Em jumped in the back in her usual pink mini skirt and black top. Pitch black hair strait today with little highlights of pink. She obviously had lots to talk about and didn’t shut up the whole way to school. We pulled into senior parking and took the last spot open. Ally had to fix her makeup before we could go in and we waited a couple minutes. I fixed mine to and looked for a while although I couldn’t find her. She must of came earlier.
“ Tess u comin” ally said which is when I realized her and em were waiting in front of the car. “ oh yah I’m comin” although I pretended I didn’t see I heard her whisper what’s her problem to em. I’ll never understand why I got picked. Out of all the kids in the school ally could of picked anyone. She chose me she must have been really sad that day…..

I followed Emica to her locker, where she met up with her boyfriend and ditched. Ally and I walked to hers and when we got there dell was waiting as usual. He kissed her as usual and I made my get a room coment and left to go to first hour stoping by my locker. of course no one was waiting for me.

The shaking started again during my science exam. I left to go to the bathroom to escape to hide at least until it left. As usual I washed my hands and reapplied makeup with a Less shakey hand. On my way back to class I saw her. The way it looked Alex was also having a bad day in fact she looked like she was having a terrible one. She was shaking so bad it looked as if she was having a sessure.

I wanted to help her I really did but what was I suposed to do she was sitting there in her baggy shirt and sweat pants slumped in the corner of the hall. So I left
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