Fallen Saint #2

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|14.| ▪The silent Pain▪


My fucking father stood right before me with a smug look that could tell how happy he felt for me.

If this were another case, I would rejoice, but unfortunately all I felt for him right this instant was hate.

Taking a deep breath, I move away from him. Zion, or that soul that had taken over after my father arrived, stood with his arms crossed over his chest and eyes that pierced my back like cuts.

“It seems you’re not happy to see me?” Frey said with sarcasm. I scoffed and didn’t turn his way.

“It’s been a while, Frey,” Zion said this time as he just smiles.

“Indeed, too bad my daughter doesn’t see it the same way. I feel delighted to see her once again after all these years,” Frey snorted.

“Cut the crap and just say, why have you come?” I barked. My hands balled under my arms as I stood staring at the forest.

“I’ve come to check on you, that’s all,” Frey said and took a seat. I snapped around, looking at him in disbelief.

It must be a complete lie.

“I can see Zion has been taking care of you,” Frey smirked while his eyes lowered to my stomach.

“You planned all this!” I hissed with hate. “I’m your daughter, for gods’ sakes!”

Frey’s gray eyes met mine. I still can’t believe how similar we look alike. It gave me the chills every time I stared into those stormy eyes that reminded me of myself.

“Yes, you’re my daughter, and you’re part of my plan,” Frey answered. The soothing voice he used infuriated me. “Zion understood the plan from the beginning. He knew there was no choice.”

“Choice?” I growled and looked at Zion. His eyes were back to normal. “You knew as well?”

“I did,” Zion said in a clipped tone. “You know this is our choice.”

I could feel the sting on the back of my eyes as I suppress the tears.

My lips quiver as I try not to say something that could hurt him.

Zion was right. I agreed. We both did, but I didn’t know how grave this was.

“The child should carry the souls of the three broken kings. Once he is born, you’re to take my place as the new queen and hand me the child for my use,” Frey blurts, making my blood boil.

I looked at my father, stunned. What did he think the child would be an object?

“NO!” I yelled at him. Tears now brimmed down my face as I pant hard. Zion moved, but I threw him a glare. “This child isn’t for your use!”

“But didn’t you want to get rid of it?” Frey smirked as he stood. The long robes dragged on the floor as he approached me. “You said it yourself. You don’t care what happens to that child. So, he should be mine. After all, the goal here is to impregnate you, make you give birth, and let the child be of my use.”

My hand moves fast before he could continue saying more.

Panting, I glowered at him. Frey just looked to the side as his face turns red from the slap, I gave him. The silence in the room told me more than what I needed to know now.

“I will let this one go,” Frey slowly said. I balled my stinging hand behind my back. “Hurting a pregnant woman isn’t my thing.”

I took a step back before he glanced at Zion.

“Leave us,” Frey ordered to which Zion hesitated, but as the coward he was, he would flee the room, leaving us alone.

I stood my ground, preparing myself for his wrath, but my father reached for my chin and made me face him.

“You will do as I say, Mila. There’s nowhere else for you to run, so your only choice is to come with me and be obedient,” Frey muttered. His fingers grasping hard. “We will leave in three days to our home to have your mother tend to you now that you’re pregnant and then Zion will take your side as your husband and both of you will rule.”

I gasped and pulled away. What did he mean by my husband?

“What are you talking about?” I asked, confused.

Frey chuckled before letting go of my chin.

“You see Mila, it was never in my plans to set Zion free. I condemned him to be with that soul for the rest of his living breath.”

“He lied to me?” I whispered, confused.

“Did the soul tell you he would set Zion free?” Frey asked, amused. He started laughing aloud as he noticed my pale face.

My stomach flipped as all this hits me in waves.

“My poor daughter, how naïve can you be?” Frey said as he circled me. His hand occasionally toying with my loose hair. “Elios will never leave Zion’s body.”

My head snaps up as I listened to the name Frey mentioned.

“He belongs there because I put him there,” Frey chuckled.

“I don’t get it. Why do all this?” I asked.

Frey stopped moving and instead caressed my face.

“Easy, my beautiful daughter, because I hate them all,” Frey hissed and yanked my hair. “I did it because I wanted it. They were the perfect stupid people to carry my plan and Zion as the naïve one touched what he shouldn’t now look at him going all crazy because he has no mind of himself.”

Frey let go of my hair and started laughing again. I backed away as a shiver ran down my body.

“All this is for you can’t you see it, Mila?” Frey said with arms extended. “I’m doing this for you, my daughter, because you will carry the lineage of our people and will be the queen that will have control of the three broken kings.”

“You, Mila, will conquer all the kingdoms and make kings bow to your feet. No one will stop you,” Frey continued as he beamed in excitement.

I dug my nails into my skin as I watched him with disgust.

“No one will stop you!” Frey repeated louder.

“You’re wrong,” I blurt, making his excitement quiet down. Frey slowly shifted his head to the side. “I will stop this from becoming true.”

Frey’s jaw clenched as he stumps with long strides and grabs my neck.

His eyes were wide, unfocused, while he seethed in anger.

“Don’t you dare do something stupid!” Frey hissed close to my face. “If you don’t want your love to die, then think twice before you decide to do something I would get easily mad with.”

