Fallen Saint #2

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|16.| ▪The Risky Plan pt.1▪


The doors to the library thud loudly as I rushed down the hallways and straight to the back door for the private room.

Theodore was already going through some books. His eyes immediately fell on me as I scurried in and shut the doors.

“What a pleasant surprise,” Theodore smiled.

I ignored him and quickly pulled some books out. The dust flew everywhere, but I didn’t mind right now. I had something I needed to verify first.

“Care to explain what’s happening?” Theodore asked, leaning over my shoulder.

“Poisonous Garden,” I muttered while flipping through some pages.

My eyes moved from side to side, reading everything on its path.

“Why?” Theodore asked curiously. I smiled and pointed at the entry of a book.

“This place is the only one no one can go in, right?” I said, smiling. “I’m taking Zion there.”

“You what?” Theodore blurts, stunned. His figure glide to the front of the table. “You definitely can’t, Mila!”

My head snapped up.

“Why?” I asked, frowning. “Is there something there which won’t allow my entrance?”

All these years I’ve heard about the famous Poisonous Garden. It was a place no human could survive, and no one would dare enter since the place reeked of poison.

It didn’t matter where you touch or breathe, everything had poison. But if those rumors were true, how did Zion survive all this time locked there?

Zion left for that place to be secluded from everyone. He tried to keep himself in case something happened, and he knew it was the only place no one would dare come for him.

“Mila, listen,” Theodore ordered and made the book in my hands disappeared. I groaned, annoyed, but he sternly looked at me. “That place is not somewhere you can come and go. Not even the monsters that roam can walk in as they please.”

“But it’s the only place I can carry my plan,” I muttered in anger. My nails scratched the dirty wooden table.

Sighing, Theodore opened another book from the shelf.

“Long time ago, that place was called the Garden of the Queen. It was a place the first king of this land bestowed on his only love,” Theodore started explaining. “That place was once a beautiful garden full of beautiful and colorful flowers. Kings and queen, as well as others, visited the place every year because of it.”

“Yes, I know that part,” I frowned. Where was Theodore going with this?

Sighing, Theodore continued.

“That place became poisoned thanks to the son of the late king and queen,” Theodore muttered.

“Huh? Son?” I confusedly asked.

“Yes,” Theodore nodded. “The late prince tried to propose to his lover, but things went out of hands when she rejected him, and instead, he killed everyone present that day, including his family. He turned into a crazy person with no regard for whom it was he killed.”

“Wait, that’s not how I understood the story,” I exclaimed tiredly. My fingers rubbed my temple. “You’re saying it’s like a curse?”

“Sorts off,” Theodore muttered. He crooked his head as he flips a few pages. “That’s not the end.”

“Go on,” I said impatiently, and took a seat.

“That prince locked himself in the tower that’s in the middle of the garden. He was full of anger, hate, betrayal. His heart turned dark, which made him lose his mind over some lost soul and dark magic.” Theodore sighed. “He lived there for a while before passing away because of some magic eating his life away.”

“How do you know that?” I asked.

“I just know,” Theodore shrugged. My eyes didn’t leave his face, that looked pained.

Theodore confused me sometimes, but I knew little about him. And though I was curious, I knew it would be prying into some memories he would wish not to remember.

“So, after he perished, what happened?” I asked, sighing.

“They banned the place to everyone. The king from a kingdom whom I don’t remember his name asked the temple to keep the place hidden. I know there’s a barrier protecting it,” Theodore muttered. I rubbed my chin.

“And the name of that prince?” I asked. “Do you know it?”

Theodore looked at me with a frown. His jaw clenched while his eyes searched my face.

It seemed my question bothered him somehow, but why?

“Do you?” I pressured.

Theodore muttered under his breath. Stumping to a shelf, he pulls a book and throws it my way.

I gasp in surprise as I grabbed the book in time before it hit my face.

“Open it,” Theodore pointed with arms crossed. I scowled and did as he asked.

It didn’t take long before I found what I was looking for. To my surprise, I knew the name.

I smiled.

“Elios?” I smiled at Theodore, who was watching me.

