Fallen Saint #2

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|17.| ▪The Risky Plan pt.2▪


The huffing sound and grunts were the only things that echoed in this desolated place.

“Damn it, Zion!” I groaned while throwing his arm over my body.

I was running while dragging Zion by my side.

After making him lose consciousness, I drag him away. Then quickly packed some stuff and left through the back door of Noah’s room.

Now here I was out and about on the secret passage Noah had told me before.

Sweat broke on my forehead as I keep running down the path.

The humid smell was making my stomach flip. I was feeling nauseous, and it wasn’t good. I couldn’t stop or have a break. The barrier wouldn’t last long since I felt my powers weaken fast.

Soon Frey would send his leeches to search the castle. Though I didn’t know if he knew about this secret place, it was best to escape first.

The only problem I had right now was the heavy body of Zion, who made it difficult to move fast.

Cursing, I continue dragging him. I didn’t know how long it would take me to get out of this place, but it was my only exit from this hideous place.

Halting, I lean on a wall and take a deep breath. My head spun while my body ached.

I blinked a few times before continuing. I had to get out today.


“Fucking finally!” I mumbled breathlessly. Dropping Zion’s body, I fall to my knees.

The wet soil under my hands and knees made me smile.

I didn’t know for how long I had walked in that passageway, but it felt like a day. Thankfully, there were no signs of my father or his leeches. It seems he didn’t know where I was.

Looking at my surroundings, I notice we are in an open area near some cliffs.

I frowned, confused, but then I noticed the town down below or what’s left of it covered in mist.

Feeling surprised, I looked behind me. The secret path looked like mountains, but not an underground one. It seems it took us up instead of straight out into a forest.

Worried, I look around me again. I didn’t know what was out there, but I was sure it would be safer than staying in this awful place.

Fixing my stuff, I quickly pick Zion up and start heading the opposite way I had come when I arrived a few weeks ago.

It wouldn’t be wise to head the opposite way. I had to go where Frey wouldn’t expect me to go.

Dragging Zion, I walked hurriedly before the sunset down.

Everywhere I looked, there were trees and an empty road. Noticing the small broken carriage, I let Zion lay down, and I pulled out some water.

I gulped some and sighed. My entire body ached, but it was the least of my worries. All I needed right now was to check which was the way to the poisonous garden.

My eyes shifted to my bag that lay next to Zion. Because I was in a hurry, I wasn’t able to pack food for both of us. The only things I grabbed were some old bedsheets, the books, my medicine bag, and some water. I had also grabbed two daggers that I found in Noah’s room.

Sighing, I put everything away and grab Zion’s arm, throw it over my shoulder and start walking.

“I swear you will pay for it,” I muttered while staring at Zion, whose head wobbled.

It seems I hit him hard. He hasn’t moved an inch.


“Zion, Zion!” I said, slapping his face.

Nighttime has fallen and luckily, I found a small cave out in the forest. It was empty, with no signs of any predator living on it.

“Zion!” I whispered. Zion hadn’t reacted at all during the day, and I was getting worried.

The wound on his head had stopped bleeding, but he was still unconscious, which wasn’t good. I didn’t know how long I could drag him around.

Taking a seat next to him, I pull out some fruits I found on the way here and started eating them.

My stomach grumbled, making me chuckle. It seems the baby was hungry.

Once finished, I pulled the blankets out and threw them over Zion and me. The night was turning cold and for our safety, I wouldn’t be making a fire.

Thinking back on what happened, I gulp hard. It worried me what Frey could do if he found us. Would he hurt me or Zion?

I know he needs me; he wouldn’t dare hurt us, but Zion?

I shift my eyes to the side where Zion breathed calmly. His head to the side as I watched him.

How did things turn out like this?

Closing my eyes slowly, I try not to cry. But it was impossible not to. I felt overwhelmed, stressed, worried. What would be of us if we can’t make it to the Poisonous Garden?

Just thinking about it was making me want to cry aloud.

As I shift to the other side, my eyes land on the bag. I had the books and a small map in there.

Sitting up, I pull the bag and quickly take the map out. I could barely see it since the moonlight didn’t reach inside the cave.

Standing from my spot, I move to the corner of the cave where the moon shone clearly. Taking a seat, I spread it on the ground and quickly analyze it.

During my training in the temple, I learned about the lands of this continent. How to analyze and know where to go.

I sucked at certain things, but I had memorized the important stuff, especially the land structure of a place.

Looking out to the dark forest, I calmly study the place.

