Fallen Saint #2

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|22.| ▪A Seemingly Unexpected Presence▪


The ticking of the old wooden clock on the wall made me frown. The small ticking sound echoed in the tower’s silence where Mila and I were. It’s been ages since I was here, so it surprised me it was still working.

There were a few things here that I knew had the magic of some sort. After all, the curse of the old fallen family bewitched this place.

I shifted my eyes out the window where all you could see was the poison swirling over the trees and grounds.

The advantage of the tower was that we were high from all the poison that roamed the garden, even from the monsters that appeared occasionally. So the air up high was breathable and safe for both of us, especially Mila with her pregnancy. There was no need for her to keep a safe barrier for us here, but I still knew she was doing it in secret.

Leaning my head on the frame, I stared at the view. Everything in this place was dead as my soul. Old memories of when I used to live here, secluded from everyone, played on my mind.

It’s been so long, but it feels like I’ve always been here.

Sighing loudly, I sit up and look towards Mila who was still sleeping. Her chest heaving softly as she mumbles something incoherent in her sleep.

I smiled with sadness as I look at her entire body. How have we fallen so low? Now we have to hide, run away from people who are seeking us for an absurd cause.

Mila didn’t deserve to be in this mess. It wasn’t her mess, but mine.

Shaking my thoughts away, I turn back to the forest that only had dead branches and darkness. This place was not the right place to give birth. What if something happens?

I was still thinking earlier that Mila had a sudden pain in her stomach. What if the baby was in danger?

It worried me, made me realize we were not prepared at all.

Hearing a loud cawing sound, I shift my eyes to the small group of birds that caw my way. Their red eyes staring straight at me. I recognized those birds. They were no ordinary ones.

Standing from my spot, I make my way down the tower, leaving Mila to sleep.

The creaking sound of the wooden stairs made me aware that this place was old enough to make it dangerous. Reaching for the door, I push it open and find the shadow being standing with his back to me.

The horses on the side whined in fear as the birds fly around us.

The poisonous mist rolled to my feet, just making me look at it.

“You’re hiding to her the fact that you’re immune to the poison, aren’t you?” the voice seethed coldly.

I lifted my gaze from the ground to find his hooded face looking my way. Long, elongated nails protruded from under his black cloak while his long black hair swayed with his small shuffling.

“What I hide is none of your business. Now tell me, why are you here?” I questioned, ignoring his hissing.

“Don’t try my patience, king, I’m not like the rest of you humans,” he voiced in anger. I scoffed, but remained focused on his sly movements.

“Speak. Why have you come?” I asked once again. This time, he raised his hands to his hidden face. The long and dirty nails scratched along his jaw.

“I’ve come to make you an offer,” he chuckled. “One tempting enough to sell me your soul.”

I eyed him as he moved closer. His silent steps made me stand on guard.

“What can the King of Darkness offer me that I have not done? My soul already belongs to someone and you know it,” I answered in a clipped tone. He burst into laughter as if my words were a joke to him.

“Who says your soul has an owner?” he hissed, chuckling. “That soul of yours has no owner. Though it’s corrupted, a sinner, it has no owner. So don’t worry.”

I frowned at his words, which confused me. What did he mean by my soul had no owner?

I had given my soul and body to Frey. I was a dead man like anyone, thanks to that. So why say lies?

“I’m not lying,” he said, making me jump in surprise. When did he get so close to me?

Taking a step back, I try to keep my safe distance from him, since he could be dangerous.

“As King of Darkness, I have no right to lie. And though it might sound unbelievable to you, I have no reason to do so,” he chuckled. “Also,” he continued, raising his head. “That one with you is the one who might sell her soul.”

My eyebrows furrow. What was he talking about now?

“So do we make a deal?” he said, making me squint my eyes. Nothing good comes out of making a deal with the King of Darkness. It was like selling your soul to the devil as well, if you agree to any of it.

“Why are you helping?” I asked, intrigued. He slowly took a step back until he was far away from me. A few of his birds landed over his body as he stood in silence.

I studied him, intrigued by his presence. It was the same as every time he used to come before and offer a helping hand. He would try to make a bargain for some of my blood.

It was thanks to him I had lived here with no problems and I could breathe normally with the poison. But it was something no one knew of, except him.

“Why?” he laughed again. “Something will happen if you don’t accept, and let me tell you, king, it won’t be lovely.”

I tensed, letting his words sink into my trembling body.

“You are not strong enough, especially since someone else controls your body,” he continued saying. “If you which to protect that you hold dear, accept my onetime offer.”

I gritted hard as I listen to his soothing words that tempt me.

“He won’t accept anything,” a voice I didn’t expect to hear said from behind. We both snapped to look at Mila walking out. Her face was the mirror of anger. “Any fucking offer you have you can take it to someone who would gladly lick your feet, bow to you, and whisper a yes.”

My eyes darted to the King of Darkness, who remained silent. It seemed Mila’s words did not bother him, but it worried me since you couldn’t let your guard down around him.

Hearing a laugh, I frown at him. His arms were over his stomach as he laughed aloud, making his little birds caw with him.

After a moment, his laughter subsided, and so did the silence. The surrounding air had shifted and turned colder. Moving to block Mila from his view, he disappears and takes me by surprise as he appears behind Mila, who didn’t even move.

I tried grabbing hold of her arm, but somehow I appeared back up in the tower.

Panicking, I rushed out, but the bedroom door was bolted. I couldn’t get out, so I started banging on the doors. Calling for Mila and cursing at him.



I stood holding my stomach safely as Zion disappeared from my view and I remained alone in the middle of the forest, away from the tower with this being.