“Yes, Elios was the prince who lived in the tower. Once he died, he became part of the souls that live there. It’s not a safe place for you Mila, do you have any idea what they might do to you once you step in there?” Theodore asked.

I smiled and closed the dusty book. Putting it down, I looked at Theodore.

I felt grateful he worried for my safety, but I needed to go to that place. Since it was part of my plans.

“It’s been nice meeting you,” I said, taking him by surprise. “But I want you to trust me.”

Smiling once again, I turned on my heels and opened the doors of the room.

I lowered my head. Theodore must be worried sick.

“Next time we meet, everything would have returned to normal,” I said with confidence. “See you until then.”


I moved my head to the side to check on the empty hallways that took me to the dungeon.

Right now, I needed to get my hands on the books I dropped last time when I visited the dungeons. Those books held the important part of my plan, the one I needed to save Zion.

Making my way silently down the hallway, I turn and stop. Someone was on the other side, but it wasn’t human.

Taking a step back, I hide behind the shadows of the place. My eyes waited for it to move out of my way.

Since my father’s arrival, I haven’t been able to keep the shadows out of this castle. It was like his presence weakened my powers or he was strong enough to suppress me.

It was confusing, but I needed to know more about that reason. I hadn’t tried using my powers in him, but if he used black magic, there would be a slight chance I could beat him somehow.

But right now, that was of no importance. What I needed was right behind those shadows. And they needed to fucking get out of my way.

Deciding to stay hidden, I wait until they finally decide to leave.

I walked out from the shadows and quietly headed into the dungeon.

I’ve been wondering why my father has them roaming the place. What has he been looking for so badly that he has his little monsters working so hard for?

Moving along the pillars, I look to the side. No one was around, so it would be easier to get what I need and return before Zion looks for me.

Soon it would be dinnertime and both of them would search for me.

“Yes,” I whispered. Grabbing the stack of books, I quickly put them inside my bag.

Checking my surroundings again, I run out of the place. The only sound was of my breathing as I rushed up and out of the kitchen.

Thankfully, no one was around, so I had enough time to hide what I brought. The only safe place was Noah’s bedroom, where no one had visited except me.

I kept my ears on alert as I walked to the second floor. The entire castle was eerily silent, which was concerned.

Were where my father and Zion? Both of them had disappeared a while ago.

Sighing, I finally unlock Noah’s bedroom door and quickly peeked in. It was empty, with no signs of anyone entering the place.

Finally feeling safe, I take everything out from my back and sit at the table where another stack of books lay disorganized.

This would confuse anyone who walked in and saw the messy pile. I needed to keep this book safe from my father’s keen eyes.

He will surely interrogate me if he finds this here.

Opening one of them, I get to work.

Last time, I saw an entry that explained how to expel a soul from the body. It was clear enough that it had stayed on my mind as the only solution to all this.

It would be risky, that’s for sure. But it was for Zion’s sake, though now I hated him.

Zion doesn’t love me; he only sees me as a piece of his chess game that he could use as he pleased. The same goes for my father, who thinks we are his pawns.

Flipping through some pages, I find the entry from last time. I groaned as I read its contents.

“Shit!” I cursed. It won’t be easy.

According to the entry, the soul is attached to the body he uses as a medium. This means something might happen to Zion if I only expel it.

Biting my lower lip, I think about another solution.

No one said things would be easy, but I had a hunch that maybe bringing Zion back to the garden would make Elios return to where he belongs.

Standing up, I paced the room with the book in hand. My eyes read the words on it.

Furrowing my brows, I halt. My eyes widened like a saucer as I read it.

“No way,” I mumbled when a loud bang has me jumping in place.

I cursed again and moved to the window. The damn shadows were banging again on the barrier.

“MILA!” my father yelled from somewhere in the castle. I rolled my eyes and shut the book.

Leaving it with the rest of the pile, I grab my bag and head back out. I made sure no one saw me coming out of Noah’s room.

As I tiptoed my way down the stairs, my father appears with a scowl plastered on his face. His black hair swung from side to side as he glowers at me.

