Fallen Saint #2

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|11.| ▪The voice of Temptation▪


I stood against the wall watching Zion stir in bed. His emerald eyes fluttered open, focusing on me.

With arms crossed over my chest, I remain silent, just staring at how he tugs on the chains.

“What’s this?” Zion asked as he looked between the chains and me.

I pushed my body from the wall and walked over to his side.

“Mila?” Zion called, but I just leaned over, studying his face.

Scoffing, I stepped back and walked over to a table where his food was. The smell of soup filled my nostrils, making my stomach grumble.

“Tell me,” I said, taking a seat. “What are you going to do?”

Zion frowned. He seemed confused, lost for what I was asking.

“What?” Zion asked, confused.

“I asked what you are going to do now that I have you prisoner here,” I waved a hand.

“Mila, what kind of question is that?” Zion retorted.

I glanced his way. The black swirls covered his eyes as he groans angrily and tugs on the chains violently.

I sighed and lowered the spoon I was holding. A tug on my chest watered my eyes as I look at Zion. The man I once knew was disappearing again.

Biting down the suffocating feeling on my chest, I return my attention to the food.

I tried raising the spoon, but Zion kicked me, making me drop the entire tray.

I move a hair strand from my face as I crouch to pick the things up.

“Mila, let me go!” Zion yelled, but I remained calm. It was the best way to keep myself composed. “Mila, I’m ordering you!”

I kept ignoring him.

“MILA!” Zion’s mixed voice yelled. I halted my moves and sighed aloud.

Standing back up, I turn to face him. Zion’s face was covered with black veins.

“LET ME GO!” Zion growled aloud, making the entire castle shudder.

I angrily throw everything back to the ground.

Stumping up at him, I pulled a dagger and press it against his throat.

“I would watch it!” I hissed, staring straight into his eyes.

“Let me go!” Zion ordered. My hand pressed the dagger against his throat, drawing blood.

“Try me and I will silence you,” I growled. “I’m having enough of you bastard.”

Zion squint his eyes, studying me, but I wasn’t wavering. I was determined to stop him, anyway.

“I don’t know what you truly want, but leave Zion’s body!” I ordered, to which he scoffed.

“Leave? I won’t,” Zion answered. A devilish smile played on his lips.

“Fine,” I said, pulling away. Zion frowned, confused. “Then tell me is true what you told me last time?”

Zion blinked before laughing hysterically.

I sheathed the dagger back in place and crossed my arms.

“You think I was joking?” Zion smirked. “That’s all we need.”

I clenched while balling my hands. He had to be joking.

“Think, my love, it’s your only task in all this. If you do it, I promise to leave him,” Zion smiled.

“But?” I pushed. There had to be something else in all this.

“Your father is the only one who can free me from his body,” Zion answered.

I gulped the nervousness that crawled into my heart.

“I will think about it.” I turned away and walked out of the room. Zion’s yells echoed as the fog outside continued banging on the barrier.

Walking down the hallway, I stop right in front of the window.

I rubbed my forehead as the pressure of keeping the barrier up was taking my strength away.

Deciding to take a rest, I head to the room Ezekiel was staying in.


A crashing sound has me sitting up. I looked around, confused for a second, before realizing where I was.

The entire room was dark. It must be around midnight.

Hearing another crashing sound, I look towards the door before getting up and rushing out of the room.

It took me a few seconds to point out where the noise was coming from since torches barely illuminated the entire castle.

I groaned as I hit my knee against a tumble chair. Cursing under my breath, I head straight down the stairs.

As I reach them, I halt on my tracks just to find Zion throwing chairs across the place.

“ZION!” I yelled, getting his attention. How in the world did he free himself?

Zion turned, anger clear on his face. He was seething.

“Oh, there you are!” Zion hissed. I stayed still, studying his movements.

I had to tread carefully in case he attacks me, and I have to summon my powers.

“How did you escape?” I asked as he lifts his arms, showing me the broken chains.

Clenching, I balled my hands.

“Nothing can stop me, my love,” Zion smirked. “Now we have something pending.”

“We have nothing!” I spat coldly. “I haven’t agreed to your request.”

Zion chuckled before shaking his head.

Black eyes stared back. The coldness and emptiness that looked at me gave me the chills.

I shudder under his intense gaze.

“My love, there’s no yes or no,” Zion smiled. It was the dashing smile I love.

I took a step back as my stomach flutters. I can’t let him see how much he affects me in this situation.

“I will get what I want. I’ve always done it,” Zion said, reaching for the rail. His eyes were glued to mine. “You have no word in this, also don’t you want it?”

“What?” I frowned.

Zion took a step.

“Oh, you want it,” Zion smiled. “You want me, Mila.”

I gasped this time as his voice returns to normal.

