Fallen Saint #2

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|13.| ▪The Fear of a Broken Man▪


Four years ago…

“ZION STOP!” Noah yelled as he watched his brother kill every servant that got in his way.

The building tension, the desperate screams, the orders, and guards running were all Noah needed to realize how big of a mistake he has made by letting Mila go.

“BROTHER!” Noah yelled, but the guards stopped him from going any further. He knew best to stay away from a broken man like his brother.

“We need to go, Noah!” Rosa begged from the side. The desperate plea made Noah shake his head.

“No, you go. I’m staying with him,” Noah responded, to which Rosa shook her head.

“That boy is lost,” Rosa mumbled. He felt offended by the words his most trusted maid said.


“Mila is gone, Noah! Can’t you see?” Rosa said as she pointed towards Zion. “Without her, he isn’t him. She should have never left, Zion needs her.”

He clenched angrily as her words seeped into his mind. Noah knew she was right. A rash decision was causing this mess.

He couldn’t let it get out of his hands. He had people to protect.

“Get her out with everyone. EVACUATE!” Noah yelled as everyone looked at him, confused. “GET OUT NOW!”

Several of the guards and servants nodded.

The few survivors scrambled out of the way, heading straight for the castle’s entrance.

Taking a deep breath, Noah gulps his fear and pulls out the one thing he has kept all this time close to him in case something like this happened again.

The strange pendant gleamed slightly as he moved it under the few sunrays that entered the vast windows of the bloody castle.

“ZION!” Noah called as he raised the pendant, showing him what he had.

Dropping a body to the side, Zion turns and faces his brother, who trembled in fear. A smirk played on his dried lips that looked pale while the sword in his hand gleamed with the blood of innocents.

Taking a step Noah yells, “Stay or I will cage you again.”

Zion crooked his head as he watched his brother in silence. He didn’t know if his minor threat reached him or even made him fear it a bit.

Licking his lips, he chuckles.

Noah looked surprised, but he didn’t lose his concentration. He knew he would do anything to subdue him, even if it means putting him in a deep coma.

“You think that works?” Zion asked his brother, who furrowed his brows. “That won’t stop me, but thanks for reminding me of it.”

Confused, Noah took a step back, but it was too late. Zion muttered a chant that cause black mist to emit from his body, wrapping the entire castle in darkness. The doors of the castle shut with a loud bang that only echoed for a few seconds before subsiding into silence.

The screams, any movement, the light, everything went silent. Like no one was in the castle.

It shrouded the entire place only in darkness. No one could come in or come out. If there was anyone even left.

It was just an empty piece of a castle with no souls to live.

As the darkness disperses, the body of Zion stands in the middle of a bloody hallway.

Smiling, he raises the only object his brother had, the pendant that once was used to lock him away.

“Nicely done,” a familiar voice said from the shadows.

Zion looked up and smiled as the person moved out of the pillar. His long blue robes slid down the messy floor, covering its edges in blood.

“Frey,” he said, smiling.

Frey pulled his hood off. Long black hair pooled around his shoulders as he fixed it into a ponytail.

“It’s time for you and me to talk especially about what I need from you this time.”

Zion smiled, nodding as he put the pendant back into one of his pockets and gestured Frey to follow him. With a devious smile, Frey followed.

He had got what he wanted. The broken heart of the poor men his daughter loved. The only one who could break the seal that held him trapped in that body.

Now, all it had to do was to wait for his pawns to make the move and let the queen fall back where he needed her.

Flashback Ends

Zion POV

I blinked a few times, trying to push the voice that ordered me to kill her. The same voice that controlled me every night and the one I loathed since the moment I touched that one person’s belongings.

Shifting my eyes to a sleeping Mila, I tried to smile, but I wasn’t even happy at all. Things had taken a turn for the worst.

They were getting out of hand, and I had no way to stop it.

Glancing at her pale face, I reach for her cheek and caress it softly.