“Get rid of that barrier,” my father ordered. I just stared at him. “Mila!”

“No!” I roared. “I’m not fucking doing as you ask Frey.”

My hand gripped the rail as I walked down the stairs.

Frey’s eyes pierced mine as I keep my gaze on him as well.

“Are you going against my orders?” Frey asked.

I smirked.

“I’m defying you,” I answered. Frey’s brow twitched as he angrily grabbed my arm and pulled me closer to his face.

“Disrespectful shit!” Frey yelled and raised his hand, but I would not fear him, so I stayed still as his hand found my face.

The loud slap echoed throughout the entire place as I only looked at the castle’s entrance doorway. My cheek burned from the hit.

“Done?” I spat without looking.

Frey’s eyes widened while his face turned beet red. Pushing me, I fall back on the stairs and curse.

My back hit the concrete rail, which made me suddenly worried.

Frey noticed my concern, and his eyes quickly darted to my belly. I tried to stay still, waiting for some pain that never came.

Once sure, I stood slowly, holding the invisible belly I still didn’t have.

As anger poured into me, I glared at Frey, who took a step back. He seemed surprised by the way I glared at him, but I was angry.

Raising my hand, I summon my powers, which made his little shadows freeze and screech as the light pours into them and they disappeared.

Frey shouted angrily as he lashed at me, but I raised my hand in his face.

The small light swayed on my hand as I seriously watched him.

“Tell your monsters to back away,” I ordered coldly. Frey’s nose flared. “I’m not repeating myself.”

“You command me like you know what’s happening!” Frey growled. “You’re so naïve, Mila.”

“Enough!” I yelled.

My heart throbbed in my chest as I look around for any signs of Zion.

If I fight my father, it would be the only chance to escape. And for it to work, I would need to hurt him, get Zion, and find some horses.

“Mila, my daughter, you would never dare hurt me,” Frey smiled. “If you lowered your hand, we can talk.”

“Talk what?” I spat. My powers got stronger as he closed on me. “You had your time to talk, now I have nothing more to say to someone like you, father.”

Frey lowered his arms. His lips were in a thin line and his eyes were sharp. Frey wasn’t backing down.

Hearing a sudden noise, I glance over my shoulder and find Zion up on the second floor.

My eyes widened as I see his confused look.

“Zion, stop her,” Frey ordered. I snap my head and angrily stump my feet as energy surge from my body.

Using my power was weakening me fast.

“Bastard!” I cursed.

Closing my eyes, I whispered the magic words to build a barrier that will hold Frey and his monsters from coming in.

By doing this, the barrier from outside will break, allowing all those things to come in.

“MILA!” Frey yelled as the barrier blocks his path. I smiled and dashed up the stairs.

“Come,” I said, grabbing Zion’s hand and dragging him.

Zion tried to wiggle his way, but I turned.

“We are leaving!” I ordered, annoyed. Grabbing his hand, I tried to pull him, but Zion angrily yank his arm.

“No Mila,” Zion groaned. His eyes were changing. Elios would soon take over his body.

“We have to Zion, please!” I begged. “I know a way to save you, save us!”

Zion hesitated for a moment, but he shook his head in defeat. I stood there, shocked at how he was giving up hope. How little he trusted me.

“Fine,” I answered. Turning, I stump but stopped when my eyes noticed the vase on the nearby table.

Clenching, I turn over to pick it. Then turned around quickly and without Zion noticing, I smashed it on his head.

Zion groans as he tumbles forward. I picked another vase and smash it against his head a second time.

“M-Mila,” Zion muttered while blood dripped from his forehead.

I could hear the banging noise and Frey’s angry yells coming from downstairs.

“I’m sorry Zion,” I mumbled as I picked another broken vase and approached him. “I’m taking you away.”

Zion tried to stand, but I kicked him in the stomach. It pained me to hurt him, but he hurt me worst. It was my way of getting revenge on him.

Smashing the broken vase on his back, I crouch and grabbed his collar.

“Next time you wake up, you will be safe,” I muttered and punch him, leaving him unconscious.

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