I reached for Frey’s arm and slowly pushed it away. Taking a step back, Frey growls.

“Don’t you dare threaten me,” I warned, “because I definitely will do something? Even if it means to kill you with my two hands.”


I rubbed my arms up and down as I stood in the room’s corner, staring at the shadows of the flames moving along the wall.

My eyes occasionally drifted to the pile of books that lay scattered on the floor.

Hearing the bedroom door open, I glance to see Zion walking in with a tray of food. His face was cast down as he walked over.

“Dinner,” Zion muttered while he approached me. I watched him with hate before my hand slapped the tray off his hands.

I seethed with anger.

“Fucking leave,” I growled, to which he just sighed. “NOW!”

The echoes of my voice bounced in the silent room.

Zion slowly nodded and bend over to pick the things. Once he had everything, he left the room without another word.

I couldn’t believe he had nothing to say after all the information my father explained. He knew all along of Frey’s plan and he had no intention of ever telling me the truth. So how could I trust him?

He was just toying with my emotions, with my heart.

Punching the wall, I clench and close my eyes.

My head started spinning as I take several deep breaths. I felt tired, but I had no time to waste on this unnecessary stuff. Now I only had three more days before we leave this place.

I needed to find clues or a way to make Zion free.

Sighing, I walked over to the bed and sit. My mind goes back to the name my father mentioned, Elios.

I didn’t know why the name sounded familiar. Was it because it was a common name or was it because I saw it somewhere?

Scratching my head desperately, I suddenly tense.

Standing abruptly, I snap my fingers. Elios, the name was familiar because I read it in the library.

That name was in the book that the ghost showed me. It was in the place Noah told me to find clues.

Smiling, I grabbed my scarf and rushed to the door. Halting, my hand grips the handle before hesitating. Was it a good idea to head down now that my father was here?

I nervously gulped and slowly dragged the door open.

The hallway was dark and silent. No soul around and no signs that my father or Zion was closed by.

Stepping out of the room, I slowly shut the door and make my way towards the other side of the castle. Thankfully, no one was in sight, so I had my chance to at least check things out before making a new plan.

Tugging on the scarf around my body, I continue walking before I finally reached the enormous doors of the library.

I glanced around me before finally deciding to open the creaking doors.

I cursed under my breath as I peeked inside and noticed everything was dark. Sighing in relief, I shut the door and turned around.

Leaning on it, I watched my surroundings.

“Hello?” I called loud, but no one appeared. Moving away from the door, I head towards the back of the library.

My heart started beating like crazy against my chest. I didn’t know why I felt scared right now, but it wasn’t good.

As I approached the end, I see the doors wide opened. Frowning, I walked slowly on silent steps. Was someone in there?

Approaching the opened doors slowly, I peeked inside just to feel a presence behind me.

Jumping in place, I turned around, but no one was there.

I started backing away. What was that awful feeling?

As I continued to back away, something suddenly tugs on me, making me fall on my buttocks.

I yelp in surprise as I suddenly see Theodore hovering over me. Eyes wide, I stared at him in shock.

“Damn you!” I spat as Theodore raises an eyebrow and stands. His transparent figure moved and closed the doors.

“Why are you here?” Theodore asked. “You shouldn’t be here!”

I frowned, confusedly. What did he mean I shouldn’t be here?

“Theodore,” I whispered.

“Frey is here!” Theodore hissed. “You were being followed.”

“What?” I whispered while blinking confusedly.

“Yes. Frey’s shadows followed you. Thankfully, I was faster and diverted them to another way,” Theodore explained.

I slowly stood up and fixed my clothes.

“What’s happening?” I asked carefully. It seems something else was going on that I was not aware of.

“Frey is looking for something in this place,” Theodore whispered. “It has something to do with Zion.”

“Zion?” I repeated. Theodore slowly nodded and moved across the room.

“You’ve come because you need a name, right?” Theodore muttered without looking at me. I nodded and got closer to the table, where some books lay open.

Theodore waved his hand, and books floated from the shelves. In a matter of seconds, five unique books lay opened on the table. Each one of them with words I heard of before.

“This,” I said, turning a book and flipping through it.

“The clues you need are hidden here but let me warn you. Something like last time might happen,” Theodore warned.

“Like last time…,” I trailed before remembering the envelope that took me down to the dungeons.

Smiling, I quickly go over the books. Theodore just stood on the side, watching me. His eyes followed every movement.

Making a mental note of the words I found, I finally get the name Elios.

“Elios,” I mumbled, making Theodore frown.

“Elios as the sinner of the poisonous garden?” Theodore suddenly mentions. I look at him, surprised.

“You know him?” I asked curiously. Theodore frowns before nodding.

“Elios, king of the poisonous garden where the dead roams and not a soul can step without dying.”

I watched Theodore furrow his brows as he hums.

“It’s the place your king remained a prisoner for a few years,” Theodore muttered.

“King? What king?” I asked, now confused.

“Who else, Zion,” Theodore shrugged. “That’s the place he was before returning to the castle. It’s the place he locked himself in, for the safety of everyone. The poisonous garden, or the forbidden garden.”

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