Fallen Saint #2

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|21.| ▪A Death Threat▪


Empty halls swirling in black and blood, their blood. The hissing of the black mist, echoing on the corners of this wretched place, one that once was vibrant with life. I kept walking with eyes on the front, where they stood firmly with empty black eyes; soulless bodies that once had human form.

“Find them,” I ordered as the demons vanished from my sight.

Standing in front of the balcony, I glance at the dense forest that was shredded in darkness.

It’s been months since this place has seen the warmth of the sun. And now it seems it was time.

“We have to return,” I commented as the person standing near the entrance moves forward.

“You are not giving up, are you?” the familiar voice said as it makes me smile.

“I’m so close to getting what I want. So why should I?” I smirked devilishly. “You, my friend, on the other hand, have something of importance you should do.”

“What now?” he asked, arms crossed over his chest.

“It’s time you take your role as the Pope seriously and visit the holy city,” I said, turning to face him. The Pope’s eyes squint, studying me. “Remember, you can’t back away from this now. You have betrayed the one high above.”

His jaw clenched as he just stood there without arguing back.

“You also betrayed my daughter’s trust, so you’re a dead man anyway,” I laughed and turned back again.

Hearing a shuffling, I glance over my shoulder.

“Let me know once you have arrived at the Holy City,” I said, making him nod.

Watching him disappear back into the castle, I turn my attention to my demons and the person between them.

“Oh, it’s nice to see you again, bishop,” I smiled as he spits my way.

Some demons next to him hissed near his face while they drooled hungrily over him.

I clicked my tongue and moved closer until we were face to face.

“It was nice seeing the Pope, right?” I chuckled, making his face scowled. “I wonder how Mila would react knowing you didn’t believe her.”

My laughter echoed in the open place as the archbishop tried to wriggle his way from my demon’s hold.

“You won’t get your way, Frey! You will pay for all this in hell!” bishop Archer growled.

I stopped laughing, then slapped him across his face, drawing blood from his lips. My demons screeched in excitement. The smell of blood was driving them crazy.

“No Archer,” I hissed. “I always get my way. And when I find that stupid bastard and Mila, I will finish my plan.”

“You crazy bastard!” Bishop Archer cursed. “Why are you greedy? Not even the devil himself would want someone like you in hell.”

“Hell…,” I trailed. “My soul has always belonged in hell. Don’t forget, I was born a sinner already, so this is nothing compared to the hell you will get once I let my demons devour you slowly. But for now, I have other plans that require your help.”

That made the bishop frown. I smiled in delight at the confused look that crossed his face.

“Yes,” I beamed. “You will help me achieve my plans, Bishop Archer, so be grateful I’m not killing you…, still.”

Turning on my heels, I head back in; leaving him cursing and yelling out in the wilderness.


My heels echoed on the creaking wooden floor, which made me scowl. Throwing a silent spell to my steps, I continue walking in. The silence in the empty library brings the peace I so desire.

Silence has always been something I crave, a need in my constant life full of hissing demons.

Heading down the rows of books, I turn and walk further down the hall where that specific door stood.

Finding what I was looking for, I halt and smiled. An enormous gust of wind threw the doors opened showing what was inside the small room.

“Hello Theodore,” I greet the ghost that stood guard inside the room. “It’s been so long since we last met, haven’t we?”

“Frey,” Theodore clenched. I threw my head backward and burst into laughter.

It was a delight seeing him again.

Calming my laughter down, I walked towards the table full of old, mysterious books.

My eyes shifted to the bunch of books. Where was the one I was looking for?

Realizing it wasn’t there, I lift my gaze to find a smirk plastered on the face of the ghost. My hands immediately ball into a fist, as my anger consumes me, blinding me.

“What have you done?” I questioned loudly. Theodore’s smirk widened until he chuckled.

“I’ve done what I deemed necessary, Frey,” Theodore responded, still smirking.

I cursed in Latin. Summoning an enchanting circle, I trap Theodore in it.

“You desire to disappear from this world, don’t you?” I asked, circling him. Theodore scoffed.

“Your daughter is wise and dangerous. If I were you, I would be careful,” Theodore said, ignoring my question.

“Where is that book?” I growled, annoyed. “Tell me, or I swear I will vanish your soul with no chance of reincarnating ever again.”

Theodore’s ghostly body swayed as he followed my movements. I halted behind him as he looked at me over his shoulder.

Furrowing my brows, I squint my eyes. Thin lips plastering on my face that were twitching in anger. I tried to remain sane for the sake of getting the information I needed.

“I will ask you one more time. Where did you put that book?” I asked coldly.

Theodore turned completely, facing me, before he raised a brow and smiled.

“Who do you think has it?” Theodore smiled. My eyes widen at the realization of his words.

“YOU GAVE IT TO MILA?” I shouted. Wheezing in anger, I bolt out of the room and straight to the stairs.

Summoning more of my demons, I quickly ordered them to find both Zion and Mila. Once they disappear, I started panting while my nose flared in anger.

She couldn’t have that book in her hands. But if she had it, it meant she knew what was inside it.

Mila had known all along what she had to do, and I was the stupid one without a clue.

“I will find you, Mila,” I mumbled as my hands rest over the window frame. White knuckles digging into the concrete frame, “I swear when I find you, I will kill your beloved one before you.”

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