I felt disgusted with myself. All the pain I cause only deserved my death. But I didn’t want to die, I didn’t want to leave Mila.

Taking a deep breath, I ball my hand that touched her delicate face.

I was hurting Mila, breaking her the same way, they broke me. I was slowly turning her into me, and it wasn’t fair to her.

Seeing Mila shift in bed, I lean my body on my knees. A sigh escaped my lips as I close my eyes to ask for forgiveness.

What kind of person had I become?

I had no salvation; nothing would make me ever forgive myself for what I’ve done.

As Mila mumbles, I shift my eyes to her belly.

A scowl formed on my face as I stand and pace the room desperately. My hands were over my face as fresh new tears streamed down it.

I did what I said I wouldn’t do. I made Mila mine and made her carry what was part of the plan.

Halting, I watched her breath. Soon her stomach would start growing.

“I’m sorry, my love. I hope you can forgive me one day,” I whispered in tears.

Throwing my head back, I curse as tears streamed like a waterfall.

“What have I done?” I muffled.

“Zion?” Mila calls half asleep. My head snaps to the side of her beautiful face, smiling at me.

“Mila,” I cried and kneeled on her side. My hands grasped hers.

“What’s wrong?” Mila asked in a soothing voice while rubbing her eyes.

I shook my head.

This should have never happened. I should have killed myself when I could and not hurt her more.

“Hey, it’s all right,” Mila consoled, to which I just shook my head. How could she be so lovable in this state? “Look at me.”

Mila grasped my face between her hands. Her thumb wiped the tears away.

“I-It’s all right…,” Mila stuttered as she cries. “I’m fine.”

The look in her eyes where the only thing that told me she didn’t believe herself. Her fear was there, trying to hide from me, but I knew her best.

“You don’t have to lie,” I mumbled, kissing her hand. “Just tell me you’re scared.”

Mila didn’t answer. Her silence was enough to answer for me.

Leaning my head on her lap, I hug her.

She was the reason I tried to stay strong. She was my light in this darkness that I so hated. My only chance to find freedom.


We both ate our breakfast in an eerie silence. Since last night’s small heartfelt talk. Mila hasn’t said another word. She remained silent, brooding over something.

Occasionally she would frown and others she would sigh.

“You need to eat,” I mumbled, while watching her twirl her fork on her finger. “Please.”

My voice trembled as I try to make her reason.

Mila was eating less and less per day. Like she wanted to die that way. Get rid of what was inside her.

I set my fork down and stood. The chair screeching on the floor.

“I beg you, please eat,” I said, kneeled next to her. “Do it at least for the baby you’re carrying.”

Mila’s hand clenched the fork hard, and her knuckles turned white. Her face turned red from the pressure she was putting on her jaw.

“This thing can die,” Mila whispered in hate. “I don’t care what happens to it, nor me!”

I tried to answer, but all I could do was to lower my head in shame.

This is not what we both desired. I was well aware of it. But, it was something to what we both agreed to.

This was the consequence of what we had said yes to.

“I want to die, Zion,” Mila cried, making me snap my head up. Tears and drool covered her face.

“Please don’t say that,” I begged and embrace her. “I don’t want to lose you.”

Mila tried to push me away when we both suddenly tensed.

My head snapped towards the entrance of the dining room where a person in a red hood stood.

Mila gasped, standing abruptly. I followed behind slowly, eyeing him.

“My daughter, we finally meet again,” Frey beamed in delight. I balled my hands to the sides. Shifting his gaze, he looks my way. Gray eyes shined in excitement. “Well done, Zion, well done. Now, shall we have a family reunion talk? We have a lot of pending things.”

I stood there watching how he smiled.

“Shall we then?” Frey repeated and opened his arms wide as he approached Mila and hugged her.

Clenching hard, I feel the metallic taste of my blood in my mouth. I was boiling just watching him.

I will make sure Frey doesn’t get his hands on what he desires. I will ruin his perfect plan.

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