“You know I love you right? No matter what I love you with all my heart,” Zion whispered.

I gulped the lump in my throat as Zion’s soothing words make me feel nervous.

~No Mila, they’re lies. ~ I muttered internally.

“We both have feelings for each other, right?” Zion kept asking.

“I do love you,” I answered while holding the rail. “But it’s Zion, not you!”

Zion halted. A thin line replaced his smile.

“We are the same fucking person!” Zion growled. “Don’t you get it! We fucking love you the same way!”

“You sick bastard!” I mumbled in disbelief. My stomach turned as I looked away.

Turning back to him, I notice Zion isn’t moving but is staring at me with cold eyes.

I had to run away before he catches me.

Snapping around, I dash down the hallway. There was another exit out of this place, and it was through Noah’s room.

Running like crazy, I throw the doors opened and grabbed my bag that I had hidden under the bed.

“MILA!” Zion yelled down the hall. I snap my head to look at the opened doors. He was close.

Getting up, I grab a chair and throw it against the locked doors.

The chilly breeze that blew made me cover my face. I blinked a few times before running towards the stairs.

I could flee the castle through the garden and straight to the forest, but the only place left was my old home, and I feared my father would wait there.

My pants were the only sound I could hear. There were no signs of Zion anywhere. Where did he go?

As I turned, someone slaps my face, making me fall.

I groaned as something warm trickled down my lip. Feeling the metallic taste, I curse.

Snapping my head, I find Zion staring at me with hate.

“You can’t escape Mila. You can’t escape me,” Zion whispered.

I crawled back, away from him.

“Mila, my Mila. It was destiny we meet that day in the market, you know,” Zion said, smiling. “You do not know how you make me feel.”

“Shut up!” I ordered.

Standing up, I gripped the strap of my bag. Zion stood a few feet away from me, a smug look plastered on his handsome face.

“Why don’t you just give in?” Zion asked while ruffling his hair. “We both get what we want, right? And then we are free.”

I lowered my head, thinking about his words. I know what he requested was easy, but did I want to go through this?

The uneasiness was frustrating. I was running out of time.

“Hey,” Zion called as he gripped my chin and forced me to look at him.

Zion’s eyes were back to normal.

“Zion?” I whispered. My hand caressed his face.

“Please,” Zion whispered.

I frowned. He was not doing what I think he was, right?

“I’m sorry, but let’s do it,” Zion muttered. I pulled away in shock.

“How dare you?” I choked. My voice is breaking.

Zion lowered his head.

Reaching for my hand, he slowly caressed it.

“I’m begging you,” Zion said as he puts his forehead over my hand. “I don’t know what else to do. I’m going crazy Mila.”

Feeling sick of him, I slapped him across his face. Tears streamed down as I muffled a sob.

“I hate you!” I muttered. “I hate you!”

My hands balled, and I started hitting him.

“I hate you, Zion!” I cried. Zion pulled me into his chest where I cried my heart.

“I’m sorry Mila. I am,” Zion whispered, kissing my head.

Wiping my tears, I keep my head down. Zion picked me up and we headed back in.

I felt like throwing up. The emotions I once had were turning cold with every passing second.

Hiding my face in his chest, I let him take me back to his room.

Hearing the doors open, I peeked between tears just to see the bed has been made. But who did it?

I confusedly looked around. Was someone else here?

“Don’t run away,” Zion whispered in my ear as he lowered me down.

I was still gripping the strap of my bag.

Hearing a creaking sound, I glance at Zion, who sat in the bed. His eyes focused on me, waiting for me to ask him anything.

I looked away.

After a moment of silence, I took my bag off, letting it drop to the ground.

My hands started shaking as Zion’s piercing gaze looked at me from head to toe.

“Come,” Zion whispered. I shifted my eyes to find his extended hand.

Biting my insides, I reached for his stone hand. It was cold.

Zion pulled me until I was close enough to him to feel his body warmth, his breath.

Standing, Zion hugs me.

“Everything will be all right,” Zion whispered. I closed my eyes as new tears threatened to escape. “I promise nothing will happen to you or anyone.”

I nodded while knowing it was all a lie. His empty promises meant nothing to me now.

Sniffing, Zion pulls away. I tried to back away from his grasp, but he grabbed my face between his hands. Slowly, he raised it, making me look into his teary eyes.

“I love you,” Zion whispered and kissed me. His stiff lips touched my warm ones.

I should feel thrilled, excited, but all I felt was hate, anger, and disgust.

Zion moved his lips, his featherlike kisses trailing along my jawline.

I closed my eyes to focus on the feeling, but it was becoming hard to even think this was right.

Reaching for my dress, Zion pulls it over until he lets it drop to the floor.

I inhale as his warm hand moved down my back, caressing my skin.

“Your turn,” Zion mumbled, kissing under my ear.

