Fallen Saint #2

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|12.| ▪The Broken Girl▪


The smell of vomit, the cold sweat that broke on my forehead, the nauseous feeling that flipped my stomach like the angry river when it rains, and the tears that slid down my face were the only things that made me understand what was going on.

My fingers dug into the toilet seat as I spit in disgust. I couldn’t believe this.

Panting softly, I tried to calm my nauseous stomach. I felt tired, weak. All I wanted was to rest and have someone take care of me.

This was the time I yearned for my mother more than anything in the world. Why did she have to leave me? Didn’t she care for me?

Gulping down the awful taste, I wiped my mouth and flush the toilet again.

My legs wobble as I tried to stand.

Reaching for the faucet, I wash my face in silence. My reflection is an awful version of me.

Dark bags under my eyes, pale skin with small red marks that reminded me of what I’ve been doing for the last week.

I closed my eyes slowly, biting my lip to prevent more tears from falling.

I slapped my hand over my mouth as a sob escapes my lips. Sniffling, I wash my face and decide to return to bed. I dragged my feet when I notice someone on the corner.

My eyes darted to Zion, who was dressing in front of the mirror. He smelled like vanilla; he even looked better than what I did.

Ignoring him completely, I sit in bed and drink some of the water that he set for me with some food. Just the sight made me sick again.

“I’m heading out,” Zion whispered, to which I frowned.

“Where are you going?” I asked. Zion stopped. Why wasn’t he meeting my eyes?

“To the dungeon. Stay here, I will be back,” Zion answered and left.

I looked away, my hands grasping the dress I had on so tightly that my knuckles turned white.

Wiping a few tears angrily, I gulped the rest of the water and laid down.

Arm over my face, I try to rest when I remember what I did. My head snapped towards the opened bedroom door.

“No!” I mumbled and scrambled up.

Zion was heading to the dungeons. He didn’t know everyone had left. With my heart in my throat, I head down the stairs and straight to the kitchen.

My body ached from all the sex we had. I also hadn’t had a proper rest.

Panting, I rush down when I interfere. Eyes on Zion’s back.

“What have you done?” Zion’s angry voice asked. I cringe away from him. “I asked you a question, Mila.”

I took another step back as Zion slowly turned around. Pitch black eyes met mine, making me shudder, cower away like a coward.

Since having sex with Zion, I felt like my energy; my powers have been depleted, eaten away by something.

“I asked you a QUESTION MILA!” Zion yelled.

“I let them go,” I answered, raising my head. “They have nothing to do here.”

“Nothing?” Zion mumbled with his head cast down. I glanced over my shoulder as loud banging from the outer walls echoed all over the place. “How dare you?”

“How dare I?” I asked back. Scoffing, I stand my ground and keep my head high. “I did what was best.”

“And what was that according to you?” Zion asked, this time he raised his head.

“Save these innocent souls from your fucking wrath,” I spat coldly.

Zion raised an eyebrow. A small smile played on his lips.

“Souls,” Zion scoffed and started approaching me. His long steps reached me in a matter of seconds. Caging me against the wall, he leans over and stares straight into my eyes.

There were no signs of those emerald eyes like the forest in spring. All I saw was a bottomless blackness that could see my darkest desires.

“You know some of your decisions are quite unexpected,” Zion mumbled close to my face. His hand twirled around a few of my hair strands. “But it’s not good to make those rushed decisions, you know.”

I glared back without taking my eyes off him.

“It may lead to consequences you don’t wish to be in,” Zion continued. A devilish smirk played on his lips as he closed on me.

“You’re no one to punish me,” I answered. “And what I decide to do, it’s my decision, and letting them go is what I wanted.”

Zion chuckled.

“Good to know,” Zion whispered and kissed my hair. “I like a defying queen.”

Letting me go, he backed away, walking down the hall and out of the dungeon.

I balled my hands as I listened to his slow footsteps disappear.

It was Zion against me, and I didn’t care. I already knew he wouldn’t do anything to me, especially now that his wish or better said my father’s wish has come true.