I kept my holy barrier up just for protection from the poison, but it seemed my light powers didn’t affect him. Was it because I had gotten weaker?

“A saint in the land of darkness. What brings you here?” he asked while circling me. “Using your light magic makes my place distressed, you know.”

I scoffed.

“I can see that you’re not completely a holy one anymore. Darkness roams in your body. You’ve been tainted, my little one,” he hissed near my ear.

“Is that a problem for you?” I asked, bored by his questioning. “If my presence bothers you so much, then return to where you belong. And stay away from Zion.”

He clicked his tongue before halting in his tracks. Raising his arms, he reached for his hood and moved it down, revealing his unexpectedly handsome face.

My eyebrow shot up at the unexpected figure.

I was expecting scars, crocked teeth, and a horrendous face with empty bottomless eyes. But a handsome, well-defined face with silver eyes that looked similar to mine greeted me.

His smile made my heart flutter. Damn tempting demon.

“Your king,” he said, moving closer until our faces were inches. “Has a strange fate, thanks to you.”

“Does he?” I asked, smiling at him. His smile widened as he was enjoying my presence.

“Indeed, I know what you plan and it’s a dangerous one, my little one,” He chuckled. “But I like that, defying the odds and making dangerous risks which put your soul in grave danger.”

My jaw clench as I remained stoic.

“Why did you bring me here?” I asked with curiosity. “If you locked Zion back in the tower, it was because there is something you wish to ask, or am I wrong?”

He started laughing again, making me annoyed. Was laughing the only damn thing he could do?

“So? Don’t make me lose my time,” I retorted. He waved a hand, but then disappeared.

I moved around, confused, but then felt his icy touch on my belly. I snapped around, scared, but tripped on a branch, making me fall backward.

I shut my eyes and embraced the pain, but something held me safely, away from anything that could hurt me.

Opening my eyes confusedly, I find him hugging me close to his body. His silver-gray eyes swirling with darkness. He was tempting, and I didn’t like it a bit.

“One-time offer, for an exchange that could help you achieve what you so desire,” he whispered close to me. My eyes lowered to his lips, making me gulp.

“Th-thank you,” I mumbled, pushing and putting some distance between us. “I don’t want any offer.”

“You sure?” he asked as I fixed my shawl around my body. Lifting my gaze, I find him leaning over, close to my face. Lips mere inches from touching mine. “I can tell you how to save him.”

My eyes almost balled out as I hear his words. Did he know?

Seeing my hesitation, he grasped my hand and kissed it.

“Caiden, King of Darkness,” he whispered while our eyes lock. I pulled my hand away from his touch. What was that?

His presence had something dangerously dark that was too much for someone like me. And although he was supposed to be someone I shouldn’t be messing with, somehow he didn’t seem that dangerous.

“I’ve been roaming this land since it’s connected to my place. Also, it’s because of what happened here that I come frequently, and meeting the king here was just a coincidence long ago,” Caiden said, taking a seat over a fallen branch. “You see, I keep all the darkness on this continent at bay. It’s my sole reason you saw me here. Since this place is cursed, thanks to Elios.”

“You know about him?” I frowned. He nodded and continued.

“How could I not since that bastard created chaos in the holy land?” Caiden said, clicking his tongue.

“If you know about Elios, then you know…,” I trialed making him nod once again.

“I know they pushed the king into these thanks to him, your father.” Caiden eyed me. “That bastard knows how to corrupt the land and make people surrender to his lame games.”

“So why didn’t you stop him from getting Elios out of here? I know he belongs here,” I responded, making his eyebrow twitch.

“He came out of the blue, took Elios out of this place, and made things worst. It’s not like I could do a thing. I was just an apprentice and the actual king of that time just let it slip. That made things worse for me though,” Caiden muttered as he seemed annoyed.

I could see he wasn’t lying. There was something that told me he was saying the truth only.

“Now that I told you that, I need you to hear me out, Mila,” Caiden said, making my eyes wide. How did he know my name?


“That’s unnecessary for you to know,” Caiden shut me. “Now you’re trying to play with fire, Mila. If you proceed with your plan, things will not look good for you.”

I had crossed my arms over my chest to hide my fisted hands. My nails dug into my flesh with anger.

Lowering my face, I kick a few rocks that bothered my sight.

“There’s no other choice,” I muttered. We both remained silent before he broke the silence with his next words.

“Choice is something there always is, but if you decide to play with only one, then it will be the only one you will have,” Caiden whispered, making the corner of my lip curl up.

“I will stay abided by my plan. I want to do it,” I answered dejectedly.

Caiden sighed, running his fingers over his forehead before standing.

“I will lend you a hand, so tell me what you want,” Caiden said as he got closer. His body was radiating warmth that soothed me.

“What do you want in exchange?” I asked.

Caiden looked down at me. His tall figure loomed over my small one, which should intimidate, but the least I felt was fear from him.

“Nothing,” his answer surprised me. I was not expecting that.

“Nothing?” I repeated.

“Yes,” Caiden mumbled as his eyes shifted to my belly. A sadness crossed his face before he cleared his throat. “So tell me.”

I didn’t understand why he made me feel worried, but it was no time to think about unnecessary stuff. Taking a deep breath, I lowered my head as my arms moved down to the side.

“Take Zion away from this place, once I finished my task,” I said with determination. “He can’t find me when he wakes up.”

Caiden slowly nodded, then took a step back, bowed, and disappeared. I turned on my heels and returned to the tower. With one last glance over my shoulder, I walked away.

It was time to do what I needed to do. I hadn’t come all the way here to sit and stay still.

I had a goal to achieve, and it was the right time before my father and his little leeches could find us.


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