With shaking hands, I reached for his shirt, removing it.

My hands slid all over his chest. The black veins went from his pale skin. The only sign left was the stone that covered his body.

I traced the edge with my fingers. It was slowly disappearing as I touch it.

“Mila,” Zion whispered and kissed my shoulder.

I tilt my head, allowing Zion to kiss me.

Pressing me against his body, I gasp. I could feel his erection pressed near my hip.

Gulping, I breathlessly look at him. Zion grabbed my hand and kissed it. His lips kissed every knuckle before guiding me to bed.

I crawled until I was in the middle of the bed. Zion hovering over me.

Reaching for his face, I caressed his cheek. Zion learned as he closes his eyes.

“I always wished to have you all to myself. To love you, to cherish you,” Zion whispered. “But not in this way.”

He opened his eyes, tears sliding down his face.

My lip quiver as we both leaned closer. Our foreheads touching.

Closing my eyes, I lean over and kiss him. Zion groaned as he pushed his tongue, savoring me, exploring my insides.

I moaned as his hands moved along my body. Every touch made me gasp.

Feeling his fingers toying with my underwear, I opened my eyes.

Zion smiled wryly as he kissed down my chest.

I gasped as his lips find my erected nipple. My back arched while he tugged on my underwear.

I moved my hands to his hair, tugging until Zion groaned against my skin.

I could feel my legs quivering in anticipation. My legs clench as he lowers his face to my core.

The heat made my mind feel hazy.

“Zion,” I whispered breathlessly.

Zion continued his torture until he found my folds. Licking and sucking like his life depended on it.

My eyes widened as my mouth opens.

“Beautiful,” Zion whispered.

I looked at him while panting. Zion smiled and reached for his pants. Unbuckling them, I watch him in awe.

As he pulls them down, my eyes widened like saucers.

Zion crawled back up while his hand stroked his length. Positioning himself between my legs, he kisses me, taking my breath away.

My nails scratched his back as we kissed passionately.

I could feel his moist tip pushing between my folds. I gasped nervously.

“I will go slow,” Zion explained, making me nod.

Kneeling, Zion grabbed my legs and pushed them until I was wide open. I looked away, embarrassed.

“Look at me Mila,” Zion commanded. I glanced embarrassedly at him.

Raising my leg, he slowly kissed the insides. I gripped the bedsheets as goosebumps erupted on my skin.

Reaching for the other, he continues kissing me, making m tremble under his touch.

I panted.

Feeling a sudden poke, I snap my eyes his way.

Zion gripped my hips as he lifts them and starts stroking his length. A moan escaped my lips as he quickened his pace.

The feeling was consuming.

Zion grunt as he roughly grabbed my ass and jerked me forward, grinding hard.

A whine left my lips as his fingers find my folds, stroking them, stimulating me.

My thighs clenched on his hips as I feel the build-up of my orgasm.

I moaned his name when suddenly Zion moved, and he thrust into me. A silent gasp left my lips as I hugged his shoulders.

The throbbing ache between my thighs intensified as he thrusts again.

“Zion!” I moaned. Zion grunt as our bodies slapped with every movement.

His long and thick erection slides in and out between my wet folds.

My eyes rolled back as Zion thrust hard.

The bed creaked under me as Zion pants.

I turned my face to look at him. Eyes swirled in black, bringing me back to my dark reality.

I tensed under him.

“Zion?” I called, but he didn’t stop. “Zion!”

“Shh, my love,” Zion hushed and gripped my jaw.

“Zion, stop!” I begged, but he kept thrusting, making me moan again and again.

I am on the verge of my release as the pressure between my legs builds up faster.

“I’m sorry Mila,” Zion muttered suddenly. I glanced and found him crying. “I don’t want this, but it’s all we can do.”

His words shattered my heart into pieces.

All I could do was nod and look away.

Sending a shiver down my back, I arched my body as we both climax together.

Zion grunts near my ear as he pours his seed inside me. I let out a moan and wait for him to fill me.

Once he finished, I breathlessly pushed him away. Zion looked at me worriedly.

“Mila?” Zion called.

“Don’t!” I snapped angrily.

Pushing my body away from him, I wince. My back ached and my legs were weak.

My eyes darted to my thighs, where blood and his seed lay mixed.

My hand flew to my mouth as I covered it and try not to throw up.

“I will get something,” Zion muttered and stood. I pulled the bedsheets. “Here.”

I slapped his hand away.

“Mila, please,” Zion begged, but I turned my back to him and covered my body with the bedsheets.

I heard Zion sigh. His body was close to mine.

“I’m sorry,” Zion whispered before placing a kiss on my head. “I’m deeply sorry.”

I pulled the cover to my face to muffle a sob.

I hated this; I hated him, and I hated myself.

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