Fallen Saint #2

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|15.| ▪The Pressure of being King▪


I bit on my nails as I paced from side to side. I could hear Frey arguing with Mila from the other room.

I was such a coward; all I did was leave them knowing that he could hurt her.

The worried I felt was driving me crazy. I needed to know what was happening. Was Mila all right?

Taking a deep breath, I continue pacing the room when suddenly the doors burst open, and Frey walked in with a red face.

He was muttering something incoherent under his breath I couldn’t catch.

Letting him cool off for a while, I move to the corner of the room. Frey continued muttering until he finally looked my way.

A smile played on his lips as he moved closer.

“You’ve done well,” Frey smiled. I eyed him carefully. “Mila is carrying the child, so my plan is moving forward.”

“It’s my child,” I barked back, making him frown.

Frey spits to the side before he moved closer. Now we were face to face.

“Your child? That is not yours, or have you forgotten what part of the plan was?” Frey hissed.

“You said I needed to get Mila pregnant,” I answered.

“Yes, but you never asked for what. Now I’m telling you I’m keeping the child. I need him for my experiment.” Frey waved and walked over to a chair.

Taking a seat, he crossed his legs and starts drumming his fingers.

I stood before him, looking down at the despicable being that made himself be called father.

“My child isn’t for you to do as you please,” I retorted, which earned me a sharp glare from him.

Frey scoffed before he smiled.

“You have no word here. You’re just someone I use, a pawn, a piece of my chess,” Frey smiled. “The real reason I keep you alive is because of Elios.” I balled my hands to the side. “You can’t do anything to stop me, not even touch a single hair strand on me.”

“I will get you, Frey,” I spat with hate. Frey stood and walked over. His boots clicked against the dirty floor.

“I’m so scared, Zion,” Frey whispered close to my face. His gray eyes stared directly into my contorted face. Turning away abruptly, he walks back to his seat.

“I already told Mila we are heading back,” Frey explained. I frowned, confused.

“Leaving to where?” I asked.

“Home,” Frey answered in a clipped tone. “And you’re coming with me. Once we arrived, you will let Elios control your body as he will be married to Mila.”

“What?” I shout. Frey’s lips turned into a thin line.

“Oh, someone’s worried that someone else will take Mila for wife?” Frey hissed. My nose flared with anger.

I was trying not to lash at him. It was not the right time.

“Don’t worry, it’s like you’re marrying her. Since it’s your body, of course,” Frey waved.


“The plan is set. I don’t need to hear a word from you. You just behave and do as I ask. Which reminds me, are you doing what I asked before?” Frey asked, taking a seat once again.

My jaw clenched as I remained in place.

“I asked you a question, Zion,” Frey hissed.

I took a deep breath before nodding.

“Good, make sure all her light powers are gone. I can see she’s becoming tired, but once it’s completed, black magic will substitute her powers,” Frey whispered.

Standing, he walked over to a table and served himself a drink. I watched him with hate.

How could a man like him ever exist?

“Don’t let Mila know about this. I don’t need her knowing that you are eating her powers with dark magic,” Frey ordered. I nodded while he smiled and gulped his drink in a go.


My feet dragged me down the hallways of what we used to call once home. The empty and dirty hallways made me feel so cold and empty.

I held the small torch in my hand as I lightened up a few candles along the way. Occasionally, I would stop before a door and stare at it for a while before continuing.

The memories I had of this place were good and bad. I didn’t know which one was the best, but I knew I missed this place with everyone that I held dear to.

As I round the corner, I hear a noise coming from the far end.

Peeking, I see Mila closing the door of the library. My eyes scan her body as she rushes past me without noticing.

I frowned for a second before looking back at the door. What was she doing there?

I was about to move when I noticed Frey’s shadows roaming the floor. They were searching for something, but what?

Remaining hidden behind the wall, I wait for them to leave. Once they disappeared, I followed Mila, who now was heading to our room.

I waited for a while before I walked in. I didn’t want to scare her or make her think I was following her.

As I opened the door, Mila looks up but then turns away. She must be feeling betrayed, angry, especially since now she knows the motives her father has.

“Mila, can we talk?” I asked, setting the torch on the wall. Mila scoffed back.

“What? Are you going to tell me we need to have sex before going to sleep?” Mila spats coldly.

My jaw clench as I sighed.

“No,” I shake my head and sat on the bed. Then carefully I watched her. Mila was watching me as well. We both stayed silent, just staring into our faces for an answer to our darkest questions.

“I’m tired,” Mila whispered, laying down in bed.

Resting my arms on my knees, I stared at the fireplace.

“Frey told me we are leaving soon,” I muttered, which made Mila stop moving. “Once we arrived, we would get married.”

“Yes, married but with Elios,” Mila responded harshly. I turned to look at her, but she wasn’t watching me.

“Mila, please understand,” I pleaded. Mila punches the pillow before looking up.

“Understand what Zion? You lied to me! You’ve been playing with me!” Mila hissed as her voice breaks. “I’m not your fucking toy!”


“Stop saying my fucking name!” Mila cursed. “I hate when you call me. I hate when you touch me. The disgust and disappointment I feel are one I will never let go of so easily.”

My chest ached as I gulped down the lump in my throat. Her words pierced me like stabs from a poisonous blade. If only I had acted differently. If only I wouldn’t be a coward.

I lowered my head in shame. I had no words for her. Everything would only make things worse.

“I wish my love for you would disappear before I hurt myself more than I already am,” Mila whispered. I looked at her, she was crying.

“Mila, I…, I don’t have words,” I whispered sadly.

“Yes, you don’t since all you know is stay quiet and run away from your problems,” Mila spats coldly.

“I never wanted to run away,” I clenched while closing my eyes. “If there was another way.”

“You’ve been running all your life, Zion,” Mila mumbled. My mouth opened and shut before sighing. She was right, I’ve been running away.

“You ran away the first time this happened, right?” Mila asked suddenly. I frowned as her question was unexpected. “Tell me Zion, were where you when everything started?”

“What?” I asked, confused. What was she trying to ask?

Mila pushed the pillow from the bed and crawled over. Once she was close, she gripped my chin, making me face her.

“Where were you when everything started? Where did you run off to?” Mila asked as her eyes searched my face. I remained stunned, watching her.

“Fucking answer the damn question,” Mila hissed. I pushed her hand away, then took my distance from her.

“I don’t know what you are referring to,” I muttered. Mila scoffed.

“When everything started, you ran away from this forsaken place. You left your people and your post asking,” Mila said as she grabs my arm. “Where did you hide Zion?”

I looked down at her pale face. A few loose hair strands fell over her heart shape face.

“Mila I…,” I whispered speechlessly.

“Tell me Zion, was it the poisonous garden?” Mila blurts, making my eyes widen.

“How do you…,” I muttered.

“Was it that place?” Mila pressured. Her nails dug into my flesh. “Yes, or not Zion. It’s a simple yes or no question.

My chest heaved as I finally nod.

Mila let go and lowered her face. I frowned as I noticed her, lost in her thoughts. What was she thinking?

“Mila?” I called, but she shut me.

“Yes, that’s it,” Mila muttered as she got into bed. I stood like stupid with my head crooked and with a lot of unanswered questions.

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