The terrain was high, and mountains and hills surrounded us.

The town and castle were in the opposite direction, which was good. I had found in the book that the Poisonous Garden is hidden from the human eye, deep in a forest called Vastalla.

It was a place where monsters roamed and no one was allowed to walk in. Only if you were thinking about a suicide mission.

Sighing, I mark the area we were in. Before leaving, I had marked the territory of the castle. It was quite far from where we were.

Humming, I continue marking the area we are supposed to head to when a groan caught my attention.

My head snapped to Zion, who was moving.

Grabbing the map again, I head back to his side.

“Zion?” I called softly. I wasn’t sure who would be the one waking up. In case it was Elios, I had something prepared to suppress him.

“What?” Zion muttered while holding his head. I smiled warmly as I helped him sit up.

Zion groaned again, holding his head he slowly turned and face me.

My smile widened when I saw the familiar eyes.

“Hi,” I breathlessly said. Zion frowned, then shifted his head to the entrance of the cave.

“What have you done, Mila?” Zion asked angrily. My eyebrow shoots up.

“Hold it,” I raised my hand annoyingly. “I did what I wanted, and it was saving our asses. So be grateful, you bastard.”

“Mila!” Zion yelled. I stayed silent as his voice echoed in the cave. With a stern look, I remained tight lip.

I was trying to control my anger.

“Frey will kill us,” Zion groaned. He pulled his knees to his chest and muttered under his breath.

“He will kill you,” I whispered, making him snap his head. Zion looked surprised, but it was the truth.

“How could-“

“I say that?” I finished scoffing. “He needs me, you’re just a useless pawn, Zion.”

Zion looked hurt at my words. But I was just getting back from the way he treated me.

“Frey has use of both of you, for now. But when he finished, he will end you,” I said, pulling the bag. Rummaging through my things, I find some water.

“Here, drink, you must be thirsty.” I pushed the water jug into his hands. Zion looked between the water and me.

“I swear, Mila,” Zion grumbled.

“Cut it, I don’t wish to hear what you say,” I hushed him tiredly. “Once you’re finished, go back to sleep.”

“What? No Mila,” Zion retorted.

My head fell back in annoyance. Groaning, I pray to the gods to give me patience.

“Listen up. You go back to sleep because you need to rest. Stop being stubborn!” I ordered angrily. “We need the rest; I need it since I’ve been carrying your freaking body all over the place.”

“You sound like the old you,” Zion muttered while shrugging some water.

“Yeah, I hear that often.” I rolled my eyes.

Zion chuckled but didn’t utter another word.

Laying down, I pull the sheets over my cold, frail body. After a while, Zion did the same and whispered goodnight.


The cold water cools my face, waking me up completely. I beamed a smile as the sunrays grazed my skin. It felt good to wake up to the warmth of nature.

Being locked in the castle with little sunlight was a pain. I’ve missed this a lot.

“Ready?” Zion asked from behind.

I patted my skirt, stood, and turned to face him.

Zion’s hair was wet as he had taken a small bath on the small river we found.

It was good Elios had shown no signs. And I’m expecting things to remain like that.

“We should head west where the mountain range ends. Then we head straight to the vast lands,” I explained, making Zion nod.

“You sure about this?” Zion asked. I looked into his green eyes.

“Yes,” I smiled. Zion nodded, and we departed.

Earlier in the morning, I had explained to Zion what my plan was.

At first, he didn’t seem convinced or happy. But he somehow agreed and now we were heading to the Poisonous Garden.

The idea of heading back to a place he loath wasn’t what he wanted, but I threatened him, which made him hesitate on his decision.

I wasn’t backing out of my plan, though it was dangerous, and Zion wasn’t fully aware of what I planned to do. I was.

It would be my last resort. The last thing I do for him, to save him, have him have a normal life.

This was his second chance and one I was risking.

“Are you all right?” Zion asked from the side.

“I am,” I responded with eyes on the road ahead. “Thanks for not backing out.”

Zion spared me a glance.

“I owned it, don’t I?” Zion answered, bringing a smile to my lips.

“That you do bastard,” I chuckled.

We both were heading to a different path now that evolved only for us. I just hope Frey remained in his place. I wouldn’t want him to find out of my plan, nor Elios. The price I will have to pay will be of my volition.

As we reached a small hill, I stop and looked over my shoulder.

A chilly breeze passed by, messing with my hair. With a sigh, I smile and follow Zion.

“Goodbye,” I whispered to the wind.

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