Fallen Saint #2

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|19.| ▪A Forgiving Kiss▪


I leaned my head on the wooden board that was crooked with my weight. The mix of emotions I felt was driving me crazy, stressing me and the baby.

It didn’t do me good if I was stressed. Especially since I know it won’t have a solution.

Sighing, I looked at the painted wall where some yellow spots were scattered on the blue walls. Just seeing them reminded me of how the castle looked. All old and worn from the lack of attention.

Hearing the creaking sound of a door, I shift my eyes to Zion, who walked out of the bathroom half-naked. His bared chest had droplets of water that dripped from his long-wet hair.

“You need to cut your hair,” I commented, making him hum.

Zion looked different; he was making me feel awkward around him, which wasn’t good. I was trying my best to act as I normally would, but every time I looked into his face, all the memories and anger blind me, making me hate him more.

It shouldn’t be like that because it’s not entirely his fault, but just remembering what he had done, and how cowardly he had acted towards my father all this time, made it worst for me to see him in any other way.

Sitting up, I reach for my bag and scramble through my things. Finding a scissor, I smiled and showed it to him.

Zion’s brows furrowed as I stand and approach him.

“Sit, I will cut your hair,” I smiled, but he only looked at me emotionlessly.

I stood behind him, watching how he dressed up. I waited for him but he walked to the bed and laid down. My jaw clenched in annoyance.

So, he was ignoring me?

“Zion,” I called, but all I got as an answer was silence. Deciding not to insist, I put everything back and get to bed.

We both had our back to each other. The silence of the room makes things more uncomfortable.

Closing my eyes, I try to get some rest, but it was hard since I could feel Zion’s warmth from behind.

Staring at the window, my eyes dart to the night sky, where a full moon shone down on us.

It was a cold and beautiful night. If it were some other time and place, I would enjoy it with some nice and warm drink, but here I was feeling miserable with someone I once had hoped for. That gave me the light I needed in my life. Funny, I did not mean it to be. It was never for us.

I closed my eyes sadly. After a while, I heard Zion’s breath labor. He was deep asleep and I still couldn’t get an inch of sleep.

Sitting up quietly, I try to get out of bed, stay away from Zion.

Sighing, I walked over to the open window that had a view of the town. The only things visible were a few lights that hang out of some buildings and homes.

No one was around, and I heard no noise except the crickets.

I took a seat on the window ledge and leaned my head on the frame. A chilly breeze passed by, making me shiver at it.

I had to be careful not to get sick since my body wouldn’t tolerate it. Also, I had the issue that my powers were getting drained by Zion. It infuriated me not knowing all this. If it wasn’t for that time in the cave, I wouldn’t have realized what he was doing.

Glancing at Zion’s sleeping body, I remember how I found out about my powers.

Keeping that pendant on his neck with a spell was hard. If Elios hadn’t tried to get control over Zion, and he hadn’t shown signs of my powers in the body, then I wouldn’t have found out so late.

I knew this was my father’s idea. It was all part of his plan to make me succumb to his will.

Looking back out the window, I frown. What if my father has all his desires taken away? What would he do?

My plan was the perfect one. Performing the ritual would set Zion free and Elios would disappear. My father would have no option but to give up or fight me. Though I had turned weak, I was still strong enough to fight him. I could see it back in the castle. Frey was nothing against me. I can make him weak, fighting, and defeating him.

“Mila?” Zion called, making me jump in surprise.

My head snapped around to find Zion standing next to me. I involuntarily backed away, forgetting I was in the window.

Zion rapidly embraced me by the waist and pulled me. Surprised, I gasp and held him. My heart pounding loudly in my ears as I remained frozen on the spot.

That was a close one.

“You scared me,” Zion whispered over my head.

My fingers gripped his shirt so tightly I was afraid to let go.

“It’s all right, I got you,” Zion whispered and started drawing circles on my back.

My heart started slowing down as I calmed down. His soothing voice and warm hand gave me the comfort I needed. It was absurd how much Zion affected me.

I despised him, but still craved him for that warmth and comfort I lacked. It seems I, a saint, had fallen deeply for the sinner.

“Better?” Zion asked as he pulls me out of my thoughts. I raised my head to find his green, emerald eyes searching my face worriedly.

I slowly nodded and laid my face on his chest. Zion sighed and continued rubbing my back. That was making me feel sleepy.

Feeling him move a bit, I open my eyes but gasp as he lifts me in his arms.

“Zion!” I yelp which made him chuckle.

“Sorry, you were falling asleep,” Zion chuckled, kissed my temple, and carried me away. I grasp his unbuttoned shirt while hiding my face from his intense gaze.

Setting me down, Zion sits next to me. I looked away, embarrassed.

“Are you all right?” Zion asked. I frowned, confused by his question.

“What?” I asked. “I already told you I’m fine.”

“Not that, I mean the baby, your body,” Zion muttered. I scoffed at the audacity he had on asking that.

Of course, I wasn’t fine. He has been abusing me, draining my powers, making me feel miserable.

“Yes,” I lied and looked away. My aching heart throbbed in my chest. “I’m fine.”

Zion didn’t answer back, so I moved to the other side, creating some distance between us.

“Do you hate it?” Zion asked. I looked at him, confused.

“Hate what exactly?” I questioned. Zion toyed with his fingers as he seemed hesitant to ask his question.

“Being close to me. Do you hate it?” Zion asked. I looked at him, stunned, but then burst into laughter. Zion’s shocked face didn’t go unnoticed by me, so I calmed down, cleared my throat.

“I mean, if I felt an inch of hate, I wouldn’t be here with you, would I?” I answered. “Instead, here I am trying to save you when you don’t even know how much I hate it.”

This time, my smile disappeared. Instead, it was replaced by a thin line.

Zion looked troubled, but it was what I wanted. I wanted him to know that though I was doing this; it didn’t mean I felt good in doing it.

“It’s better not to ask questions you might regret to know the answer to because I’m an honest person and I will tell you how much I hate it with just my gaze,” I mumbled. “Once you’re free, you can leave, disappear, go find your brother.”

Zion was only listening with his face cast down.

“You want me to leave you?” Zion asked in a hushed tone. I slowly nodded, which made him look at me with sadness.

“The baby…,” I trailed, looking down at my slight bump. “I will take care of him.”

“It is our baby!” Zion screeched. “You’re planning to leave me?”

I remained stoic.

“Planning? No, I’m doing it,” I answered with hate. “Though I hate you with all my damaged soul, I still feel love for you and that’s more reason for me to get away from you.”

“Mila, please,” Zion begged, “Don’t do this to us.”

“Us?” I snapped. “When has there been us? You never, not even once, stopped or tried to stop yourself from hurting me. Since the moment you pulled me into the castle, all you wanted was for me to submit to you, to do your will. You’re just like my father.”

I was panting by the end of my speech. My words spewing venom.

“You’re not so different from my father,” I barked back.

“Neither are you,” Zion retorted.

My mouth hung low as I stared at him, speechless. What did he just say?

“Yes Mila, you and I are not so different,” Zion mumbled and suddenly yanked my arm, making me fall on his lap. “You may be a saint, but you carry my sin in you. The sin we both had created.”

I remained stunned at Zion’s words. With a smirk, he leaned over and peck my cheeks.

I didn’t know why his words shocked me to the core, or why I even felt fear. But soon, I would understand by myself what he meant by creating a sin.

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