I stared at the few sunrays that entered through the open window of the bedroom. My eyes roamed the zone for any signs of my father.

Hearing a rustling sound, I glance over my shoulder to see Zion reading a book. His eyes were still pitch black from the soul that inhabits his body. Turning back to the forest, I lean my head and sigh. A few birds caw in the far distance. It was just us in this forsaken place.

A lot of questions roamed on my mind, especially the ones regarding the Pope.

I still didn’t understand why he lied. Why pretend he didn’t know when I told him everything but the truth. He knows who I am, what I am, and where my family comes from.

It makes no sense, unless…

“Mila,” Zion whispered in my ear, making me jump. I turned, scurrying away from his touch. “You seem to brood.”

“Get fucking lost,” I spat, earning a chuckle.

Trying to get out of his side, I move, but he grabs my arm, stopping me again.

“It’s time,” Zion mumbled. I clenched in anger. Trying to pull away, I tug but he pushed me hard. “Don’t test me.”

“I’m tired,” I said and looked at him. Our eyes interlock. All emotions or love for me were gone.

It pained me. I didn’t want this. This is not the life I want.

“Like it or not, it’s time,” Zion repeated.

“NO!” I yelled. I felt suffocated like a prey with no escape.

As I looked up at him, Zion slapped me across the face, leaving me speechless.

“I don’t want to force you, Mila,” Zion said as he reached my burning cheek. I slapped his hand and walked away. “Mila!”

“What?” I snapped. “What the hell do you want? Don’t you have enough?”

Tears streamed down my face.

“You got what you wanted, don’t you? So, get out of Zion’s body!” I ordered.

Zion stood still, just staring at me coldly, like I was the most hateful thing in this world. His sharp eyes cut me deep into my heart.

I don’t think I will ever forget this.

Blinking, I looked down. My eyes sting from fresh tears that wanted to be free.

“We had a deal,” I stuttered. My head was starting to spin again.

“You agreed!” I continued.

My vision blurred, making me tumble to the side. Using my arms to protect myself from the fall, I suddenly feel two arms around my waist.

“It seems you need rest,” Zion’s soothing voice whispered close to my face.

Picking me, he takes me to bed. I lay my head tiredly.

“I’m sorry Mila. For everything I’m doing to you,” Zion mumbled before I drifted to sleep.

He was sorry? No, he would never feel sorry for doing this to me.


A wet and warm touch drifted down my chest, which made my back arch.

I frowned confused for a second. The sensation spreading all over my body.

Moaning, I shift and opened my legs, allowing him access.

I could feel Zion’s body weight pressing me down as he slowly kissed my body.

Tiredly, I opened my eyes. My vision was still hazy, making me close them again.

Surrendering to the feeling, I let Zion take me. To make me his once again during the chilly night.

My moans echoed with his grunts as he thrust into me.

“Zion…” I breathlessly said. My hands gripping his shoulder tightly.

Opening my eyes again, I see his shadow move in sync with mine. Meeting every thrust.

“Mila, you’re mine,” Zion whispered before kissing me.

My mouth opened as I let his tongue wiggle its way, exploring, touching, sucking.

I held his head in place as my orgasm built up. Pulling on his hair, I curse.

Our bodies slapped as Zion picks the pace up.

“Faster…,” I ordered, to which he answered incoherently, but I couldn’t understand a word. I was so invested in the pleasure.

Grasping my breast, he fondles it, pulling and sucking on it. My eyes rolled back as I orgasm in ecstasy.

Calling out his name, I hear him grunt and tense over me. His warm seed filling me again.

Panting slowly, I open my eyes and find Zion with his face on my chest. Hands on either side, not touching me but gripping the bedsheets.

I moved my hand to move some hair strands when he suddenly let out a sob.

My trembling hand stopped midway as Zion hides his face in my chest.

I started crying as well, unable to hide my sadness.

“I’m so sorry Mila,” Zion said, to which I just nodded.

Taking a deep breath I say, “It’s the price we must pay, right? Especially for our demons.”

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